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Masks against blackheads: effective recipes at home
Masks against blackheads: effective recipes at home

Blackheads, pimples and blackheads are a delicate problem that occurs at any age. You can get rid of them only with an integrated approach, identifying the cause. Then a full arsenal of tools and procedures is used, among which masks occupy one of the leading places.

Causes of the appearance of blackheads on the nose

There are several main factors that lead to the formation of blackheads, acne, and closed / open comedones:

  1. Disregard for hygiene rules - irregular cleansing, especially from decorative cosmetics;
  2. Regular makeup with long-lasting products;
  3. Allergy to cosmetics;
  4. Irritation of the epidermis, for example, diaper rash, abrasion (eg from glasses on the nose);
  5. Stress;
  6. Hormonal imbalance. In women, natural fluctuations in hormonal levels are observed during menstruation, after childbirth, during menopause, etc. The function of the sebaceous glands largely depends on their sensitivity to hormonal activity;
  7. High humidity, poor environmental conditions;
  8. Reaction to medications;
  9. Unbalanced diet;
  10. Diseases of internal organs and systems, in particular the gastrointestinal tract.

Effective egg white masks for blackheads

The simplest recipe for making a medicinal composition at home is as follows: beat the white of one egg until smooth, add granulated sugar (1 tablespoon) and stir a little more. The resulting product is used to treat the skin of the face, but not the entire composition is used, but only a part. After the mask dries, apply the next one, then do a kind of massage with patting movements. Massage is done until the stickiness disappears.

Owners of an oily type of face can treat the entire skin, and with a dry and sensitive type, only areas that require cleansing. This is due to the strong drying effect of the protein.

The effect of the procedure is due to the presence of sugar: it is very sticky, due to which it removes the dirt in the pores, as if pulling it out. This mask is allowed to be done several times a week.

This cleansing mask can be supplemented with other ingredients such as lemon or aloe juice. For one beaten egg white you need 2 tsp. freshly squeezed juice. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied to the face in two passes, like the previous option. When the mixture is completely dry (after about a quarter of an hour), you need to remove it with cool water. In no case do not use hot, otherwise the protein will curdle.

An egg white-based cleansing blend not only removes blackheads well, but also whitens with the addition of lemon juice; is the prevention of inflammation with the addition of aloe juice.

And if you use a whole egg, you can get rid of excessive dryness of the dermis. The same granulated sugar can be added to the beaten egg, as well as essential oils such as ylang-ylang.

Masks for acne, blackheads and blackheads with lemon and honey

Lemon will help get rid of blackheads. Half a citrus is chopped on a grater and mixed with a spoonful of liquid honey. The prepared mixture is immediately applied to the face. After a maximum of a quarter of an hour, the composition is washed off with cool water.

This recipe is not recommended for owners of excessively dry, sensitive skin, as well as prone to inflammation. This is due to the high acid content in lemon. The same goes for other citrus fruits.

Masks for acne and blackheads with salt and baking soda

The tandem of these products is more like a scrub, and not a familiar mask.

To get rid of problem areas, you need to mix the two ingredients in equal amounts. Apply the composition with a slightly damp cotton pad, making light circular motions.

Light cleaning will help get rid of the upper stratum corneum and blackheads. However, you should not rub your face strongly with a scrub, as you can injure delicate skin. With regular use, the results become noticeable after just a few treatments.

It is recommended to steam your face before the procedure, for example, by sitting over a warm decoction of medicinal plants. You can vary this recipe, for example, replacing the salt with oatmeal / bran or adding them to the main composition.

Clay products for acne and comedones

Masks with these components are very popular. It uses white, green, blue and black clay. There are many positive reviews about their effectiveness. This can be done easily at home. Clay powder, for example, white, is diluted with warm boiled water to the consistency of gruel. The whole face is treated with the resulting composition, paying more attention to problem areas. Keep it up to a quarter of an hour.

It should be noted that the duration of the procedure depends on how quickly the product dries to the skin. This clay recipe is universal and suitable for all skin types: dry, oily, sensitive and inflamed.

Clay cleans well, tones and tightens pores, you just need to choose the tool that suits the most. For example, those with oily and combination skin types prefer green, while those with excessively dry skin prefer red. White and blue clay are versatile products.

Effective masks against blackheads, acne and acne with kefir

By itself, this fermented milk product is already an excellent cleanser. They are simply treated with the skin, and then, after a while, washed off with water. The effectiveness of kefir in the fight against blackheads is due to the acid content that can dissolve dirt and sebum. At the same time, kefir after cleansing well tightens the pores. That is why this mask is best suited for those who have oily skin with enlarged pores.

The basic recipe with kefir can be significantly diversified, for example, by adding a pinch of soda to it, a spoonful of oatmeal crushed into powder and 3-4 drops of boric acid. The ingredients are mixed until gruel. The composition can be applied both to the entire face and exclusively to problem areas. The mixture should dry out, and then roll it up with your fingers and finally wash with cool water.

Activated carbon film masks

Not everyone knows that this tool can be used not only internally, but also externally. A mask-film with this substance has proved to be very effective.

You need to stock up on gelatin, milk and a few charcoal tablets. Approximately 1, 5 tablespoons of edible gelatin are diluted in 10 ml of warm milk and 1-2 tablets of activated carbon, crushed into powder, are added. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and heated slightly, for example, in a water bath or in a microwave oven, until the gelatin dissolves.

The mixture should be at room temperature. It treats the entire face or only areas where there are black dots. After drying, it becomes like a film. They remove it with their hands.

It is recommended to enrich the composition with cream, cosmetic oil and a small amount of a professional mask. This is necessary so that the film peels off the skin better.

There are many recipes for acne gelatin. For example, without activated carbon, with soda, lemon juice, essential oils.

Salicylic acid for acne

This substance effectively fights blackheads in women with oily skin types. It not only unclogs pores by pushing dirt to the surface of the skin, but also has an antibacterial and disinfectant effect.

Salicylic acid is an affordable product at an affordable price. You can use it by making your own lotion at home, or make a mask by combining it with blue / white clay.

Mask-film with paraffin and paper against comedones

You need to stock up on tracing paper and cosmetic wax in advance. The fat is heated in a water bath or in the microwave, and then quickly applied to a previously cleansed face. The paper is laid on top in one layer. The mask is kept for half an hour and removed from a paper base.

You can do a wrap for the whole face or only for problem areas. It should be noted that this recipe is not recommended for increased sebum production.

Cinnamon acne and spot mask for dry and sensitive skin

To get rid of blackheads or annoying pimples, you need to brew green tea. Oatmeal and cinnamon are added to it to make a mixture of gruel consistency. The skin is processed and the composition is left for a quarter of an hour. You need to wash it off carefully. Before use, it is recommended for especially sensitive persons to apply a cream on the face.

Before using any product, you need to test it, because there is always the possibility of developing an allergy. In case of inflammation, pustules, you must be extremely careful so as not to contribute to the spread of infection.

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