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Fordyce granules: a disease or not? Should I be treated?
Fordyce granules: a disease or not? Should I be treated?

Not many skin manifestations can be attributed to those that do not indicate disruption of the body. Such phenomena include Fordyce granules, which can occur on the external genitals, mammary glands, lips, and in the armpits.

These lesions shouldn't cause panic, but it is important to be able to distinguish them from other skin problems.

Causes, symptoms of the phenomenon

John Addison Fordyce, a dermatologist from the United States, who made many discoveries in his field, first spoke about him. This problem has been thoroughly studied by modern scientists as well.

Granules or Fordyce spots are light-colored dots that develop under the skin and appear in particular on the lips. The problem is called Fordyce's disease, but there is no consensus on the exact reasons for the appearance of these points.

This problem, in fact, is cosmetic, since the Fordyce granules are not accompanied by pain, itching, and burning.

They do not increase in size, they are not able to degenerate into malignant formations. It is impossible to get infected with these spots. In this regard, doctors say that in fact it is not a disease, but a phenomenon that is considered the norm in medicine.

Doctors see the reasons for the appearance of Fordyce granules in a change in the structure and location of the sebaceous glands. In most people, they are located in the deep layers of the skin, but under certain circumstances, the glands move closer to the surface of the skin, thereby increasing the production of fat.

The latter accumulates in the pores, in particular, of the lips, while the ducts of the glands become narrower. This contributes to the appearance of brushes that appear as light spots or Fordyce granules. Another name for the phenomenon is seborrheic cysts.

The sebaceous glands can move under the influence of such factors:

  • Adolescence. It is marked by puberty, which has a tremendous effect on the body;
  • Among the reasons for the displacement of the glands and as a consequence of the appearance of Fordyce granules, there is often such a simple explanation as the individual features of their structure;
  • The phenomenon may be due to a genetic predisposition;
  • Smoking.

How to recognize a so-called disease?

  • On the outside or inside of the lips, specks or small nodules of a white-yellow color appear;
  • The size of these harmless formations is about 1-2 mm;
  • If you press on the Fordyce granules, no pain is felt. In this case, light discharge from the cysts can be observed, and with strong pressure and slight bleeding.

As a rule, there are many such formations, and the contents of Fordyce granules on the lips have a thick consistency.

Treatment with traditional and folk methods

As a rule, those who are dissatisfied with their appearance want to get rid of these formations. Less commonly, we are talking about the fact that formations deliver physical discomfort.

Keep in mind that such treatments as self-piercing, tearing, squeezing Fordyce granules will not lead to anything good. If the phenomenon itself does not conceal any danger, then after such an intervention, an infection can get into the wounds formed, which will lead to inflammation.

In case of incorrect manipulations with such a kind of treatment at home, the appearance of scars is not excluded.

In the absence of discomfort, Fordyce granules can be left untreated or removed. If not, see a dermatologist.

You can wait a bit. Doctors say that often a phenomenon observed on the lips or other parts of the body recedes on its own after reaching the age of 30. This is due to the fact that hormonal surges have already subsided a little by this time.

The doctor can carry out treatment in the following ways:

  • Laser therapy. The method involves almost painless removal of formations using a laser beam;
  • Cryodestruction. The method involves treatment with cold, which removes seborrheic cysts;
  • Electrocoagulation. This method involves the removal of Fordyce granules using high-frequency current;
  • Surgical intervention. This method is practically not used, since there is a high risk that a scar will remain in place of seborrheic cysts.

In the first three cases, where there were Fordyce granules, a crust first appears, which after some time falls off by itself, revealing clean, healthy skin.

Today there is an opinion that seborrheic cysts can be removed with medication using Retin-A cream or jojoba oil. Experts say that such treatment will not bring results, but these funds can be used to speed up the healing of problem areas for those who have already got rid of seborrheic cysts.

You need to be prepared for the phenomenon to overtake again over time, no matter what method of dealing with it you have chosen.

Traditional healers also give advice on what home remedies can help you cope with the problem.

Ointment from "Mumiyo" and honey

Fir oil is also used for treatment with this method.

First, we prepare the ointment.

  1. Heat 50 g of honey using a water bath.
  2. Combine the ingredient with 5 powdered tablets "Mumiyo" (we assume that the weight of each of them is 0.2 g).
  3. Add 1 tbsp to the mixture. l. boiled water, we heat the composition by means of a water bath for another 3 minutes.
  4. Pour the ointment against Fordyce granules into a glass jar, close the lid tightly.

We carry out the treatment in this way:

  1. Apply fir oil to the problem area, and after 10 minutes wash it off.
  2. We treat the cysts with the prepared ointment, which also needs to be washed off after 10 minutes.

Provided that you perform the procedures correctly and make the ointment exactly according to the prescription, it will take no more than 15 sessions for the problem to subside.

Be prepared for the fact that the phenomenon is likely to overtake again after about six months. In this case, this course of treatment can be repeated.


The problem that was first raised by the American dermatologist D. A. Fordyce is not a disease. This gives doctors reason to say that there is no prevention of this phenomenon.

You should not once again expose your body to various kinds of interventions if cysts do not bother you - they do not carry any danger to your health. Nevertheless, it is still worth consulting with a dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis.

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