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Pimples on the pubic part in women - causes and treatment
Pimples on the pubic part in women - causes and treatment

Women spend so much money, time and energy to make the skin all over the body look soft and silky. However, not everyone succeeds in achieving the desired result.

Sometimes pimples appear on the skin, especially this phenomenon is unpleasant in the bikini area and on the pubis. Some rashes are not at all terrible for the general health of a woman and are purely cosmetic in nature. But sometimes pubic pimples are a symptom of serious diseases, and they need to be given maximum attention, as well as provide timely medical attention.

Causes of the appearance of acne on the pubic part in women

Pimples in the groin in women can have a different character and therefore can also look different. In any case, you need to be examined by a doctor, to pass the necessary tests so that a specialist can diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Any pimples in the intimate area give a woman a lot of inconvenience, regardless of the reason for their appearance. Therefore, having identified the cause, immediately proceed to eliminate the problem. And there can be several reasons for the appearance of pubic acne.

For example, in adolescents, rashes may appear due to hormonal changes in the whole body. If the acne is white, it may be due to a malfunction of the sebaceous glands of a teenager or adult.

Also, pimples on the pubic part of women often appear if you wear tight clothes, do not follow basic hygiene rules, or after a careless shave.

A few words should be said separately about shaving. The razor removes the top layer of skin, making the delicate bikini area even more vulnerable to infection.

Therefore, girls who prefer shaving and depilation as a means of removing unwanted pubic hair should follow these simple rules:

  • Take a bath or extended shower before your hair removal procedure;
  • The razor must be sharp, but be careful not to hurt yourself;
  • Do not neglect cosmetics such as gel or shaving foam;
  • Shave hairs in the direction of growth, and not vice versa;
  • After waxing, do not forget to treat the bikini area with powder or aftershave, which will reduce inflammation.

Types of sexually transmitted rashes

There are some types of pimples on the pubic area, indicating the presence of diseases that are transmitted during intercourse:

  1. Condylomas are dense formations on the skin that are flesh-colored or brown in color, either smooth or bumpy to the touch. Their size can be up to two centimeters. In women, a rash appears in the perineum, anus, or the labia. In men - on the penis, head, scrotum. The cause of the rash is the presence of the human papillomavirus in the patient. When inflamed, acne can turn red and itchy. Such acne cannot be treated at home, they are removed using electrocoagulation and cryodestruction procedures;
  2. Genital herpes is considered the most common cause of pimples in the groin and pubis. The disease is transmitted through open sexual intercourse. The causative agent of the disease is the herpes virus. A few weeks after the virus enters the human body, pimples of a watery nature appear in the groin. The internal fluid is yellowish in color. Around purulent eruptions, the skin turns red. The patient complains of severe pain, burning, itching, general malaise and lethargy. The rash swells up with fluid until it bursts and turns into ulcers. With appropriate treatment, the ulcers will eventually thin and heal. But remember that this cunning disease can return at any time. For example, stress, colds, a decrease in the immune system, hypothermia and even hormonal imbalance can become the cause of its occurrence. Unfortunately, the herpes virus cannot be eliminated from the body; it permanently settles in human blood. Therefore, the treatment of the disease is only temporary;
  3. Molluscum contagiosum - this disease can be contracted through sexual contact and through household items. The causative agent of the disease is poxvirus. After the incubation period, the patient notices large formations that are hard to the touch in the groin. They are pink and tapered. There is a curdled content inside the pimples. The rash can be removed in a dermatologist's office. There are times when it goes away on its own;
  4. Pubic lice is a disease caused by the presence of pubic lice in a patient. The patient complains of discomfort in the groin and itching. In the place where the louse bite was, strong scratching appears, and if an infection gets into the wounds, this can lead to the appearance of abscesses. The skin on the pubis is irritated red;
  5. Syphilis is a disease that looks like a fairly large ulcer. The edges of the wound are shiny. In women, rashes occur on the pubis, vagina and labia. After some time, pinkish pimples appear at the site of the ulcer. It is not worth treating this disease on your own, contact a dermatovenerologist, he will prescribe the correct and effective treatment.

The mechanism of the appearance of a purulent rash

In the bikini area, the skin is very thin, delicate and sensitive. Therefore, it is easy to injure her before the formation of wounds. Infection penetrates these wounds, rashes appear.

At first, the rash has a pink color, then red, and then it is suppurating. If pus appears, the pimples will burst and heal by themselves. In no case should you squeeze out the rashes. You run the risk of getting an infection, and this will be followed by the appearance of large new abscesses in even greater numbers.

Pimples in the groin can itch and hurt.

If the rash is filled with pus, then this indicates a weak immune system, the presence of infection, diabetes, or that you have recently been hypothermic. In these cases, large purulent acne will not only hurt, but also have swelling. Such a rash may well cause high fever and swollen lymph nodes in the intimate area.

If you delay the treatment, and you have a high fever against the background of the development of the disease, the treatment will definitely include antibiotics, ointments and vitamins that increase immunity.

If you have white rashes not only on the pubis, but also on the labia, the cause of this may be a blockage of the sebaceous glands. This type of rash is an internal pimple under the skin. When the fat cyst is blocked, the internal rash increases and causes very painful sensations. These pimples also cannot be squeezed out on their own. It is better to contact a specialist who will prescribe ointments for you to help break through the abscess and cleanse the sebaceous canal.

How to treat a pubic rash

As we have already said many times, do not delay the visit to the doctor. Trust the professionals in this delicate matter. Experienced doctors will identify the cause of acne and prescribe treatment.

There are diseases for which pharmacy products will help you, but there are also rashes that can really be cured at home:

  • For genital herpes, antiviral drugs such as Zovirax, Acyclovir and Bonafton are often prescribed. Complex treatment is considered the most effective, therefore, along with ointments, vitamins are also prescribed to increase immunity;
  • With pubic head lice, anti-pediculosis pharmaceutical preparations are used;
  • Use Vishnevsky's ointment, lubricate the rash in the evening before going to bed, cover with gauze on top, remove the ointment from the skin in the morning. Repeat the procedure until the pimples are completely gone. In the same way, you can cure a rash using "Levomekol";
  • Use an aloe leaf, glue it with a cut to the abscess using an adhesive plaster, repeat the procedure three times;
  • After showering, treat acne with iodine or hydrogen peroxide.

Preventive measures

As a prevention of pubic acne, we advise you to follow the rules of hygiene, not to overcool, not to have promiscuous sex life, to observe all precautions when shaving and depilation, and also to carefully monitor your hormonal background.

But if the disease does appear, do not start it, do not squeeze out pimples, take the correct treatment prescribed by a specialist, and be healthy!

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