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Activated charcoal products to keep your skin clean and fresh
Activated charcoal products to keep your skin clean and fresh

Activated carbon is a powerful natural adsorbent obtained by specific thermal processing of wood of certain species. Charcoal neutralizes the effects of exposure to various poisons, toxins and allergens in case of intoxication and allergic reactions.

The tool is able to quickly absorb harmful substances and remove them from the body.

The mask against blackheads with activated carbon has gained some popularity among the younger generation. It is used by girls and boys who are faced with the problem of comedones. Sometimes its use becomes relevant for adults with a stable hormonal background.

Comedones: where do they come from?

Blackheads, or open comedones, are formed against the background of excess sebum separation by the corresponding glands. Part of the contents of the pore is oxidized by natural contact with oxygen, which is why it turns into a corresponding color.

With a significant depth and contamination of the pore, the rest remains inside. Sometimes in this environment, gram-positive anaerobic bacteria arise, provoking the appearance of acne.

Fighting blackheads with charcoal is a good solution, but only if your pores are superficially dirty. In other situations, this will have a short-term visual effect, but it will not relieve acne unequivocally.

How does activated carbon work by penetrating the pores?

Due to its powerful sorption properties, it quickly and effectively removes oxidized sebaceous plugs and products of the vital activity of skin propionbacteria from the pores. Thus, a mask based on it helps to get rid of blackheads and neutralize pathogenic microflora, but only partially if the time is too deep.

Depending on the second component, which is usually hot milk or dissolved gelatin, additional effects on the skin can be achieved from the mask. For example, milk softens and nourishes it, while gelatin, being an organic collagen, instantly lifts and strengthens.

The effect of black charcoal from blackheads is undeniable, and many people are already convinced of the positive result of regular use of such a remedy. However, relying on it as a panacea is still not worth it - if your problem is severely expressed, and you suffer from advanced acne, all efforts will go down the drain. Be sure to consult a dermatologist in order to select and begin an adequate complex treatment.

Classic formulations against superficial comedones

The mask against blackheads with activated carbon is quite effective, affordable and easy to use. You will not spend a lot of time, effort and money on its regular use, and at the same time your skin will remain clean and beautiful.

To prepare a remedy for blackheads, you will need to grind several activated charcoal tablets into powder. This can be done with a rolling pin or pusher. Usually up to three tablets of the drug are required.

Recipe number 1:

  • The resulting powder must be dissolved in 2 tablespoons of milk, preferably homemade, but store pasteurized is also suitable;
  • Put the mixture in the microwave for literally half a minute;
  • Apply to cleansed face with a hard brush, driving the composition into the pores;
  • Remove with a sharp movement of the hand, rinse off residues with warm water without using soap.

Recipe number 2:

  • A tablespoon of gelatin without a slide must be poured with warm water and left to swell for 10-15 minutes;
  • As soon as the gelatin is swollen, add the powder from two tablets and mix thoroughly;
  • Warm up in a microwave oven at moderate temperature for a minute;
  • Stir thoroughly again to get a viscous and liquid gel-like mass;
  • Apply warm and remove the composition from the face according to the basic principle. It is better to apply this mask only in the immediate places of localization of black dots.

Recipe number 3:

  • Grind a tablespoon of cosmetic clay (preferably blue or green) with powdered activated carbon;
  • Pour the resulting mass with warm water and stir until a creamy consistency is obtained;
  • Apply to the entire surface of the face;
  • Wash off with warm water without using soap. This mask against blackheads will be relevant for those for whom the use of hot formulations is contraindicated.

Any of the presented masks is kept on the face for no longer than 20 minutes.

Recommendations for use

The charcoal blackhead mask is not applied on a daily basis. The optimal scheme for using the composition is once a week, until a pronounced result is achieved. With an abundance of blackheads on the face, you can use the product more often, but no more than three times a week.

The mask must be performed according to the following rules:

  • Before applying, the skin must not only be thoroughly cleaned, but also steamed - this will give the sorbent better access to the contents of the pores;
  • It is best to apply the composition with a stiff bristled brush, as if driving the mass into the pores;
  • It is necessary to remove the product with a sharp movement of the hand, although some women prefer to simply rinse it off with warm water;
  • An important point that you must achieve is the consolidation of the effect. For this to happen, you should close and tighten the pores after cleansing by rubbing your face with an ice cube or any alcohol-containing cosmetic product;
  • It is better to distribute the mass precisely on the places of localization of black dots;
  • After the procedure, you should lubricate the skin with a moisturizer or a soothing gel.

You can achieve an increase in the effect and a significant reduction in comedones with the help of a home darsonval. Perform darsonvalization after each procedure and you will see amazing results.

Contraindications to the use of masks

The mask from blackheads with charcoal has practically no contraindications, except for allergies to its ingredients. But in some cases it is not recommended to use it. Hot masks with milk and gelatin should not be used in the presence of telangiectasia (rosacea) and with vessels close to the surface of the skin.

They are also not recommended for use at elevated body temperature. It is better for pregnant women to use a cold clay mask.

Estimated results of use

The first and main action that the mask will have on your skin is a sufficiently deep cleansing of the pores. Thanks to it, you can significantly reduce the number of blackheads on your face.

The tool will also help you:

  • Shrink pores as much as possible, preventing their subsequent clogging;
  • Stabilize the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • Rid the skin of toxins and poisons accumulated in its cells;
  • Align the texture and microrelief of the epidermis;
  • Give the skin a beautiful natural glow;
  • Provide freshness to the skin;
  • Strengthen and moisturize the cover;
  • Remove the stratum corneum of the epidermis.

Using a mask against blackheads with activated charcoal, you will help your skin to cleanse itself in a timely manner and recover faster. She will begin to be more actively saturated with oxygen and nutrients, and will definitely respond to this with visual appeal.

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