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Home remedies to cleanse facial pores
Home remedies to cleanse facial pores

The combined and oily type of dermis is the most common and causes a lot of problems and troubles for its owners. She is one of them - a blockage of pores that allow a sebaceous secret to pass through. As a result of this phenomenon, inflamed and even purulent areas appear on the surface of the face, not to mention the numerous black dots, which the hands stretch out to squeeze out.

Comedones and their nature

Where does the constant clogging of pores come from?

It can result from:

  • Congenital predisposition;
  • Sedentary work associated with a long stay without fresh air (office or home work, for example);
  • Habits to apply a lot of decorative cosmetics, in particular, powders and foundations that clog pores and attract dirt;
  • Incorrect or insufficient methods of cleansing the skin of the face, using substandard or unsuitable cosmetics;
  • Addictions to fatty, spicy, fried or smoked foods, coffee, chips, fast food, or carbonated drinks. All of these foods contribute to increased sebum production and clogged pores.

How do home remedies cleanse?

What is the effect of a mask that cleans the pores of the face at home?

If you have selected the right composition and correctly prepared the skin of the face for the upcoming procedure, did it regularly and in compliance with all the recommendations, then you can count on achieving the following results:

  1. Achieve deep cleansing of pores from stagnant sebaceous secretions, compacted dust and dirt;
  2. Narrow pores and at home you can give your face a fresh and tidy look;
  3. You will achieve cleansing of the pores not only in the upper layers of the dermis, but also force its deep layers to begin to get rid of accumulated toxins;
  4. Provide the skin of the face with the opportunity to breathe, normalize all metabolic and energy processes, saturate the entire intercellular space with oxygen;
  5. Saturate the dermis with vitamins and minerals, because any homemade pore cleansing mask is made from natural products.

The ingredients that make up the cleansing mask are always present in any kitchen. Yeast, gelatin, dairy products, flour, herbal teas and even ordinary tea can be taken as a basis. The whole cleansing procedure is based on the correct preparation of the face, which will be discussed below.

Proven and budget formulations

As we have already said, all the ingredients for preparing a mask for deep cleansing will be found in home bins.

Examples of this are the following recipes:

  • A tablespoon of oatmeal is poured with a small amount of boiling water. As soon as the mass acquires the consistency of a thick jelly, it must be evenly distributed over the dermis of the face with massaging movements. If the procedure for cleansing the pores of dry skin is ahead, oatmeal should be poured with hot milk;
  • The shell of a boiled egg is brought to the state of flour, mixed with tbsp. cottage cheese and milk. The finished face mask should look like thick sour cream and not drip. Note that it can also be used to clean very dry skin;
  • Gelatin combines with milk in equal proportions, the future face mask is warmed up in a steam bath until the granules are completely dissolved, after which fresh protein is intervened in it. The finished product allows you to deeply cleanse the pores even on the most problematic area - the wings of the nose. Gelatin literally pulls out "plugs", and is suitable for a person with any type of dermis;
  • Believe it or not, this super mask with a noticeable pore cleansing effect is made from olive oil. At home, it is done according to the following principle: half a fresh cucumber is rubbed on a fine grater, the gruel is squeezed out, tablespoons are added to it. sour milk and olive oil. The mask should be on the surface of the face for no longer than 20 minutes, after which it is washed off with running cool water;
  • At home, such a mixture is prepared to cleanse the pores: tbsp. dry yeast is diluted with peroxide to a creamy state. If the mask is being prepared for the dry dermis of the face, you can include heavy cream in it.

Cooking rules and general tips for further use

With a home cleansing procedure, you can not only eliminate comedones, but also give your face a healthy look, narrow pores and allow the dermis to breathe fully.

And if it is quite simple to prepare the mask itself, then applying it correctly is a whole art, subject to the following instructions:

  1. It is important to start by steaming the pores with a steam bath. It is good if it is based on herbs or essential oils;
  2. You cannot scrub the epithelium, hoping for maximum cleansing. Microtrauma can negatively react to the influence of the components of the mask;
  3. Despite the fact that the mixture is prepared at home, it, like a purchased one, must first be tested for the likelihood of allergic reactions;
  4. It is undesirable for the cleaning process to last longer than 15-20 minutes, otherwise the risk of skin irritation increases;
  5. After a cleansing session, do not use creams, as they will immediately clog newly cleansed pores.

Possible contraindications

A homemade mask can only be harmful in two cases:

  • Personal intolerance to one of its components;
  • The presence of wounds, ulcers, skin pathologies, etc. on the skin.

Also, self-cleansing can end in failure if you overexpose the composition, change it on your own initiative, increase the amount of original ingredients, or add a pharmacy product (skincare) to them.

What to expect from such experiments?

If you correctly organize facial cleansing at home, after a couple of weeks the skin will become noticeably fresh, the ducts on the temples, wings of the nose and chin will narrow, and the appearance will please with the opportunity to apply bright makeup.

Believe me, at home you will be able to eliminate pustules and excessive greasiness, the main thing is to be consistent and persistent.

Clean and fresh skin for you!

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