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Acne in the mouth
Acne in the mouth

A disease in which acne of a different nature appears on the oral mucosa is called stomatitis.

It is caused by opportunistic and pathogenic microorganisms, which are introduced into the mucous membrane through microcracks and wounds in the surface or are activated due to a decrease in immunity caused by various reasons.

It is difficult to cure stomatitis - ulcers appear at the site of pimples, the surrounding tissues are involved in the inflammatory process. Ulcers are healed by fibrin - connective tissue - but with each meal it is partially washed out, the rehabilitation process is delayed.

If the appearance of acne in the mouth is caused by a herpes infection, then the pimples are small, elastic, filled with transparent contents. Within 2-3 days, they open up, quite painful ulcers appear. Herpes is more often localized in the palate, the back wall of the larynx and on the lips from the outside and inside.

Another common cause of stomatitis is candidiasis or thrush. In the mouth, it is more common in children - in adults, the disease appears against the background of taking medications or with serious illnesses: tuberculosis, oncological processes, HIV infection - with a significant decrease in the immune status.

First, small red pimples appear on the oral mucosa, painful when touched with the tongue. Then a dotted white bloom appears, visually resembling sour milk, and then this bloom forms a continuous film of off-white color. If you try to remove this film, spot bleeding appears in the places of former acne. Additional symptoms of candidiasis are dry mouth and unpleasant taste.

Acne in the mouth in adults can be caused by leukoplakia. Pimples are dense lumps on the inside of the cheeks. The inflammation can be localized to the gums and tongue.

The causes of leukoplakia include:

  • smoking;
  • poor dental health;
  • poor quality dentures.

The disease is not at all harmless - in 6% of cases, leukoplakia leads to cancer.

Allergic stomatitis causes reactions to food or chemicals - irritation can be caused by the respiratory tract. In this case, the oral mucosa swells, multiple small rashes appear on it.

It is rare that someone goes to the dentist immediately when acne appears in the oral cavity - they are trying to get rid of them on their own.

If you cannot cope with stomatitis within a week, you need to call on official medicine for help. Acne and mouth ulcers can cause tissue necrosis, atrophic stomatitis, and be the beginning of a malignant process.

Oral acne - general advice

Rashes in the oral cavity are most often felt when touched with the tongue or they understand that not everything is well if they feel pain while eating.

It is impossible to independently cope with the diagnosis of the disease and accurately determine the causative agent of the disease, but still, it is worth looking in the mirror, what type of acne is in the mouth? It is very convenient to illuminate with a flashlight, directing it to a problem area.

If acne in the mouth is watery, then one can suspect their viral nature. Red pimples in the mouth, with white heads - are more likely associated with a bacterial infection. White bloom around small bumps can indicate candidiasis.

In any case, you need to start rinsing your mouth with solutions that have an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.

If you do not know what needs to be treated, then it is better to limit yourself to general action means:

  • furacilin solution;
  • rotocan;
  • a weak solution of potassium permanganate or baking soda;
  • infusions of medicinal herbs - oak bark, chamomile, sage, eucalyptus;
  • solution of alcohol tincture of propolis or "Chlorfillipt" …

To reduce pain, use sea buckthorn oil or buy drugs with lidocaine at the pharmacy - they have an additional anti-inflammatory effect.

If you have already turned to pharmacy drugs, then you can buy lozenges or lozenges, which are used to reduce sore throat. They have a depressing effect on the pathogenic flora.

When buying tablets, you should read the instructions - some of them contain antibacterial components - such drugs will be powerless against candidiasis.

Targeted treatment for oral acne

If you cannot cope with stomatitis on your own in a week, then you need to consult a doctor, especially if ulcers appear at the site of acne.

The wrong choice of medicines can lead to such a picture, so it is better not to delay the appeal to official medicine.

A dentist provides targeted treatment for an infection that has become active in the mouth.

With a bacterial infection - more often it is caused by streptococci or staphylococci - small pimples are treated with antibacterial ointments, Chlorhexedin, Miramistin and the aforementioned antiseptic solutions are used as antiseptic rinsing solutions.

If the appearance of acne in the mouth is caused by a viral infection - herpes is a virus - it is necessary to use antiviral drugs of local and general action. Ointments are prescribed: acyclovir, "Alpizarin", "Gossypol" and the like. In some cases, antiviral tablets for oral administration are connected: Acyclovir, Viferon, Arbidol, Ingavirin and others.

For rashes in the mouth of an allergic nature, in addition to anti-inflammatory agents for rinsing with a general effect, the therapeutic regimen includes the use of antihistamines.

Treatment of thrush is carried out by treating the mucous membrane with topical agents with metronidazole or nystatin ointment. Traditional medicine for thrush advises rinsing your mouth with serum or saturated soda solution.

The last remedy should be used with caution - if the soda solution is very saturated, the pimples will dry out quickly, but the oral mucosa will dry out along with them.

With its increased dryness, microcracks may appear, secondary infection and the inflammatory process will intensify.

Exceeding the concentration of tinctures according to traditional medicine recipes always leads to overdrying of the mucous membrane. The permissible concentration is a tablespoon of plant materials in a glass of boiling water. To cure leukoplakia, special drugs are prescribed, depending on the causes that caused it and the clinical picture of the disease.

Do not be frivolous about the appearance of acne in the mouth. They worsen the quality of life, can provoke intestinal dysbiosis or an inflammatory process in all tissues and systems of the body if pathogenic microorganisms spread through the bloodstream.

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