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Vitamins are allies in the fight against acne on the face
Vitamins are allies in the fight against acne on the face

Our skin reflects the health of the body as a whole. If metabolic disruptions, hormonal changes or disruptions in the work of the sebaceous glands occur, then all this can be expressed in the form of small red rashes or noticeable pimples on the skin.

Our face is a kind of litmus test that signals problems that have begun. Moreover, not only a teenager, but also a completely mature woman or man can become covered with acne.

The main causes of acne and acne formation can be:

  1. Hormonal changes in the body (puberty or, conversely, menopause in women, taking hormonal drugs, menstruation);
  2. Any disturbances in the body (diseases of the liver, kidneys, intestines, poor metabolism, vitamin deficiency - a lack of certain vitamins);
  3. Improper diet (allergies, excessive consumption of sweet and fatty foods, smoked foods, preservatives and trans fats);
  4. Insufficient skin care (neglect of personal hygiene, use of cosmetics that are not suitable for skin type).
  5. Stress. It affects the immune system and the production of hormones in the body, weakens the protective functions and causes new acne to appear.

How to deal with acne?

You need to start by eliminating the root cause of this unpleasant problem. Sometimes, only a specialist with medical education can establish it. It is better not to self-medicate, so you can only greatly aggravate the situation.

Especially if acne is hormonal in nature, that is, there is a possibility of introducing pathogenic bacteria, which will lead from common acne to furunculosis on your face. In the latter case, medical surgery is indispensable.

What if your dermatologist-cosmetologist has determined that your problem is vitamin deficiency?

It happens that the body needs additional vitamins. Especially often, such a need arises for people living in megacities with poor ecology and a crazy pace of life. Constant fuss, stress at work, overwork, bad ecology negatively affect our body. It becomes necessary for him to take vitamins, among which the most important for the skin are vitamins A, E, C and group B. They are used both separately, some externally, and in combination.

The combination of these vitamins is presented in the preparation Complivit Radiance. In addition to vitamins, the complex contains minerals, lipoic acid and the well-known green tea extract. The combination of beneficial substances provides the drug with effective properties in the fight against acne: improving skin tone, regeneration and detoxification. Complivit is a suitable product for use in ecologically unfavorable urban environments.

What makes the complex effective?

Let's take a closer look at the composition:

  1. Vitamins. Vitamins A and E affect the regeneration of skin cells, promotes their renewal. E rejuvenates the skin, makes it elastic and eliminates dryness, protects against harmful environmental influences. Vitamin C relieves irritation, blocks the spread of harmful substances. Group B is necessary for people against increased oily skin. B-vitamins help the skin to naturally get rid of acne and blackheads, and also contribute to the rapid healing of scars;
  2. Green tea. This extract is an excellent antioxidant, promotes a good metabolism and has a positive effect on the state of the cardiovascular system;
  3. Lipoic acid. Eliminates irritation, inflammation, disinfects, stimulates collagen production, normalizes the sebaceous glands.
  4. Minerals. Zinc, copper, selenium, iron have a general strengthening effect. Sores and wounds are disinfected with zinc. Zinc ointment, for example, is used for cuts to disinfect and heal the wound as quickly as possible, zinc helps with inflamed acne.

How to use vitamins correctly?

This supplement is prescribed one tablet per day, along with food. The course is usually one month. Before using, you should talk to your doctor to avoid unpleasant reactions of the body that cause vitamin complexes and find out which substances your body needs, and which ones you should be careful with.

If the vitamins are chosen incorrectly or the instructions for their use were not followed, side effects can be observed in the form of itching, burning, urticaria, even more acne and acne rash.

Are there any contraindications for Complivit?

The complex is contraindicated for pregnant women, as it refers to dietary supplements that are strictly prohibited for use by women "in position".

During the period of breastfeeding, you should also refrain from taking vitamins. People with intolerance to one of the components of the drug should also carefully study the composition and consult a doctor before using Complivit Radiance.

What were the results?

First, vitamins have an external effect. It should be noted that the pores of the skin of the face are reduced, in some cases their disappearance. The skin is cleared of acne. Acne dries well and heals, new ones do not appear in the place of old acne. The complexion becomes even, the skin is smoother and more pleasant to the touch.

Excessive greasiness disappears, because the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized. Skin without annoying pimples looks fresh and radiant. After you have drunk the vitamins of the Komplevit Radiance complex, acne should not appear again. The preparation contains a well-known antioxidant - green tea extract, which helps to remove toxins from the skin.

Internet users write in their reviews that a positive result is visible after a week of taking Complivit. Many young women note the absence of acne rash even before the onset of menstruation, if they drink a vitamin complex.

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