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Fat on the back: features of eliminating a delicate problem
Fat on the back: features of eliminating a delicate problem

Neoplasms in the human body can be malignant and benign. If you notice a seal on your back, do not rush to panic - perhaps this is a wen that is treatable and is not an oncological disease, and the main thing is to find a suitable way to get rid of the problem. This should be discussed with your doctor.

What is this phenomenon and what are the reasons for its occurrence?

Due to the influence of various factors under the skin, lipid metabolism can be disrupted. Fatty tissue accumulates in a certain place on the back, forming a wen or lipoma - this is the name of the phenomenon in official medicine.

This is a benign formation that, at the beginning of its development, does not cause pain to a person. But this tumor on the back is capable of increasing in size, due to which it puts pressure on the spine, ribs, and nerve endings. In such cases, removal of the back lipoma is indicated.

This is not the most dangerous consequence of the appearance of a wen.

Such cases are rare, but a back lipoma can become cancerous.

Another variant of how education will behave is also possible - it will stop growing, and in this case there is no urgent need to get rid of it. If the size of the wen is small, most often the decision is made to simply observe it.

Only a doctor should decide what to do.

Here are the reasons that contribute to the appearance of a lipoma on the back:

  • Genetic disposition. Perhaps the violation of lipid metabolism is inherent in the human genetic code;
  • Climax. This period in a woman's life can also contribute to a failure. Doctors say that wen on the back quite often appears in women 45 and older;
  • Diseases of an infectious nature, which can contribute to the disruption of the functioning of the hypothalamus, which is also the cause of the appearance of a tumor;
  • Traumatic brain injury can also cause the hypothalamus to malfunction, thus causing back lipoma;
  • Passive lifestyle;
  • A diet rich in fatty, fried foods.

The last two reasons, in combination, often give the appearance of excess weight, and this is one of the provocateurs of the problem.

Types of wen on the back

The doctor will be able to determine exactly which of them the education belongs to.

But you can guess what type of wen you encountered, knowing some of their signs:

  • Tree-like. Formed in the area of the joints with further growth in the free cavities of other joints;
  • Cavernous lipoma of the back. This is a formation containing a large number of blood vessels;
  • Soft wen. The contents of the formation capsule have a liquid consistency;
  • Dense education. It contains not only adipose tissue, but also connective tissue.

Back lipoma treatment with the help of official and traditional medicine

Usually, you still have to deal with the phenomenon. The back is a place that constantly comes into contact with clothes, the patient lies on it, this part of the body is heavily loaded. All this contributes to the fact that the wen can become inflamed, fester, and bleed.

Today the problem can be treated with medication. One of the most popular products is Diprospan. It is injected through a thin needle into the area of formation, where the drug promotes the splitting of the wen on the back. It is not always possible to achieve complete resorption, but it decreases in size. With the help of this method, small lipomas are treated, and in some cases it takes a long time to wait for the result.

In what cases is the removal of education required?

  • Zhirovik began to deliver pain;
  • The risk of degeneration of the tumor into a malignant one has increased;
  • The risk of harm to the patient's health has increased;
  • If the lipoma has become very large (more than 3 cm) and its growth does not stop;
  • With a constant feeling of discomfort to the patient.

The following methods of tumor removal can be used:

  • Surgical method. They try to use it as little as possible, since after surgery, most likely, a scar will remain. If the wen is large, in some cases it is necessary to remove it in this way;
  • Removal of the tumor can be done with a laser. This manipulation is practically painless, there are no scars after it, and the risk of recurrence is minimized. It will take only a couple of weeks to heal the treated area of the back, after which the patient can live a full life, forgetting about the unpleasant phenomenon;
  • The formation is also removed by means of electrocoagulation (using an electric current);
  • Radio wave elimination of the problem. If the wen is large (its diameter is more than 6 cm), this method of removal will not work. This method is effective, no scars remain after its application, and the tumor is removed completely.

Supporters of traditional medicine use remedies that help get rid of lipomas without using the above methods.

Lamb fat

After the first application, the size of the tumor will decrease.

  1. We heat through a steam bath 1 tsp. fat.
  2. While the product is still hot (but it should not burn), apply it to the area on the back, where the formation is localized, with massage movements for 15 minutes.

With the help of lamb fat, removing a tumor on the back will be a quick process, but you need to apply the remedy daily.

Burdock tincture

To get rid of a tumor on the back using this remedy, the latter is not applied externally, but inside.

  1. Pour 1 cup of burdock root with vodka (1, 5 cups), after grinding the first one.
  2. We send the composition for a month to infuse in a dark place.
  3. To get rid of the lipoma on the back, the tincture should be taken in the amount of 1 tbsp. l. twice / day half an hour before meals.

This tool, with the help of which the removal of the lipoma will go faster, must be taken daily until the desired result is obtained.

Don't let it relapse

This can be done if you follow simple rules:

  • Find out the causes of the formation on the back, eliminate them, if possible;
  • To eliminate large tumors, choose the removal of the formation by means of salon or surgical methods;
  • Try to lead an active lifestyle so as not to provoke a violation of lipid metabolism;
  • Try to eat less fatty foods to keep the lipoma on your back from coming back.

If the causes of your problem cannot be eliminated (for example, menopause, genetic disposition, trauma, etc.), follow the rest of the preventive measures for the phenomenon.

Despite the fact that many people confirm the effectiveness of folk remedies against lipoma, it is imperative to consult a doctor. This is necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis, exclude life-threatening diseases, and consult on appropriate treatment methods.

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