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Products - acne provocateurs
Products - acne provocateurs

Acne is a problem that can lie in wait for us at any time of the year. Wind, sun, frost, bad cosmetics, hormonal imbalance or improper nutrition can ruin the skin and mood.

Yes, sometimes the reason is trivial - the use of the wrong food. How to eat right, what not to eat, so that there are no acne?

What causes acne on the face?

Eating certain foods is bad for our skin. If they are eaten often or rarely, rashes will not slow down to appear.

What foods are bad for your skin?

  • fast food;
  • chocolate;
  • sweet pastries;
  • fat cheese;
  • soda;
  • fat meat;
  • instant coffee;
  • alcohol;
  • salinity;
  • butter;
  • hot seasonings.

This is a list of prohibited foods for acne. It is they who spoil the skin and cause rashes.

What not to eat to avoid acne? What other foods are bad for the skin? Croutons, chips, seeds - all this causes rashes on the face, which means that you cannot eat them. Pimples from chips appear very quickly, because this product is high in salt and fat. But pimples from seeds do not appear so soon, seeds are healthier than chips. However, if you eat them fried with a lot of salt, then inflammation on the face cannot be avoided.

Acne-causing foods are also fake juices and drinks, milk, and convenience foods. Non-natural drinks contain not only a large amount of sweetness, but also other substances harmful to the body and skin. Milk, entering the body, promotes the production of insulin and testosterone in large quantities, therefore, the metabolism is disturbed. And as for semi-finished products, their use provokes the development of intestinal and stomach diseases.

The skin sends us signals that something is wrong with the body. If the stomach, liver and intestines are unable to cope with their function, the skin comes to the rescue. That is, through it, toxins, slags and other substances are removed. And this causes the formation of acne, inflammation and redness.

How should you eat to avoid acne?

From what products acne appears, you already know. So they should be excluded from the diet or their use should be minimized. In general, food should be balanced and healthy. But this does not mean that you need to completely abandon your favorite treats.

After the rashes are gone, you can expand your diet and occasionally include your favorite, but unhealthy food, chocolate, for example, or chips in the diet. The main thing is that you do this rarely, otherwise the rash will appear again.

What should a clear skin diet include?

Of course, vegetables, cereals, rye bread, fruits, lean fish and meat, sour milk drinks, green tea, clean water - this is a list of healthy foods.

Pure water is the most important dietary staple. It cleanses the body of toxins, removes excess fluid. You need to drink it a little, but during the day you should drink a large amount. Another healthy drink is green tea.

Any cereals should be consumed. It is better to cook them in water, without adding milk. Since white baked goods, loaves should be excluded, since these are also products that cause acne on the face, bran and rye bread should be used for the skin.

Fruits and vegetables must be included in the diet. Vegetables are best consumed fresh in the form of a salad. As a dressing, you should use different oils, not sour cream, and even more so not mayonnaise (spicy and fatty sauces are products that provoke acne). You can also stew or bake vegetables, which will also be helpful. Fruit should be eaten between meals. Then the processes of food decay will not develop in the body.

What foods cause acne on the face? This is fatty meat. Its use should be reduced, and at the time of getting rid of the rashes and completely excluded. What kind of meat can you eat? These are rabbit meat, turkey, beef, chicken. You can also eat lean fish - pollock, pink salmon. They also need to be cooked correctly - stew, boil, bake. You cannot fry meat and fish, because this also causes rashes.

What foods won't cause acne? These are any fermented milk products - cottage cheese, whey, kefir, yogurt, natural yogurt, low-fat cheese. They saturate the body with beneficial bacteria that help digest food well and quickly. They also cope with constipation, which also affects the condition of the skin.

Folk remedies

You can also try traditional medicine. An infusion of calendula flowers cleanses the skin well. It is necessary to pour a tablespoon of the plant with boiling water - 500 g and after half an hour you can wipe the skin of the face.

Essential oils are also effective against breakouts. You can make baths with lavender, pine, sage, tea tree oils.

Tincture of garlic, which should be taken internally, is also beneficial for cleansing. It is simple to make it - you need to grind several teeth of the vegetable and pour a small amount of vodka. When the tincture turns yellowish, you can dilute it with water and drink it. You need to start with five drops, increasing the amount every day, you need to reach 25 drops. And then also reduce the amount. Store the tincture in the refrigerator.

If you know what products cause acne on your face and do not use them, then rashes and inflammations will quickly leave the skin. Especially if you add folk remedies. But it is not enough to cleanse the skin, it is necessary to consolidate the result. How to do it?

Prevention of rashes

Since you know what food causes acne and inflammation, it means that in order to prevent this problem, harmful foods should be consumed in very small quantities. You can sometimes indulge yourself with fried and fatty meat or a bag of chips, but this should be done very rarely. For example, once a month.

It is also very important not to overeat - this can also provoke the appearance of rashes. As for the harmful method of cooking - frying, it should be avoided in any case. It not only causes acne and inflammation, but also harms the entire body.

So, want to keep your skin clear? It's that simple!

You can not eat junk food, it is better to refuse prohibited foods altogether, you need to properly prepare meals and drink more water. These rules are easy to follow. As a reward, your face will be clean and fresh.

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