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What to do if pimples appear between the eyebrows, and how to prevent the problem?
What to do if pimples appear between the eyebrows, and how to prevent the problem?

Pimples between the eyebrows are a common problem that can appear for a variety of reasons. There are several effective methods of cosmetology and folk recipes to help cope with this cosmetic defect.

Causes of acne between the eyebrows

Both external and internal factors can provoke the appearance of a rash in the eyebrow area. There are a huge number of them, since the reasons can be individual.

What do pimples between the eyebrows mean:

  1. Problems with the digestive system, provoke the appearance of rashes on the face, including on the bridge of the nose;
  2. Long bangs prevent oxygen from reaching the forehead, which provokes the accumulation of sebum, and this leads to the appearance of rashes;
  3. Decrease in the protective functions of the body, which in most cases occurs in the off-season;
  4. A common reason is the active activity of the sebaceous glands, which can be triggered by hormonal disruption, malnutrition, etc.;
  5. Reaction to some medications, before using the funds, see the list of side effects;
  6. Metabolic problems provoke inflammation.

Types of pimples between the eyebrows

There are several types of rashes that are triggered by many causes.

What pimples can appear between the eyebrows:

  1. Small red rash. In most cases, such a cosmetic defect occurs if cosmetics of poor quality or unsuitable for skin type are used. There are funds that contain aggressive components that can provoke the appearance of rashes. That is why it is not recommended to save on cosmetics and buy products of unknown brands;
  2. Internal pimples between the eyebrows. Such a problem can appear due to hormonal disruption and the influence of microbes, fungus and skin parasites. Only a specialist can determine the real reason;
  3. Single pimple. Often such a cosmetic defect indicates the presence of problems in the functioning of the digestive system. Perhaps everything is trite and a person simply eats incorrectly, consuming a lot of fatty, sweet and harmful. Another reason may be eyebrow plucking and chronic stress;
  4. Former rash. Such a defect means that certain nutrients and vitamins are not enough in the body.

How to remove pimples between eyebrows?

You can get rid of rashes in two ways: using cosmetological methods and folk methods.

Cosmetic procedures.

There are several effective methods that can help to cope with such a cosmetic defect:

  1. Face cleaning. The beautician cleans the sebaceous plugs, thereby removing ripe pimples. It is worth saying that this method only removes the rash, without eliminating the real cause;
  2. Vaporization. In this case, the lesions are affected by ozone. Steaming of the skin occurs, and acne ripens faster. With the help of a special nozzle, the specialist removes pimples and comedones. It is worth noting that with this procedure, the epidermis loses moisture, which leads to dryness. At the end of the procedure, a special composition is used to narrow the pores;
  3. Vacuum cleaning. Pimples between the eyebrows can be removed with this procedure. The skin is cleansed, but the acid-base balance is not disturbed. This method cannot be used for deep acne and severe inflammation;
  4. Ultrasonic cleaning. In this case, ultrasound acts on the upper layer of the skin, creating microvibrations that remove the rash;
  5. Peeling. During this procedure, various acids are used that remove the upper scales of the epidermis;
  6. Darsonvalization. The specialist uses a special device that acts on the skin with micro-discharges of current. This procedure has a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, there is a resorption and cauterization of inflammation.

Folk methods. Various plants and foods are used to help get rid of the breakouts.

Consider a few popular recipes:

  1. Elecampane. Take 1 spoon of elecampane and pour 200 ml of boiling water over it. When everything has cooled, strain and moisten a cotton pad in the resulting liquid. Wipe down the affected area. Perform the procedure once a day;
  2. Chamomile. Take 1 spoonful of herb and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Put on low heat for a few minutes. After that, insist for 30 minutes. Wipe your skin 3 times a day;
  3. Clay. Take white clay powder and add 20 drops of lemon juice and 30 ml of calendula tincture to it. Mix everything and apply the mass on the face for 15 minutes. Do the mask once a week;
  4. Pull off the aloe leaves, wash them and put them in a dark place for a week. Then grind and squeeze out the juice, which you need to wipe the affected area daily. Aloe juice has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effects;
  5. Pour a handful of celandine with 400 ml of boiling water and leave under the lid for 2 hours. After the time has elapsed, strain and apply a tampon soaked in the infusion to the affected area.

Prevention of acne

There are several recommendations that can help prevent the appearance of rashes, for some of the above reasons.

Prevention can include the following activities:

  1. It is important to take proper care of your skin using the correct cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type. Exercise cleansing, hydration and nutrition. Do not touch your face with your hands, as they are full of germs. Be sure to remove dirt accumulated during the day and makeup before going to bed;
  2. Do not overuse sugary, fatty, carbonated drinks and other junk food. Give preference to vegetables, fruits and dairy products;
  3. When removing eyebrows, it is important to maintain hygiene and treat the skin using an antiseptic.

Now pimples between the eyebrows should not be some kind of tragedy for you, because using the presented methods, you can easily get rid of them. Do not forget about prevention and then such a cosmetic defect will not bother you in the future.

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