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Fat under the eyes: causes, symptoms, methods of treatment and prevention
Fat under the eyes: causes, symptoms, methods of treatment and prevention

Lipomas (popularly called wen) are benign tumors located directly under the skin and consisting of adipose tissue. Such formations, as a rule, do not cause inconvenience to their owner, do not hurt, but are a cosmetic defect, because they look ugly.

Wen located on the face and under the eyes are especially annoying.

Causes of the appearance of wen under the eyes

On the face, wen most often appear in the area around the eyes - on the lower and upper eyelids, near the nose at the top. If we talk about the eyelids, the lower one suffers more often than the upper one. It would seem that the skin around the eyes is especially delicate, thin, practically devoid of subcutaneous fat.

What causes insidious tumors to appear in this area?

The answer is simple: particles of unsplit fat "travel" through the body and get lost in groups in any subcutaneous area. Such formations cause psychological discomfort and therefore require removal.

To date, doctors cannot name the exact cause that leads to the occurrence of lipomas. This problem affects both men and women, and can even occur in a child.

Presumable causes that lead to this ailment are:

  • overeating, unhealthy diet, passion for fatty foods - fat cells simply do not have time to break down, and therefore accumulate in tissues throughout the body, and under the skin in particular;
  • hormonal disorders, disruption of the thyroid gland;
  • malfunctions of the hematopoietic system;
  • metabolic disorder;
  • genetic predisposition - if one of the parents suffered from such a problem, most likely it will be passed on to the child.

Types of wen under the eyes

Fats under the eyes are single and multiple, affecting large areas of the skin. They look like yellowish bumps of yellow color, soft to the touch.

They differ not only in shape, but also in size - the value can vary from one millimeter to several centimeters. Women often mask small, similar to a subcutaneous rash with tonal means, as a result of which the formations become almost invisible. But large lipomas on the face under the eyes cannot be hidden, so they must be quickly disposed of.

In adolescents during puberty and women, so-called white lipomas (milia) may appear under the eyes. As a rule, a white wen occurs as a result of a blockage of the sebaceous glands, provoked by excessive production of sebum or poor-quality facial skin care. It looks like a small round whitish seal.


Before you start solving this problem, you need to figure out what exactly it arose from. It is not only meaningless, but also dangerous to independently diagnose and treat, it is better to seek help from a therapist. The specialist will examine the body. And if it turns out that wen appear due to the presence of any disease, then first of all it is necessary to treat it.

As a rule, after targeted therapy, wen does not appear again.

Surgical treatment (removal) of wen is recommended for the following indications:

  • soreness;
  • big sizes;
  • gradual or active growth (lipomas noticeably increase in size);
  • influence on other organs (if the fatty tissue interferes with the closure of the eyelids, directly contacts the mucous membrane).

To date, lipoma removal in the area around the eyes is performed using several methods.

Which one to choose is jointly decided by the attending physician and the patient himself.

Traditional surgical

This operation is performed under local anesthesia. It is recommended if the size of the lipoma exceeds 2-3 centimeters. The surgeon dissects the skin, removes the fat capsule itself, sutures and applies a sterile bandage. The disadvantage of surgical intervention is postoperative scars.


Using a laser, you can remove both regular and white wen. The duration of the procedure takes several minutes, during which the patient feels a slight tingling sensation. The undoubted advantage of laser therapy is that after it no scars remain on the skin. True, this method of removing lipomas under the eyes is more expensive than all the others.


This type of elimination of skin defects is resorted to if the size of the formation does not exceed 3.5 centimeters. With the help of a syringe, the doctor injects a special solution into the lipoma, which, after a few days, destroys the fatty deposits. In about 80% of cases, the lipoma resolves after this procedure. If this does not happen, the patient is recommended a different type of treatment.

In some cases, lipoma does not require treatment. For example, if the wen is small, almost invisible, does not grow and does not bother the owner in any way, you can leave it alone. However, it is worth remembering that even a small education should be regularly shown to a doctor, since at any time it can begin to grow.

But in no case should you try to remove the formations on your own - to squeeze out, pierce, cut - because this is fraught with the introduction of infection into the bloodstream, and the effect of such manipulations is zero.


To prevent annoying formations from appearing on the skin around the eyes, a number of important rules must be followed:

  • practice personal hygiene. Use high-quality cosmetics suitable for your skin for skin care;
  • give up bad habits - smoking and alcohol - as they disrupt the metabolism in the body;
  • eat right, exclude fried, fatty, spicy foods, fast food from the diet;
  • regularly undergo a deep medical examination in order to prevent the appearance or begin timely treatment of possible diseases that lead to the appearance of wen under the eyes.

And, of course, do not forget to regularly examine yourself for the presence of lipomas, because you can notice them at an early stage.

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