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How is inflammation on the face manifested, what are the causes of its occurrence on the skin and how to remove it?
How is inflammation on the face manifested, what are the causes of its occurrence on the skin and how to remove it?

Not everyone is lucky enough to be the owners of healthy facial skin, which is rarely exposed to the appearance of acne, acne, boils, irritation, rash, spots, etc. But all this is inflammation on the face, and each of these phenomena can be due to different reasons.

Causes of the appearance of inflammation on the face

Whatever the cause of the process, you need to start fighting it right away - the problem will worsen without treatment.

What are the causes of the inflammatory process?

  • Infection. Pathogenic microorganisms, accumulating in the deep layers of the skin, cause inflammation, manifested in the form of boils, acne, etc.;
  • Allergy. This reaction of the body, due to which an inflammatory process on the face can occur, can be caused by drugs, animal hair, household chemicals, food, cosmetics, plants, dust;
  • The effect of high or low temperatures on the skin. Both hypothermia and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause inflammation on the face;
  • Complications accompanying cosmetic procedures that were performed incorrectly. These include squeezing out a pimple on the face, done independently. In this case, the requirements are not always met, which must be taken into account, which leads to infection in the dermis of the face;
  • Decreased immunity. This can happen due to improper lifestyle, nutrition;
  • Changes in hormonal levels can also cause problems. It accompanies adolescence, pregnancy, PMS, and hormonal medication. The inflammation on the face caused by these factors usually recedes quickly;
  • Stress, neuroses. Such conditions are literally reflected on the face, because because of them, the blood flow is disturbed;
  • Hereditary problems;
  • Oily facial skin. This type of dermis produces excessive amounts of sebum. It clogs the pores, and this helps to slow down metabolic processes in the layers of the skin.

Sometimes the causes of the appearance of an inflammatory process on the skin of the face lie in diseases that are accompanied by fever (for example, chickenpox, measles), in taking drugs that have a strong effect.

Types of facial inflammation

Before you start getting rid of the problem, you need to understand what nature it is.

  • Pustules. These are pustules that can be recognized by the white content in them. Pustules can affect large areas of the face and other parts of the body. As a rule, they are accompanied by redness around the lesion;
  • Papules. The lesions are a small red rash on the skin. They can have a pinkish, brownish, purple hue. Squeezing out papules leads to the appearance of scars on the face, which will be quite difficult to eliminate, but such manipulations will still not relieve the problem;
  • Subcutaneous nodes. They can appear both in the deep layers of the dermis and close to the surface. Their diameter can reach 1 cm, and tuberosity and soreness will help to recognize them. If you do not deal with the elimination of subcutaneous nodes in time, over time they will turn into boils;
  • Cysts. These are subcutaneous red acne on the face, the appearance of which is preceded by the appearance of pustules. The lesions may have a bluish tinge. This type of subcutaneous inflammation on the face is characterized by soreness, and antibiotics are often used to eliminate cysts.

How to remove inflammation from the face?

It is important to consider that the first step in treatment is going to the doctor. The specialist must determine the cause of the phenomenon and exclude diseases of the internal organs, which are often the cause of inflammation on the face.

The doctor will indicate what medications are needed to successfully combat the problem.

It can be:

  • Ointments;
  • Antibiotics;
  • Multivitamins.

Often, in order to return the skin to a normal state, "Furacilin", activated carbon, is used.

Cosmetology procedures

Cosmetology procedures can also be very helpful in correcting the problem.

Please note that it is possible to remove the inflammatory process with the help of salon procedures only after consulting a dermatologist.

  • Mesotherapy. When using this method, it is possible to remove the inflammatory process due to the introduction of a cocktail with medicinal components under the skin;
  • Cryotherapy. The method involves exposure to inflamed areas on the skin of the face with low temperatures;
  • Peeling. If you are planning a peeling treatment, remember that this method is only suitable for fighting mild inflammation;
  • Facial skin cleansing with ultrasound. Today this method is used most often, because it is the most effective and safe.

Folk remedies

Treatment in salons is not cheap pleasure, but it allows you to quickly forget about the problem. In addition, such procedures help to improve the condition of the skin.

Many women choose treatment with folk remedies.

Parsley infusion ice

This plant has an anti-inflammatory, disinfecting effect.

  1. Rinse and chop a bunch of parsley.
  2. We brew the plant with a glass of boiling water, let the composition brew for 2 hours.
  3. We squeeze out a liquid that will help relieve the inflammatory process from the skin of the face.
  4. We pour the infusion into molds, send it to the freezer.
  5. Wipe the dermis with ice cubes every morning. The movements must be gentle so that the inflammation can be removed without harming the dermis.

It is not in vain that ice is used for the procedure. It improves blood circulation, which allows the skin to receive more oxygen.

Lotions with tea tree ether

The oil soothes the dermis and has antiseptic properties.

  1. To get rid of the inflammatory process, combine 1 tsp. purified water and a couple of drops of tea tree ether.
  2. Moisten gauze in the composition, apply to the affected area, fix with a plaster, leave for half an hour. It is possible to eliminate inflammation using this method within a week, and this will require 2-3 procedures.

With the help of this remedy, subcutaneous inflammation on the face can also be removed, because ether is able to penetrate deep into the layers of the dermis.

Antibacterial mask

The treatment process with this agent will go much faster, because it has a disinfectant effect.

  1. Remove the skin from several cherries and remove the seeds from them.
  2. Grind the pulp of the cherries to the state of gruel, combine with starch so that the composition that will help remove the inflammatory process turns out to be thick.
  3. Apply the mask on the face for half an hour, then rinse it off with cool water.

This agent is widely used to combat subcutaneous inflammation, since it is also capable of deeply penetrating the dermis.

The mask has a disinfecting and nourishing effect.

How to avoid the phenomenon?

Preventing a nuisance is usually easier than getting rid of it later.

Here are some tips to help you do this and prevent the problem from coming back if you are already cured.

  • Pay attention to your health - it may be worth starting with the treatment of any diseases of the internal organs. It is about them that skin problems can signal;
  • Use only high quality cosmetics with antibacterial properties;
  • Do not try to get rid of minor dermatological problems by squeezing;
  • Eat right, walk more often in the fresh air, go in for sports, cleanse the body;
  • Prevention of inflammation on the face can be carried out by drinking water with a small amount of salt in the morning before meals.

Please note that a doctor's consultation is necessary during treatment, especially if a large area of the dermis of the face is affected.

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