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Deep pimples and boils on the chin: how to deal with the problem?
Deep pimples and boils on the chin: how to deal with the problem?

Acne is an unpleasant problem that almost everyone faces, regardless of gender and age. But it's one thing when these are small transient pustules before menstruation in a girl, which do not leave a single trace after themselves, and quite another - sore, large, internal acne.

The latter usually do not lend themselves to mechanical removal, that is, they cannot be squeezed out. Moxibustion with antiseptics likewise does not help. Moreover, even local antibiotics sometimes fail to cope with this problem.

Most often, deep internal acne is localized on the chin. And, as a rule, the appearance of such a defect clearly signals certain disorders in the internal state of the body.

The main reasons for the appearance of large internal acne

If you have a painful swelling on your chin, you should know that this is the very big pimple that will give you remarkable discomfort for a long time. Alas, “etching” it is not as easy as we would like. Moreover, even if you succeed in doing this, you will not get rid of the problem until you find out the cause.

Internal eels on the chin appear mainly in cold periods of the year, sometimes in the off-season with unstable weather. Usually people at this time try to dress warmer.

But some girls put a sexy appearance above all, and therefore prefer short leather jackets and miniskirts to warm down jackets. Naturally, a cold in this case will come for sure. But where it will be localized is the second question.

The reasons for the appearance of internal acne on the chin in women are often associated with a cold of the internal genital organs - especially the uterine appendages.

Moreover, adnexitis and oophoritis may not be felt very specifically.

Pathological processes will progress, and soon the destabilization of the ovaries will come. Ovarian problems are very often reflected in the skin in the chin area.

In addition to gynecological problems in the beautiful half of humanity, the reasons for the appearance of painful seals on the chin can lie in the following factors:

  • Poor facial hygiene (when open comedones, or blackheads, turn into closed, inflamed acne);
  • Hormonal changes and disruptions in the body (including age-related);
  • Severe hypothermia of the body (less often - overheating in the sun);
  • Irrational eating;
  • Colds (often recurrent);
  • Weakening of immune functions;
  • Endocrine system problems;
  • Digestive disorders (especially chronic constipation);
  • Smoking and alcoholism.

But still, the most common causes of the formation of acne on the chin are problems with the pelvic organs. Sometimes they also apply to men, for example, with diseases of the prostate gland. In women, the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes can suffer. Less often, the cause of the appearance of acne on the chin is a deviation in the work of the inguinal lymph nodes.

The reasons for a cosmetic defect can also be in the imbalance of sex hormones - androgens and estrogens. In women, this phenomenon is typical with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

The correct course of treatment for internal acne on the chin is, first of all, in a consultative visit to a gynecologist or urologist-andrologist, and then to a dermatologist.

Treatments for painful acne

It happens that acne does attack the entire chin. This brings a person not only psychological, but also physical discomfort - it becomes difficult to wash, carry out other hygienic procedures for the face, sometimes it is impossible to touch the skin.

As already mentioned, it is necessary to treat subcutaneous acne on the chin in coordination with doctors - first of all, gynecologists and urologists, endocrinologists, dermatologists.

Sometimes the following cosmetic procedures help with such violations:

  • Cryomassage (mechanical effect on the skin of liquid nitrogen);
  • Mesotherapy (saturation of all layers of the skin with vitamins, microelements, amino acids, active antioxidants, organic acids);
  • Microcurrents (hardware stimulation of blood circulation and microcirculation of blood / lymph);
  • Ozone therapy (saturation of the dermis and epidermis with a pure ozone-oxygen mixture).

The following pharmaceutical remedies help to get rid of internal acne on the chin:

  • Zerkalin solution;
  • Dalatsin cream;
  • Erythromycin ointment;
  • Gel "Klindovit";
  • Levomekol ointment;
  • Salicylic zinc paste;
  • Vishnevsky ointment (especially good for purulent infiltrates and boils);
  • Ichthyol ointment.

At home, the following remedies are used:

  • Compresses with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution;
  • Cauterization with pure alcohol or vodka;
  • Application of biostimulated leaves of aloe vera or Kalanchoe pinnate;
  • Applying a bandage of scalded cabbage leaf smeared with natural flower honey;
  • Washing with a decoction of chamomile or calendula;
  • Lubricating eel with tea tree essential oil;
  • Treatment with soda, iodine and hydrogen peroxide in the mixture.

The main goal that is pursued in the treatment of subcutaneous acne on the chin is to quickly pull the purulent rod out of the pimple. By the way, you should definitely get it opened if you want to protect yourself from relapses. If pus remains in its "chamber", it will begin to infect neighboring tissues, and soon you may develop full-fledged acne.

The second goal is to disinfect the skin. In this case, antibiotic therapy is used. Treating your face with an antibiotic will help neutralize the pathogenic propionbacterium acne, if they have already originated in the depths of the pores.

But still, you must pay attention to the causal treatment of internal acne. If you do not fix the original problem, all of the above will have to be repeated over and over again. If lifelong acne therapy is not your plan, find and address the main cause of the rash.

Further preventive measures

If you have already encountered a nuisance, and even found the causes of internal acne on the chin in your body, you just have to finally get rid of the triggers and prevent them from reappearing.

Prevention of large subcutaneous acne on the chin includes simple measures:

  • Lifestyle adjustments and rejection of bad habits;
  • Rationalization of nutrition;
  • Careful adherence to personal hygiene and constant maintenance of cleanliness of the skin;
  • Regular visits to cosmetologists and dermatologists;
  • Timely appeal to narrowly focused medical specialists in case of subjective health complaints;
  • Revision of decorative and care cosmetics in favor of natural, organic, environmentally friendly products;
  • Reception of multivitamin and mineral complexes;
  • Tracking the cleanliness of hands;
  • Refusal to squeeze out acne;
  • Stopping the uncontrolled use of powerful cosmetic formulations (acid peels, microdermabrasion, etc.).

The best preventive measure against any health problem is to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Try to get rid of external defects using internal mode adjustments.

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