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We restore the skin of the face and body
We restore the skin of the face and body

How to restore the skin of the face and body after chapping, sunburn, increased fat content? First of all, it is necessary to provide her with additional care. For this, cosmetologists recommend resorting to salon procedures, using ready-made cosmetics and homemade masks.

Each of these methods is aimed at restoring lipid and water-salt metabolism in tissues, which has a positive effect on the work of the sebaceous glands and the epidermis as a whole.

Why is the condition of the dermis worsening?

In the modern rhythm of life, few people manage to devote enough time to caring for themselves. For this reason, many people begin to actively take care of the condition of the dermis after the appearance of obvious problems: increased oiliness or dryness, loss of elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles, etc.

What factors negatively affect the skin?

  • constant stress;
  • improper nutrition;
  • deficiency of vitamins and minerals;
  • abuse of sunbathing;
  • malfunctions of the endocrine system;
  • smoking and alcoholic beverages;
  • abuse of spicy and salty foods;
  • lack of cosmetic care for the epidermis.

All of the above factors are bad for the condition of the dermis.

In addition, the lack of "skin" vitamins leads to disturbances in cellular metabolism:

  • retinol;
  • pantothenic acid;
  • tocopherol;
  • niacin;
  • a nicotinic acid.

This negatively affects the work of the sebaceous glands, which begin to produce either insufficient or excess sebum. As a result, the skin of the body and face becomes either oily or dry.

Derma types and care features

From the point of view of smoothing the process of hydrolipid metabolism, dermatologists distinguish several types of dermis, each of which needs special care:

  • Normal - characterized by the normal course of metabolic processes in the epidermis, as evidenced by the good condition of the skin: the absence of dryness or oily sheen, firmness and elasticity of the skin. To ensure proper care, it is advisable to use daily cleansing lotions and foams for washing to prevent clogging of pores with dirt and sebum;
  • Dry is a sensitive type of dermis that is prone to wrinkles and sagging. Dehydration of the skin occurs due to insufficient production of natural fat, due to which a protective hydrolipid film does not form on the surface of the epidermis. To restore dry skin, it is advisable to use nourishing creams and masks, which include UV filters. They will protect the epidermis from the negative effects of sunlight and dehydration;
  • Oily is the most problematic type of dermis that occurs in most adolescents and 10-15% of adults. Hypersecretion of natural fat leads to blockage of skin pores, which provokes acne. The skin of the hands and face becomes oily and takes on a grayish tint. To normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, cosmetologists advise resorting to the use of cosmetics, which include vitamins A, C, E and B. They normalize cellular metabolism, which affects the processes of lipid metabolism in the epidermis.

Good advice

How to quickly repair damaged skin?

To restore the normal functioning of the sebaceous and sweat glands in the dermis, as well as to normalize the hydrolipid balance, cosmetologists recommend:

  1. For hyperpigmentation, use cosmetics with arbutin. They prevent the production of large amounts of pigment by melanocytes;
  2. With rosacea, the dermis can be restored with the help of creams, which include tocopherol and ascorbic acid;
  3. In case of acne, it is advisable to use cosmetics, which include retinol and vitamin C. They restore the skin of the face, preventing the appearance of inflammation and pustules in the epidermis;
  4. If the dermis is prone to irritation, in particular when washing dishes, pantothenic acid will be needed to restore the skin of the hands or face. This component stimulates local immunity and accelerates the regeneration process of the epidermis;
  5. To restore dehydrated hand skin, use fatty acids such as omega-6 or omega-3.

Salon procedures

Salon treatments will help provide complete care for your hands, feet and body as a whole. They are aimed at restoring the hydrolipid balance, intensive nutrition of the epidermis with vitamins and essential microelements.

The most effective in this case will be:

  • Peelings. Chemical and mechanical peels are aimed at deep cleansing of the skin of the face and hands from fatty plugs, dirt and dead skin cells. This contributes to the normalization of gas exchange between the dermis and the environment;
  • Wraps. Regular body wraps with algae, cosmetic clay and ampoule preparations help to restore the skin and restore its elasticity. The procedure has a beneficial effect on the condition of the dermis, since it normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • Microneedling. The procedure involves the application of multiple punctures using a special needle roller. This ensures the rapid penetration of drugs and vitamins into the deep layers of the epidermis.

Home cosmetics

You can also improve the condition of the skin with the help of budget home cosmetics. It consists exclusively of natural ingredients, so it rarely causes allergies.

So, to restore the skin of the face or hands after sunburn or chapping, you can use the following masks:

  • Banana. Chop 1 banana and add 2 tablespoons to the gruel. olive oil and a couple of drops of orange ether. Before applying, heat the composition a little over low heat;
  • Honey and potato. Grate 1-2 potatoes and mix with 1 tbsp. flower honey. Add 3-5 drops of freshly squeezed carrot juice to the product;
  • Glycerin. 1 tsp mix glycerin with 2 tsp. boiled water. Add 1 tsp to the liquid. oatmeal, honey and wheat flour.

To provide complete care for the skin of the face, hands or body in general, you can resort to salon procedures from time to time. However, it is desirable to focus on daily care using home cosmetics and ready-made products, which include “skin” vitamins, macro- and microelements.

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