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"Acne Delex" in the fight against acne
"Acne Delex" in the fight against acne

Today, every pharmacy has a variety of medicines and cosmetic products designed to get rid of acne. It is not uncommon for men and women to opt for a line of products called Acne Delex, which includes a cleansing lotion and a moisturizing gel.

Causes of acne on the face and body

With the appearance of the first pimples on the body and face, adolescent boys and girls usually face.

With the onset of puberty, a serious hormonal change occurs in the body of young children, which causes a lot of unpleasant symptoms, including acne.

As the child grows older, most acne disappears from the face, but in some cases, acne persists for a long period of time.

In this case, acne often becomes the cause of psychological complexes and gives its owner a lot of inconvenience.

Getting rid of acne in adulthood is difficult.

This is due to the fact that most drugs and cosmetics for dealing with acne, acne and comedones act extremely superficially, while the true cause of the problem lies deep inside.

The main reasons for the appearance of acne are as follows:

  • hormonal disorders that persist after the end of puberty in adolescents;
  • diseases of internal organs, occurring in acute and chronic form - gastritis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, intestinal dysbiosis, and so on;
  • excessive fatigue, chronic fatigue, psychoemotional instability, depression;
  • in men, genetic characteristics often become the cause of a predisposition to acne;
  • lack of necessary hygiene and the use of unsuitable detergents;
  • aggressive effect on the skin of ultraviolet radiation.

What is included in the "Acne Delex" line?

"Acne Delex" is not just one product, but a series of cosmetic products designed to care for problem skin of adolescents and adult women and men.

This line includes 5 types of acne products:

  • cleansing lotion;
  • lotion for oily and combination skin;
  • acne gel;
  • acne gel with enhanced action;
  • moisturizing gel.

These forms differ slightly in composition and, although they act on the skin of a person in approximately the same way, the effect from their use is expressed to varying degrees.

The composition of cosmetic products "Acne Delex"

The composition of products from this series includes natural ingredients and synthetic components that enhance the effect of cosmetics on problem skin. So, the cleansing lotion "Acne Delex" is made on the basis of natural extracts of nettle and calendula. In addition, boric and citric acid and menthol are used in its production.

The lotion for oily and combination skin differs from the previous one in its directed action against acne. Its main component is salicylic acid, which has an exfoliating effect and also dissolves the substrate that makes up the plugs in the pores of the skin. The rest of the composition of this product is similar to the previous one.

The acne gel also contains natural herbal extracts and menthol. Purified sulfur is used as the main active ingredient. To give the gel the required consistency, it contains a small amount of glycerin. Acne gel "Acne Delex Forte" has an enhanced effect. In addition to the ingredients that make up the classic gel, the antibacterial component irgosan is added to it.

The composition of the Acne Delex moisturizing gel, in turn, is as follows:

  • natural extracts of calendula and echinacea;
  • purified sulfur;
  • coenzyme Q;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • vitamin E;
  • menthol.

Effect of "Acne Delex" cosmetic products on the skin

Lotions from this line of cosmetics effectively cleanse the skin and remove excess lipids and bacteria that cause acne from its surface. The classic lotion, due to the absence of alcohol-containing components, acts gently, creating an optimal pH level of the epidermis, eliminating oily sheen and giving the skin freshness, purity and velvety.

A lotion specially designed for oily and combination skin is more aggressive because it contains salicylic acid.

Meanwhile, it copes much better with acne and helps to achieve effective cleansing of the face and body much faster.

The active ingredients of any form of cosmetics penetrate directly into the sebaceous follicles and normalize the amount of sebum secreted. Thus, the intensity of the inflammatory process is reduced, as a result of which acne and acne dissolve, fade and significantly decrease in size.

In addition, the drug does not promote the growth of harmful bacteria like some other creams or ointments.

  • So, it is recommended to cleanse your face with lotion twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, but if necessary, you can do this more often. Usually, doctors and cosmetologists recommend wiping problem skin with lotion from this series each time before applying the gel.
  • The gel is applied 1-2 times a day or more often, depending on the severity of the disease, the patient's wishes and how his skin reacts to the treatment. It is recommended for owners of oily skin to distribute the product over the entire surface of the face, and the combined one - only in those places where there are rashes. In addition, acne gel can be used to lubricate the back, chest and other areas of the body, if necessary.

Products from this series in any form have no color and do not leave marks on the skin, so they can be used at any time of the day. You do not need to rinse off either the gel or the lotion. In the case of using the products in the morning, their effect will continue until the evening, and if you wipe your face with lotion and apply the gel before bedtime, the active ingredients will work throughout the night.

The Acne Delex Moisturizing Gel does not heal acne. It is used as an additional remedy to relieve dryness, burning and other unpleasant symptoms that often occur after using various cosmetic products to combat acne.

Contraindications to the use of "Acne Delex"

Products from this series have no contraindications and can be used in both adults and adolescent children. Meanwhile, like any other means that contain chemicals and extracts of medicinal plants, they can cause individual intolerance.

In this case, after using this cosmetic product, redness, peeling, burning, itching and so on occurs on the skin. If these signs do not disappear for a long time, the use of "Acne Delex" should be discontinued and a doctor should be consulted to select another, more suitable drug.

Is it possible to get rid of acne with Acne Delex?

Most people note that the products in this series work pretty well. Already after 2 weeks, on average, noticeable changes can be noticed. Given the affordable price, the drugs in this line are well-deservedly popular, especially among parents of adolescent children.

Nevertheless, it should be understood that if the cause of acne is associated with a malfunction of the internal organs, it will not be possible to get rid of it with the help of cosmetics. In this case, a comprehensive examination and long-term treatment under the supervision of a doctor is necessary.

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