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Why do pimples appear on the sides and abdomen and how to deal with them?
Why do pimples appear on the sides and abdomen and how to deal with them?

The occurrence of acne is always the result of malfunctions in the body, which include hormonal imbalance, infectious and venereal diseases. In some cases, acne is also provoked by external factors, therefore, in order to effectively treat acne on the body, it is necessary to accurately find out the cause of their formation.

Causes of acne

Acne (acne, acne) is a disease that is associated with dysfunction of the sebaceous glands. Acne is often an inflamed area of skin with small pustules.

They can hurt or cause severe discomfort when in contact with clothing. Sometimes acne is represented by comedones that do not hurt or inflame.

What is the main cause of acne formation?

As a rule, acne appears against the background of the development of diseases, hormonal imbalance, heavy sweating, or non-observance of basic hygiene rules.

But in most cases, the causes of skin disease are associated with the age and gender of a person.

Why does the baby get acne on the belly?

Often, a rash appears in very young children, which is associated with an underdevelopment of the sebaceous-hair apparatus of the dermis.

In this case, a child may develop single or grouped acne on the body, which in most cases is associated with the appearance of such ailments:

  • prickly heat;
  • measles;
  • rubella;
  • scabies;
  • molluscum contagiosum;
  • allergic reaction.

Before treating a child, you need to establish the underlying cause of the rash. Inadequate treatment can lead to very unpleasant consequences, for example, scarring of the skin and the appearance of age spots at the sites of inflammation.

Why do women get acne on their belly? Acne in sexually mature women can be localized on the chest, around the navel, or in the lower abdomen.

The main reasons for their occurrence include:

  • hormonal imbalance during pregnancy;
  • lack of hygiene;
  • hormonal changes against the background of premenstrual syndrome and menopause;
  • rubella and sexually transmitted diseases;
  • stress and irritability.

Why do abdominal acne occur in men?

  • non-observance of personal hygiene;
  • excess of androgens in the body;
  • increased sweating;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • drug abuse (antibiotics).

Types of rashes

Acne that appears on the skin in some cases does not look the same. Sometimes, by an external sign, it is possible to approximately establish the cause, which could provoke the formation of a rash in a child or an adult.

What kind of rashes often occur on the skin?

  • Small, single eruptions with a black dot in the center. Itchy rashes on the abdomen, in the center of which black dots are visible, signal the development of molluscum contagiosum;
  • Watery pimples on the abdomen. If a rash appears in a child, most likely this is one of the symptoms of chickenpox;
  • Small, pale pink rash. If, over time, individual watery blisters merge into one spot, this may indicate the presence of dermatitis;
  • Pink-red spots near the navel. The skin in this area is very sensitive and therefore "reacts" to the slightest irritation. In most cases, a similar rash appears in women and signals an allergic reaction to synthetic clothing;
  • Large, watery pimples. A watery rash on the abdomen is one of the main symptoms of streptoderma.

The main methods of treatment

How to get rid of a skin ailment? As already noted, first you need to accurately establish the cause or provoking factor that caused the acne. Therefore, it is undesirable to delay a visit to a dermatologist.

The following types of therapy can be used to eliminate a cosmetic defect:

  • Medication. To combat rashes on the abdomen, antimicrobial, antihistamines and antiviral ointments and preparations for oral administration are used;
  • Cosmetic. You can influence the condition of the skin with the help of deep peeling or the use of ozone and ultrasound therapy;
  • "People's". In some cases, folk remedies are used to eliminate skin rashes, which include only natural ingredients: food, herbs, infusions, etc.

Medicines to combat rashes on the body

To quickly and without consequences get rid of acne on the abdomen, you need to use only those drugs that are advised by a dermatologist after a thorough examination.

To eliminate the problem, the following groups of drugs can be prescribed:

  • Antibiotics - fight against bacterial pathogens that cause acne on the abdomen. The most effective of them include "Erythromycin", "Isotrexin", "Doxycycline";
  • Antihistamines - suppress the body's allergic reaction, the manifestation of which is acne. Antihistamine ointments "Differin" and "Zenerit" cope well with rashes on the stomach;
  • Antiandrogenic drugs are the most effective way to combat acne caused by hormonal instability. A lot of acne on the abdomen appears during the period of hormonal changes: puberty, pregnancy, menopause. To eliminate the problem, use drugs such as "Logest" or "Diane-35".

Preventive measures

Can stomach acne be prevented?

To minimize the likelihood of rashes on the body, dermatologists recommend adhering to these rules:

  1. Normalize nutrition. Lack of vitamins in the body leads to metabolic disorders in cells, which is fraught with dysfunction of the sebaceous glands;
  2. Wear clothes made from natural fabrics. Synthetics in many people causes an allergic reaction, the manifestation of which is often acne;
  3. Observe hygiene. The skin should always be kept clean, which prevents the appearance of pathogens and, as a result, acne on its surface;
  4. Eat mineral and vitamin complexes. Deficiency of nutrients leads to disruptions in the hormonal background, which can provoke the appearance of acne on the abdomen.

Acne that occurs on the abdomen can be the result of the development of infectious or venereal ailments, as well as the impact of external factors - unbalanced nutrition, lack of hygiene.

To combat a dermatological problem, hardware, medication or "folk" treatment is used.

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