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Blackhead patch as a substitute for mechanical face cleansing
Blackhead patch as a substitute for mechanical face cleansing

Open skin pores on the forehead, nose and chin are the main cause of blackheads. Excess sebum clogs pores and darkens when oxidized, thus creating the notorious blackheads.

To clean the pores, you can resort to expensive salon cleaning. But there is another modern way: a patch for blackheads.

Choosing the right cosmetic patch

Cosmetic pore cleansing strips are sold at affordable prices and have no particular contraindications, except for irritations that can happen after removing blackheads. But still, there are brands and manufacturers that are time-tested and more credible than lesser-known companies.

Here are the most popular face strip manufacturers:

  1. Nivea. The clear advantage of the products is quality and efficiency. The strips do not tear, they have a fairly dense surface. There are separate patches for the nose and other problem areas. So you can purchase the product for its intended purpose;
  2. Skinlite. The strips of this brand are distinguished by a very decent size, due to which they can cover problem areas on the lateral wings of the nose. Suitable for oily and problem skin;
  3. Propeller. Classic strips with a number of advantages: they are easy to stick, cover large areas of the skin due to their wide dimensions, they are easily and painlessly removed, since they do not harden from drying. The domestic brand also has varieties of plasters that help improve the condition of the skin;
  4. With green tea. When the pores are clogged for a long time, they can become inflamed. Therefore, cleansing from black spots should be accompanied by calming and removing irritation. Such a sedative is green tea, which is part of the Propeller patches. Green tea will reduce inflammation and blackheads, tone and look healthy, improve nutrition and circulation, and prevent re-pollution.
  5. With activated carbon. These strips are recommended in especially advanced cases, when the skin has not cleared for a long time and the pores on the face are heavily clogged. Activated carbon is a natural absorbent that effectively and painfully cleanses the skin ducts. It penetrates deep into the pores and draws dirt and sebum to the surface, after which the newly cleansed skin can breathe.

If you use the product constantly, you will need from 8 plates per month, depending on the problem areas on the face. Despite the fact that this is a very cheap and affordable option, you can make cosmetic patches yourself.

Features of the action and application of the patch

The Blackhead Cleansing Strips are recognized as one of the most effective skin cleansing methods. You can even make the strips yourself at home, and purchase them at any pharmacy or cosmetic store.

Stripes for removing black dots in shape and type can be different, but they are all used according to the same principles:

  • The procedure is carried out only on clean, steamed skin, especially attention is paid to problem areas: nose, chin and forehead;
  • The strips are glued to moisturized skin;
  • The plaster against blackheads contains antiseptic additions, a viscous substance and moisturizing components, thanks to which the strips easily adhere and begin their effect;
  • All components of the patch actively act on the upper oxidized layer of clogged pores, thus removing blackheads;
  • Each strip must dry before being removed from the cleansed skin.

When you purchase a product at a pharmacy, be sure to read the instructions before using it, since the issue of removing blackheads is delicate.

The use of a cosmetic patch has its own characteristics:

  1. The most favorable time of day for using strips is evening. During the night, the pores will shrink, redness will go away and the skin of the nose, forehead and chin will become fresh and clean;
  2. Apply the patch no more than 2-3 times a week, regardless of the season;
  3. After the procedure for cleansing from black spots on the face, irritation and redness may occur. This is a normal peeling reaction that goes away after a few hours;
  4. Cosmetic patch cleanses and opens pores. To prevent infection and dirt from getting into them, wash your face with gel or foam that does not contain alkali. Rinse your face with cool water immediately after cleansing. Lotion and a daily cosmetic cream will help to narrow the pores, you can use a baby cream.

If you take into account all the peculiarities and nuances of the procedure, the cosmetic patch will help unclog the pores.

Preparing the product at home

To prepare facial strips at home, you will need:

  • 2-3 bandage strips;
  • 1 teaspoon of gelatin;
  • activated carbon plate;
  • 1 egg.


  1. Finely grind the charcoal tablets until a slurry is formed.
  2. Add a small amount of milk to the gelatin for softening and viscosity. We leave the mixture for half an hour.
  3. Combine charcoal, egg and gelatinous mass. We insist for another 10 minutes.
  4. We fold the bandages several times, grease the front side with a viscous mixture and apply to the desired areas of the skin.
  5. We leave for 15-20 minutes not until the bandage is completely dry, after which we carefully remove the bandages.

The effect of the mask is almost the same as that of a ready-made plaster with activated carbon: cleansing and antiseptic.

Only in the manufacture and use, adhere to safety rules. Do not apply a bandage on damaged mucous membranes and skin, eye area. The rest of the peeling mask works perfectly and painlessly at home.

The patch for removing blackheads should be used regularly and in combination with other skin care products.

It does not matter whether you prepare these products at home, or use a permanent series of cosmetics, the right integrated approach and the choice of individual products that are suitable specifically for you are the key to success, health and beauty.

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