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Products for youthful skin and body, or what to eat to rejuvenate?
Products for youthful skin and body, or what to eat to rejuvenate?

Every woman dreams of finding a product that can be eaten to lose weight, rejuvenate, improve your health, and become more beautiful. Skeptics will say that such does not exist, and invincible optimists will continue to search for it. But there is a "golden mean".

Products for youthful skin and body exist, and no one hides them from us. The most important thing in this matter is to know one secret - their application must be correct and regular.

Role of nutrition

The phrase that we are what we eat is on the lips of everyone who strives for a healthy lifestyle today. It really makes sense.

There are products that benefit our body, giving it all the necessary elements. When he receives them, he functions normally, which manifests itself not only in good health, but also in the beauty, youthfulness of the skin, including the face, and its ideal condition. But there is another category of food products, which, apart from the load on the body, do not bring it practically anything.

What functions should food perform and what requirements should it meet?

  • It should give us nutritious, useful, "building" elements. In addition, it is necessary to seek a balance, combining products in such a way that we receive all these substances in full, but not in excess;
  • Food should not burden our body. This means that it should be easily absorbed, without forcing him to expend too much energy, to produce additional enzymes for its digestion. Such loads on our organs do not have a positive effect, therefore, they not only do not contribute to the youth of the body, and therefore the skin of the face, but also accelerate the aging process;
  • Food should be well absorbed for the simple reason that if this does not happen, we get fat deposits on our body, and they, in turn, lead to a whole range of health problems, which are reflected on the skin of the face in the form of inflammation and others. trouble.

Rating of useful products

Here are some of them that have a beneficial effect on us, including giving the skin elasticity, relieving the face of wrinkles.

Natural greens

It is important that it be grown in natural conditions, and not be "flavored" with nitrites, nitrates and other substances that accelerate its growth, but do not contribute to the fact that it is useful, gives youth to the body and facial skin.

All greens that can only get to our table are considered necessary.

Nevertheless, nutritionists note that its most useful "representatives" are:

  • Dill;
  • Spinach;
  • Parsley;
  • Cilantro;
  • Bean sprouts;
  • Sorrel;
  • Green onions;
  • Celery.

We can afford to consume up to 300 g of greens per day. It can be either cooked or consumed raw, since it retains its properties. The exception is green onions, which lose the lion's share of their properties during processing.


They are recommended to be consumed mainly fresh, but if necessary, you can also give these products, ready to give the body and facial skin youth, processing.

We are used to thinking that absolutely all vegetables are healthy, and they can be consumed in any quantity. In fact, some of them should be used with caution.

We are talking, first of all, about those gifts of nature (in particular, about tomatoes), which contain acid, and getting into our body, shift the pH balance to the acidic side.

From such products, he receives an excessive load, and this does not bring any benefit either to our youth or to the ideal condition of the skin of the face.

Turnips, beets, carrots, pumpkins, zucchini are the most useful vegetables.

In addition, you should pay attention to 3 types of cabbage:

  • Broccoli;
  • White-headed;
  • Brussels.


They contain a large number of amino acids necessary for the normal functioning of all our organs and systems, and many other benefits. It should be borne in mind that in combination with sugar, the benefits of most berries are lost - partially or completely. Therefore, jams containing sugar are not considered a healthy and healthy dish.

This also applies to frozen berries, which retain their properties in this form for a short time.

The most beneficial for skin firmness and good health are:

  • Raspberries;
  • Blueberry;
  • Cowberry;
  • Cranberry;
  • Blueberry.

This list will not be complete without strawberries, but unscrupulous sellers strive to use harmful substances that promote its growth, but take away its benefits. Moreover, such substances can cause significant harm to our health. You need to eat strawberries, but you should only buy them from trusted sellers.


They provide our skin with nutrition, hydration, and the body as a whole, protective forces, vitamins, and therefore are included in the rating of the most necessary products.

As with vegetables, sour fruits should be treated with caution.

Eat them in moderation, especially if there are problems with the digestive system.

In winter, we do not have enough fruit, so we gladly eat them dried.

There is nothing bad in this, but it must be remembered that in the food industry they are often treated with chemicals to give an attractive appearance and aroma. These substances not only take away the benefits of fruits, but are also very harmful to our health, including the skin of the face and the whole body.

If you are a lover of dried fruits, stock up on them from the summer, harvest them for the winter yourself.

Nuts, seeds

Salted and fried, they will not bring any benefit. No one doubts the benefits of a walnut, and it really does take place, but only if it is not old.

In addition to walnuts, cashews and almonds are among the healthiest nuts. At the same time, only a few grains / day are enough to satisfy the body's need for those substances that they contain. It is recommended to use them not in pure form, but to use them as an ingredient in salads - this way the nuts are better absorbed. You cannot store them for a long time, since they are quickly destroyed by the fungus.

Fish, seafood, meat

This is not to say that these products should be abandoned, but they should not be consumed in large quantities either. In addition, only meat and fish of low-fat varieties are beneficial for the skin and the body as a whole. It is enough to consume 200-300 g of such products per day, and it is important that they are properly processed.

Fried food, by definition, cannot be beneficial. This way of processing selects beneficial properties, generously endowing food with unnecessary calories and unhealthy fats. Due to this, meat, fish "becomes heavier" at times, which is why it is extremely difficult for the body to assimilate it.

Dairy products

Few question their benefits either. Meanwhile, when they are consumed in large quantities, the pH of the body also shifts to the acidic side, which has nothing to do with either the usefulness for the skin of the face, or with the usefulness for the body as a whole.

It is not worth giving up fermented milk products at all, since the microflora contained in them is necessary primarily for the functioning of the digestive tract. It is enough to drink 1-1.5 glasses of low-fat kefir to ensure their normal functioning, nutrition, including skin.

As for yoghurts, which women unconditionally trust, consuming them, adhering to various diets, they purchased in the store, as a rule, are rich in sugar, and there is no benefit in this. If you want to consume yoghurts, it is better to cook them yourself, without saturating them with sugar and other harmful substances.

This will benefit the skin and the entire body.

Serum is useful, but only if it is stored for no more than 5 hours - after this period it loses its benefits.

For firmness, youth, skin tightness and ideal health, proper nutrition is necessary, and products should not only be correctly selected, cooked, but also combined. We all know about this, but for many this judgment remains only a judgment, but not a guide to action, but we can change it.

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