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Eyelid Lifting Exercises: Tighten Skin at Home
Eyelid Lifting Exercises: Tighten Skin at Home

Unfortunately, with age, our skin becomes less elastic, even, its tone decreases, the amount of subcutaneous fat and collagen in tissues decreases. This, of course, cannot but be reflected in female attractiveness.

Especially noticeable is the skin of the eyelids that begins to sag, because the eyes are the first thing we pay attention to when we see a person. The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate, it is devoid of subcutaneous fat, and therefore wrinkles first of all appear on it, the cover of the upper eyelid sags and thereby makes the eyes visually smaller, and the woman herself is older.

To solve this problem (after all, what kind of lady would like sagging skin of the eyelids!), Modern medicine offers a cardinal solution - a surgical operation called blepharoplasty. But such "pleasure" is expensive, and not every one of us agrees to surgical intervention.

And the use of various anti-aging creams, lotions and other cosmetics may not bring the desired result, and expensive, high-quality cosmetics are too expensive for many people.

Exercises to lift the eyelids can be a way out of this situation - yes, like other muscles of the body, the skin of the eyelids also needs physical exercise. But such exercises are different from the usual work in the gym - after classes you will not feel heaviness and fatigue, but rather, you will not feel anything at all.

Rules for doing exercises for lifting the eyelids

Exercises for the eyelids and the skin around the eyes should not have a momentary effect - this work requires a lot of patience and perseverance.

In order for the work to bring results, you must adhere to certain rules:

  • devote to procedures at least 15-17 minutes a day, do not be lazy;
  • it is advisable to combine training with ordinary gymnastics for the eyes, so you can also strengthen the eye muscle, which will help prevent the appearance of myopia or hyperopia;
  • before the procedure, you should remove makeup and wash your hands thoroughly;
  • gymnastics can be performed while sitting, lying or standing - whichever is more convenient for you. The main thing is that you should not experience fatigue, stress, be in a good mood. If you are not in the mood for a workout, it is better to rest and postpone it for later, since such attempts will not bring the desired results;
  • if tension or stiffness arises, take a few deep breaths and relax;
  • train in front of a large mirror in which you will see the full reflection of your face;
  • to maximize the effect of training, draw in your stomach during each procedure - the press, buttocks and even the hips should be tense;
  • at the end of exercise, wash with cool water or wipe the skin of the eyes with ice cubes or frozen decoction of chamomile.

Exercises for tightening the skin around the eyes and eyelids

All exercises must be done exactly in the sequence in which they are given.

  1. First of all, a warm-up is necessary. At the count of one or two, look ahead, after slowly move your eyes as far as possible to the left, count to three, then look up, then to the right and after a few seconds - down. You need to move your eyes clockwise, and in each position it is important to fix your gaze for several seconds, trying to look into the distance. You need to repeat the exercises six times in a row, and then six more times, but moving your eyes from left to right.
  2. Raise your head, look up as much as possible, open your mouth and blink quickly for 30-25 seconds. Blinking quickly is necessary to strengthen the muscles of the upper eyelids.
  3. Close your eyes, wait 3 seconds, then open your eyes wide and look into the distance. Now close your eyelids, leaving your eyebrows and forehead motionless.

Repeat the exercise six times in a row, taking short (about 7 seconds) breaks.

  1. Open your eyes wide, place your fingertips on your temples. Pull the skin back slightly and quickly open and close the eyelids for about 35-40 seconds. It is important to ensure that the fingers do not move, and the skin is not too taut - this can lead, on the contrary, to the appearance of wrinkles.
  2. Close your eyes, using the tips of your index fingers, gently pull the skin over the outer corners of the eyes, pressing lightly on it. In this position, lifting the eyelids up, hold them in this position for 6 seconds, and then lower and relax. Repeat the procedure 6-7 times in a row, making small, no more than 10 seconds, intervals.
  3. Repeat the fifth exercise exactly, but place the pads of the fingers on the temples just above the outer corners of the eyes.
  4. These exercises help to remove the sagging skin of the upper eyelid. Relax, gently place the pads of your index fingers on your eyelids parallel to their incision. Open your eyes without lifting your fingertips and overcoming resistance, open your eyes wide, and after 5 seconds close again. During the procedure, the eyebrows should not move. Repeat 4 times in a row.
  5. Lower your head back as far as possible. Cover your eyelids, but do not cover your eyes completely. Try to make out the tip of your nose in this position. Stay in this position for 6-7 seconds. Repeat 4 times in a row at intervals of 5 seconds.
  6. Keep your palms warm - rub them together or hold them under a stream of warm water. Close your eyes, but don't close your eyes. Shape your fingers into boats and cover the skin around your eyes. After a minute, remove your palms, heat them again under hot water and repeat the exercise.

Lifting the eyelids and dermis around the eyes through exercise can only yield significant results if done regularly. You can enhance the result by using special lifting creams for the skin of the eyelids.

Also, do not forget about the correct lifestyle and include in the diet foods rich in vitamins A and E - eat greens, chicken, liver, eggs, seafood, cottage cheese, nuts. This menu helps to improve skin turgor and prevents the appearance of new wrinkles.

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