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How to apply lactofiltrum for acne?
How to apply lactofiltrum for acne?

What does acne on the face indicate?

There are several possible answers to this question:

  1. Hormonal disruptions. Basically, this happens in adolescence, when all glands work very actively (sebaceous ones are no exception).
  2. Due to contamination of the skin from outside (hazardous production, lack of facial care, unsuitable climate).
  3. Due to health problems.

Among the health problems that most affect the condition of the skin is the problem of the gastrointestinal tract. Everything is very simple. When the intestines are contaminated, the blood becomes contaminated. Naturally, somewhere these excess toxins have to come out. If they do not pass naturally in feces or urine, they find their way out in the skin.

As a result, we get pimples, rashes, acne and other problems. The intestines, in turn, become polluted due to the malfunctioning of the stomach.

For example, we eat too much. The stomach cannot cope, cannot digest everything eaten, and the food enters the intestines unprocessed. He cannot cope with such unprocessed food and its digestion goes along the wrong chain, with deposition on the walls. There she begins to rot. All products of this disgusting process enter the bloodstream. Naturally, this is reflected in the general well-being and on the condition of the skin. Toxins find their way out on the face, back, chest and shoulders in the form of acne, comedones, etc.

Therefore, any skin treatment should begin with a general improvement of the body.

  1. You need to eat more plant foods.
  2. Saturate the body with vitamins (vegetables, fruits, vitamins in capsules, etc.).
  3. Cleanse the intestines and normalize the stomach.
  4. Treat the skin with external medications.

How to cleanse the intestines?

To combat acne and rashes, doctors recommend taking Lactofiltrum. It does not have a direct effect on the condition of the skin, but by normalizing the work of the gastrointestinal tract it also helps the appearance.

It normalizes the intestinal microflora, as well as eliminates the effects of intoxication of the body. Lactofiltrum is a natural sorbent.

It includes:

  • Prebiotic lactulose
  • Lignin (natural enterosorbent)
  • Excipients

Lignin binds organic and inorganic compounds (alcohol, toxins, drugs, etc.) on its surface. Without getting into the general bloodstream, it leaves the body during the day.

Lactulose stimulates the production of acids necessary for the intestine and normalizes its motility. Thanks to these acids, toxic elements are less absorbed into the body, undigested products are quickly excreted from the body and the reproduction of pathogenic organisms is inhibited.

By normalizing the bowel function, the drug does not have a negative effect on the body. It works locally without entering the general bloodstream. By normalizing the bowel function, it indirectly affects the condition of the skin. It becomes cleaner, as a result of which inflammation disappears and acne disappears.

Allergic reactions to Lactofiltrum may occur, but these are isolated cases.

How to take Lactofiltrum?

Take the drug before meals with plenty of water.

The dosage depends on the age:

  • Children under three years of age are prescribed half a tablet three times a day.
  • From three to seven years - three times a day, one tablet.
  • From 8 to 12 years, three times a day, one or two tablets (depending on the severity of the problems).
  • Over 12 years old - two to three tablets three times a day.

If we are talking specifically about the treatment of rashes and acne, it is better to take Lactofiltrum in combination with other means. For example, in addition to cleansing the body, you can take care of your skin from the outside.

The use of lotions, ointments or medical procedures is perfectly combined with cleansing the body and gives a very quick noticeable result.

The more advanced the rash, the more difficult it will be to cure.

The first serious result will be visible only after three weeks of treatment. Therefore, you cannot quit taking the drug after three days without seeing the result. But it is important to remember that you cannot take the drug for more than three weeks. After three weeks, you must stop treatment and take a break.

During the break, the intestinal microflora comes to its natural state and works independently, without the intervention of the drug. If during this period you help the body with proper nutrition and adherence to a normal food intake, subsequent courses will not be needed, since the body will enter a healthy rhythm of work, acne will not appear, and the general condition will improve.


It is not recommended to start taking the drug on your own without consulting a doctor, since the cause of the rash may not be the intestines. Of course, Laktofiltrum will not cause serious harm, but its use may not be necessary at all. If acne is the result of an allergy to a cream or problems with hormonal levels, or simply a reaction to poor-quality cosmetics, Lactofiltrum is completely unnecessary.

There are also contraindications to the use of Lactofiltrum. It should not be taken by people with internal bleeding, ulcers or intolerance to the components of the drug.

In order to determine the cause of the problem, you need to see your doctor. He conducts tests and finds out what exactly triggered the rash on the skin. Treatment can include both antibiotics and hormones, as acne is the result of serious infections or more complex diseases of the body.

If the reason is in the intestines - taking Lactofiltrum will relieve not only a rash on the face, but also cleanse the skin all over the body. After all, acne appears on the chest, and on the shoulders, and on the back.

With the amount of junk food that we eat, almost everyone's organisms are dirty, but it would be wrong to say unequivocally that anyone can start cleaning without a doctor's supervision.

The body may react with an allergic reaction to Lactofiltrum, diarrhea may begin, or flatulence may appear.

In case of an overdose, the opposite effect may occur - constipation and abdominal pain.

Also, Lactofiltrum may not have any effect in the fight against acne if it is not taken systemically (forget to take a pill or skip taking the drug), or if the problem is not in the intestines, but in the stomach. The fact is that with serious stomach diseases (and they also cause acne) Lactofiltrum does not help.

When taking other drugs in combination with Lactofiltrum, there is a possibility that it will weaken their effect by binding the components of the drug.

If you find recommendations for using Lactofiltrum externally (rubbing a tablet, creating a mask from this mashed gruel, etc.) - do not follow these tips. The drug is not an antiseptic, it does not kill bacteria, does not dry out pimples and does not have any effect on the skin from outside. It only helps in the fight against acne if taken internally. Worse, it can increase inflammation.

Lactofilrum is taken only orally and strictly following the prescribed dosage.

It is not enough just to drink Lactofiltrum for a normal healthy appearance.

If the cause of acne is a dirty intestine, you need to change your diet:

  • Saturate the diet with vitamins
  • Drink more fluids (pure water)
  • Eating foods that cleanse the blood (such as carrot juice)
  • To refuse from bad habits

You should always remember that the condition of our skin is a mirror of the general condition of our body.

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