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Paraffin therapy for the face: a method of preparing masks and bandages
Paraffin therapy for the face: a method of preparing masks and bandages

Noticing the first wrinkles on their face, many women begin to think about a way to eliminate them. An excellent solution to this issue is paraffin therapy for the face.

Paraffin action

Paraffin is a solid substance, it melts at a temperature of 51-53 degrees. When heated, it turns into a viscous, viscous substance, which is used for the preparation of cosmetics. The mask made from paraffin softens, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin of the face.

Paraffin therapy differs from other methods of affecting the skin. Its main property is that, as it cools, the heat of the paraffin is transferred to the skin, and its volume decreases. During this process, the skin contracts, the oval of the face is tightened, and wrinkles are reduced.

The action of paraffin improves blood circulation, in which the intercellular process is enhanced and collagen is produced.

In addition to tightening effects, paraffin therapy helps to soften the stratum corneum of the face, opens the sebaceous glands, tones the muscles and gives the skin elasticity. Under the influence of warm paraffin, effective hydration and restoration of damaged facial tissues occurs.

For home procedures, it is better to use cosmetic paraffin. This is a translucent product that can be purchased at a pharmacy chain or specialized cosmetic stores.

Those who prefer natural remedies should turn to beekeepers. If the action of such products does not cause an allergic reaction, natural paraffin rich in trace elements can be used.

Application of paraffin masks

Facial paraffin therapy is recommended for dry, flabby and saggy skin. The procedures are effective for inevitable age-related changes in the skin, for lifting the oval of the face and double chin. According to its properties, paraffin is a natural fat that softens and nourishes the skin with useful microelements.

Paraffin therapy lasts 17-20 minutes and is carried out after 2-3 days. The course of therapy is up to 15 procedures. If the desired effect is not fully achieved, the procedures can be repeated after 1, 5-2 months.

Paraffin therapy after consulting a cosmetologist is also carried out for preventive purposes. Treatment procedures can be performed in beauty salons, but many people prefer to do them on their own at home.


Like any means and procedures, the use of paraffin masks has its own contraindications.

Without prior consultation with a specialist, paraffin therapy is not recommended for:

  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Hypertension;
  • Violation of the blood clotting process;
  • The presence of a large number of moles or papillomas on the face;
  • Redness and dilated vessels of the face;
  • Pregnancy.

Mask application rules

Before starting the procedure at home, you need to prepare: paraffin, cotton swabs or a flat brush for applying the product, bandage and cotton wool. Paraffin therapy is carried out in a reclining state, therefore, an assistant is needed to apply the composition.

To prepare a universal mask, you need to melt 50 grams of paraffin in a water bath. The container for the preparation of the mask can be used glass or enamel. Carrying out a treatment procedure, you need to adhere to the following recommendations.

During the preparation of the product, it is necessary to ensure that no water gets into the composition.

Its presence in molten paraffin can burn the face. Before applying the mask, the skin must be dry, without prior application of liquid creams and other cosmetics.

The skin of the face must be well cleaned. For the dry type, wiping with a cotton swab dipped in grape seed oil will be helpful. Oily skin can be rubbed with rubbing alcohol. After cleansing, dry your face with a napkin.

Paraffin hardens very quickly, therefore, using a cotton swab or brush, you need to quickly apply the product to the skin. In doing so, it is important to be careful not to get it on the hair, as well as the area of the eyes and lips.

After applying the product to the face, cover it with cotton wool. The layer thickness should not exceed one centimeter.

The application of the mask starts from the lower part of the face and is carried out along the massage lines upwards. For patients with loose and sagging skin, the mask should be applied to the neck and submandibular region. When applying the melted paraffin to the face, you need to make sure that the skin does not shift.

The product is applied in two layers. For more heat retention, the face is covered with a towel. Paraffin therapy lasts no longer than 20 minutes, the face must be motionless all this time.

When removing the mask, you need to lift one edge and remove it from the face. Apply cream or lotion to the skin. After the procedure, it is forbidden to go outside immediately.

A paraffin mask at home can be applied not completely, but on separate, more problematic areas of the face or body. For this, paraffin dressings are used. They are especially convenient for tightening the oval of the face or sagging cheeks.

Dressing technology

The at-home treatment with bandages is not much different from the use of masks.

Cleansed skin should be lubricated in certain places with heated paraffin. Wet two prepared dressings in heated paraffin and apply to previously lubricated areas.

After applying the bandage, it is good to smooth it out, giving the shape of the face. Use a regular bandage to fix the bandage. The paraffin therapy procedure at home should not exceed 20 minutes. After removing the bandages, apply the cream to the skin. Given the properties of the main component, the procedure for applying the composition must be carried out quickly.

When preparing a paraffin mask at home for different types of facial epidermis, you can add various ingredients to the classic composition. For oily skin, it is recommended to add a few drops of citrus oils. After the procedure, use a serum to wipe the face.

For dry skin, a mixture of oils is added to moisturize. We recommend using rosehip, peach, avocado, or plain olive oil.

Problematic type of dermis. The viscous component is applied with the addition of aloe flower juice or tea tree oil. The combination of ingredients in the classic composition of the paraffin mask helps to eliminate bacteria and inflammation of the skin.

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