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How to remove acne inflammation?
How to remove acne inflammation?

It is difficult to meet a person who would never have experienced the appearance of a pimple on the skin. The problem can affect at any age and at the most inopportune moment. The situation becomes especially unpleasant if it occurs on the face.

This spoils the appearance, gives a shade of sloppiness, does not give the opportunity to make a beautiful flawless makeup. Even one red bulging speck can create a bunch of problems and ruin several days. After all, pimple maturation occurs in several stages and can last up to 7 days.

If the formation does not have inflammation, then it disappears without any traces after 1 or 2 days. But if signs of infection join the acne, then its size may increase, soreness and itching appear. The formation of purulent contents is possible, and then you cannot do without the help of a specialist. It is not difficult to notice the beginning process.

Acne, where there is no inflammation, appears as black or white dots. Redness indicates an infection. Therefore, it is very important to start treatment at an early stage of acne and avoid complications. Many are trying to quickly get rid of an unpleasant formation by squeezing.

Such treatment is dangerous for the worsening of the situation, in the form of suppuration and an increase in the number of acne.

It is better not to experiment with your appearance, but to trust professionals who will not only help you effectively get rid of acne, but also tell you about preventive measures that are suitable for a certain type of skin, and what is the best way to relieve inflammation on the skin.

Inflamed acne on the face of the cause

Inflamed spots are caused by excessive sebum production by the sebaceous glands. Normally, it plays a huge role in moisturizing, nourishing, and protecting the skin. However, if its amount is excessive, it begins to clog the lumen, thereby creating a favorable environment for the nutrition and reproduction of microbes. Blockage of the sebaceous glands can also be associated with the mechanical ingress of dust or dirt particles.

The increase in the amount of sebum can be affected by changes in hormonal levels. This is often observed in adolescence, during pregnancy. This condition is considered physiological and does not require treatment. You should be wary if the process is activated in an adult state.

The appearance of acne is often associated with poor care of the epidermis, the use of low-quality cosmetics, bad habits, weakening of the immune system, eating sweets, spicy foods, preservatives, artificial food additives, and soda.

Also, acne often indicates that there are chronic diseases in the body. Inflamed elevations can occur with diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, blood, etc.

An important role is played by heredity. It is noticed that if one of the parents suffers from such an ailment, then the risk of getting sick doubles.

Before starting the fight against unpleasant formations, it is necessary to undergo an examination of the whole organism. Addressing the source of the problem can significantly increase the effectiveness of the measures taken.

How to remove inflammation from the face

Depending on the severity of the pathological process, age, contraindications, various means and methods are used.

So, in order to quickly get rid of acne, you can resort to modern cosmetic procedures, which include:

Laser exposure

The method is based on the destruction of microbes using the targeted action of a laser beam. It also removes scars and irregularities. The number of procedures depends on the severity of the condition.

Contraindications are pregnancy, breastfeeding, herpetic eruptions, infectious diseases, tumors, a negative reaction of the body to laser exposure.

Peeling with salicylic acid

Surface treatment effectively helps to get rid of various rashes, reduce oily sheen. This method also makes fabrics velvety, smoother. The procedure is carried out no more than once every 3 months.

Contraindication is pregnancy, breastfeeding, herpetic eruptions, a negative reaction of the body to the chemical composition.

You can also buy products that are effective against acne at the pharmacy, for example:


The gel effectively relieves inflammation, removes acne.

The drug is contraindicated in case of open wound surfaces, tumors, during pregnancy, breastfeeding, children under 12 years old, as well as in case of a negative reaction of the body to the drug.


A cream or gel is effective against acne, relieves inflammation.

The remedy is contraindicated in case of a negative reaction of the body to the medicine.

Streptocid liniment

The ointment is used as an antimicrobial agent. The medicine is effective for purulent processes.

Contraindications are pregnancy, breastfeeding, a decrease in blood hemoglobin, kidney and liver disease, a negative reaction of the body to the drug.

Traditional medicine is also widely popular and no less effective. Simple recipes will help relieve inflammation and rash.

Green tea

The herb relieves inflammation, stimulates tissue healing.

A bandage soaked in tea is applied to the affected surface, and removed after 15 minutes. The procedure is repeated 1 or 2 times a week.

The remedy is contraindicated in case of a negative reaction of the body to the plant.


Fresh parsley juice allows you to remove inflamed skin formations, evens out the color.

The affected surface is wiped once a day.

The remedy is contraindicated in case of a negative reaction of the body.

It should be remembered that before using any substance, you should definitely consult with a specialist. In matters of dosage and frequency of application of this or that remedy, it is better to trust a professional. This will help you quickly deal with the problem and avoid unpleasant complications.


The first step is to pay due attention to skin care.

Regularly carry out cleansing, nutrition, moisturizing, corresponding to the type of epidermis. Use only high quality natural cosmetics. It is known that professional cosmetics can clog pores very strongly, thereby provoking inflammation in the deep layers of tissues.

Proper nutrition, adequate sleep, avoiding alcohol and smoking, playing sports, avoiding stress, of course, will have a positive effect not only on the skin, but also on the state of the whole organism as a whole.

Timely treatment of chronic diseases, prevention of their exacerbations will significantly reduce the risk of red spots formation.

Inflammation of acne is an unpleasant complication that can lead to surgery and scarring.

In the presence of such a problem, great attention should be paid to preventive measures, and if a pathological process occurs, do not delay contacting professionals. A beautiful and healthy outer tissue surface is the key to health and success.

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