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White dots on the face: treatment with pharmacy and folk remedies
White dots on the face: treatment with pharmacy and folk remedies

White spots on the face appear in people of any age, and the type of skin does not matter. Manifestations of this kind are not uncommon for a child.

general description

White dots on the face, which are called milia, have the popular name for millet. They have the appearance of white nodules, similar to millet grains. When pressed, their density is felt.

Rashes appear anywhere on the face. This can be the lips, chin, eye area, cheeks, or forehead. Lumpy spots often appear in a child during adolescence.

They are formed as a result of the accumulation of sebaceous secretions of the subcutaneous layer. Such manifestations are more often observed in a child with oily or combination skin.

Lumpy spots are already clogged pores. It is impossible to squeeze sebum out of them. Therefore, you should not try to get rid of the rash mechanically. This will only lead to skin inflammation. You will not be able to get rid of them when you try to pick them open with a needle or tweezers. Such actions can cause an infection, and the cosmetic defect of the compacted point will turn into a serious problem for the child.


In order to decide how best to get rid of rashes on the face of a child, you need to determine the cause of their occurrence.

White dots can form under the influence of various factors, the main of which are:

  • Excessive production of the sebaceous glands, which occurs when there is a lack of zinc in the body;
  • Disrupted metabolism;
  • Pathology associated with the work of the intestines;
  • Improperly selected personal hygiene products;
  • Increased blood cholesterol levels;
  • Climate change, unfavorable ecological living conditions.

White spots on a child's body can be prevented by following some guidelines.

Facial skin requires careful care. For a child, you need to choose a remedy that will correspond to his age and the type of skin. You need to cleanse your face daily.

Any type of skin requires hydration, especially if it is problematic. It should not be allowed for a child from childhood to experience drying out of the skin of the face.

When taking a shower, you need to steam the problem areas, and applying detergent, wipe them with a washcloth. This procedure will get rid of fatty accumulations and remove non-viable cells. After water procedures, the child's skin needs to be wiped with lotion. It must have drying properties.

White dots in babies

Skin rashes are not unique to a middle-aged child. They often appear in newborn babies, which refers to the physiological manifestations.

Small dots that look like small bumps appear on the face of a child from the first days of his life. If the manifestations are not accompanied by inflammation, they do not bother the baby. There are several main factors that influence the cause of education.

Hormonal changes in the child's body. Points appear from the first days of a baby's life, during the period of adaptation of the body to new environmental conditions.

The effect of the female hormone on the baby. It enters the baby's body during pregnancy. After birth, in the first week of life, white dots may appear on the face of a newborn baby. Sometimes they have a yellowish tint, and are located singly, or in groups.

Insufficient formation of the sebaceous glands. The rash most often occurs on the baby's cheeks, nose, or forehead. Excess sebum clogs the sebaceous ducts, which leads to the formation of hardened pimples.

There is no need to take measures to get rid of the rash. The baby's skin is cleansed after the sebaceous glands are fully restored. This usually occurs by the age of three months. The main sign that skin manifestations do not bother the baby is a normal temperature, restful sleep and appetite.

Every mommy should know how to take care of the baby so as not to harm his health. You need to wash your baby from the first days of his birth. The procedure is carried out by wiping the face with boiled water at room temperature.

A decoction of chamomile, or string, is added to the water for bathing the baby. The medicinal solution helps to cleanse the skin and prevents the development of possible inflammation.

Clothes for the baby are recommended from natural fabrics.

To prevent the child from damaging the problem areas of the skin on the face, they put on protective gloves. Ultraviolet rays have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. Therefore, long walks are beneficial for the baby.

Recommendations for parents that must be followed for skin rashes in a baby:

  • It is strictly forbidden to try to squeeze out white dots;
  • Rashes can not be cauterized with brilliant green, or wiped with alcohol;
  • It is not recommended to use ointments and baby lotions, which can dry out the baby's skin;
  • Applying powder on problem areas of the skin closes the pores even more, which can lead to the onset of an inflammatory process.

A newborn baby who has white rashes does not need special treatment. Proper care and care of the mother will help get rid of them.


Each person, having found undesirable manifestations on his face, tries to get rid of them. Any rashes not only spoil the appearance of a person, but also prevent the cells from fully functioning.

Adults and children will help to get rid of the problem:

  • Drying anti-inflammatory ointments,
  • Treatment procedures performed by professional masters in beauty salons;
  • Home use of cleansing masks;
  • A well-established diet that enriches the skin with essential vitamins and microelements.

To get rid of skin manifestations, experts recommend using ointments that include lactic and salicylic acid, tar, zinc. They have not only drying properties, but also anti-inflammatory properties.

The action of the ointment helps to improve blood circulation in the cells of the skin, and this speeds up the healing process of tissues. The drug is applied to clean skin of the face pointwise. The procedure is performed up to three times a day.

The most common medicines that help get rid of rashes include ointments based on:

  • Salicylic and lactic acid: Dermosal-D, Syntomycin, BIOcon;
  • Zinc: "Tsinokap", "Desitin", "Sulokrem";
  • Tar: "Sinoflan", "Yam", "Birch Tar".

The universal remedies that treat white spots and purulent acne include Metrogyl gel, Dalatsin, and Gentomycin ointment. With extensive rashes, when the dots have formed in large quantities on a certain area of the skin, preference is given to products with retinoids. These include: "Klenzit", "Differin", "Adapalen".

Folk methods

You can get rid of white rashes on the face with the help of traditional medicine. There are many recipes that have been successfully used to cleanse your face at home.


To prepare the composition, you need to melt 33 grams of honey and add brewer's yeast, at least 8 grams. Stir everything and pour in 4 ml of "Chlorhexidine", or ordinary hydrogen peroxide. Then the juice of half a lemon is added. To get rid of white rashes, the product is applied in a dotted manner to the affected areas. Wash everything off in half an hour.


Do-it-yourself mixture will help get rid of the problem. Pumpkin pulp, peeled and seeds, is crushed in any convenient way. In total, you will need about 40 grams of a vegetable. A quarter of a glass of vodka is added to the resulting gruel, and left for a day, after which it is filtered. 12 ml of nettle infusion, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, is added to the base of the product.

The resulting composition is diluted with water, observing a 2: 1 ratio. Then rye or oat bran is added to make the mass like a paste and applied to the face. The mask is washed off after 15-17 minutes with water, without the use of detergents. Such procedures will quickly get rid of rashes and cleanse the skin of the face.

Alternative methods of treatment are recommended for use at the initial stage of the disease. They will help not only get rid of skin rashes, but also prevent their appearance.

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