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Folk remedies for age spots on the face
Folk remedies for age spots on the face

Severe age spots on the skin can cause anxiety and anxiety, especially if it occurs on the face or hands. For the most part, they are safe for health, but from an aesthetic point of view they cause enormous discomfort, causing various complexes and frequent visits to cosmetologist's offices.

But, before contacting beauty salons, you should understand the true reasons for this phenomenon. And this may require a comprehensive examination of the whole body. Otherwise, all kinds of expensive cosmetic procedures will not give the desired and lasting result.

Pigmented spots are usually light brown or dark brown areas of the skin. This is due to the uneven distribution of melanin. The places of its greatest accumulation differ from the entire surface. They can be of various sizes and shapes.

There are various types of such spots, for example, lentigo, freckles, birthmarks, chloasma, xeroderma pigmentosa.

The main reasons for the appearance of age spots are excessive sun exposure, frequent visits to tanning salons, age-related changes in the epidermis, leading to the inability to evenly distribute melanin. These seemingly harmless marks can be symptoms of diseases of internal organs, for example, liver, kidneys, gall bladder, intestines. The reason can also be heredity, stress, lack of vitamins, taking antibiotics, as well as an allergic reaction to low-quality cosmetics.

Sometimes, in order to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, it is enough to cure the underlying disease. Taking vitamins, avoiding stress, and eating well can be the most effective remedies for healthy skin. If this is not enough, then substances that act directly on the cells of the epidermis are used to treat pigmentation. The most popular are folk remedies for age spots.

Folk recipes for age spots on the face

Folk remedies have been valued since ancient times due to their effectiveness and the smallest number of contraindications.

To thoroughly remove and lighten age spots on the skin of the face, hands and body, the following recipes are used:

Oatmeal with milk

The mixture has a whitening effect, helps to get rid of age spots on the skin, exfoliates keratinized particles, nourishes and moisturizes.

To prepare a homogeneous mass, the ground flakes are mixed with warm milk in equal proportions.

The mask is applied with light massaging movements, left on the face for half an hour.

It is better not to use the mixture if there are pustular formations, violation of the integrity of tissues, as well as in case of a negative reaction of the body to these products.

Raw potatoes

The product helps to relieve inflammation, puffiness, restore tissue structure, metabolic processes, get rid of acne, pigmentation, nourish, moisturize.

Potatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Due to the content of tuberosine, pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed.

For the treatment of age spots on the skin, both fresh juice and grated gruel of a raw product are used.

The medical mask is kept on the face or hands for 35 minutes.

Potatoes should be discarded if there is a negative reaction of the body.

Cucumber and Olive Oil Mask

The mixture helps to cleanse the epidermis, restore metabolic processes, increase resistance to external influences, soften, intensively moisturize, nourish, soothe, relieve inflammation, slow down the aging process, and help get rid of irregularities and age spots.

The healing mass is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 and 6 fats.

To prepare a homogeneous gruel, the cucumber is peeled and then finely chopped. It can also be grated. Then, in equal proportions, it is mixed with extra virgin olive oil.

With light massaging movements, the mask is placed on the skin, washed off after 35 minutes.

The use of this remedy is contraindicated in case of a negative reaction of the body to food.

Sour cream and honey

The mixture helps to restore metabolic processes, increases the elasticity of tissues, slows down the aging process, moisturizes, nourishes, increases the protective properties of the skin, reduces inflammation, swelling, and allows you to get rid of irregularities and pigmentation.

The mass contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats.

To prepare a homogeneous mixture, you will need to take the necessary components in equal parts and mix.

The mask is applied to the skin with light massaging movements, washed off after 30 minutes.

This remedy will have to be abandoned if there is a negative reaction of the body.

Lemon protein and juice

The mixture is effective against pigmentation, nourishes, moisturizes, evens out the color, increases the protective properties of the epidermis, restores metabolic processes, and improves elasticity.

Gruel is rich in vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids. It contains malic and citric acids.

To prepare a therapeutic mask, you will need to beat the protein and add 1 small spoonful of lemon juice.

With light massaging movements, the mass is applied to the skin, washed off after 20 minutes.

The mask is contraindicated if there is a violation of the integrity of the epidermis, pustular formations, as well as a negative reaction of the body.

It should be noted that all masks must be used immediately after preparation, as their beneficial properties decrease with every minute. For the preparation of mixtures, it is not recommended to use expired products, as well as iron containers.

The ingredients for masks against age spots are selected depending on the type of skin, age, as well as the characteristics of pigmentation.

Dry epidermis needs more intense hydration. Such a surface is more sensitive, therefore, the use of therapeutic mixtures is limited to 1 procedure per 10 days. Avoid aggressive components.

The fatty type of epidermis, on the contrary, needs drying components capable of deep cleansing, relieving inflammation. Medical masks are allowed to be used up to 3 times a week. The normal type of epidermis is less whimsical, however, it is also undesirable to abuse the components here. The ingredients in the mixtures need to be changed.

Before using masks, you should consult with professionals who can determine the condition of the epidermis, methods of therapy, and its duration. It is not recommended to experiment with your appearance and health. This can lead to both lack of effect and undesirable consequences.

In some cases, marks may indicate a malignant process. Therefore, the removal of pigmentation at home should be carried out only under the supervision of a specialist.

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