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Effective ointment "911 Ugrisept" against acne on the face, composition, properties, indications for use
Effective ointment "911 Ugrisept" against acne on the face, composition, properties, indications for use

Almost everyone, outside the age limit, gender, nationality, periodically has acne. This causes a lot of problems, the main thing is to eliminate the cause and start effective treatment.

Causes of acne formation

  1. Nutrition.
  2. Care.
  3. Diseases of the digestive system.
  4. Stress, depression.
  5. External factors.

Nutrition. Not everyone knows that a poor diet contributes to the formation of acne. Use fresh vegetables and fruits. Abuse of fried, salty, spicy foods, coffee, sweets leads to acne.

Care. Every skin type requires proper care. Doctors recommend washing your face no more than twice a day.

Use wet wipes for cleansing, choose a cream or lotion specifically for your type of dermis.

Diseases of the digestive system. With gastritis, ulcers, respiratory and digestive diseases, acne appears. If you eliminate the cause of the disease, then you will forget about the formation of acne.

Stress, depression. The dermis takes on a gray, unhealthy color, dries up and becomes the most vulnerable, wrinkles appear.

External factors include heat, wind, sun, humidity. They negatively affect the condition of the skin.

The choice of creams, ointments, gels for getting rid of acne is quite large. Doctors recommend using 911 acne ointment.

Cream "911" for pimples

911 Ugrisept is an inexpensive external drug recommended for the treatment of acne, acne, dermatitis, comedones (blackheads), seborrhea and skin imperfections. Each package contains detailed instructions, which must be read before using the drug.

The composition of the cream "Ugrisept 911" for acne

The main active ingredients of the cream "Ugrisept 911":

  • zinc oxide;
  • allantoin.

Excipients "Ugrisept 911": oils and herbal extracts, vitamin E, propylene glycol, isooctyl stearate, decylene glycol, zinc pyrrolidone carboxylate and others.

Oils: tea tree, milk thistle, lavender, lemon.

Herbal extracts: chamomile, string, green tea, marigold.

Cream "911" or "Ugrisepta" ointment effectively eliminates acne due to the active substances that are included in its composition. In the complex, each of these ingredients is a powerful weapon in the fight against the affected areas of the dermis: it relieves inflammation, normalizes skin regeneration, has a beneficial effect on integuments, and promotes scarring of pustules.

How does Ugrisept 911 ointment work?

  1. Alantoin - this active substance, upon contact with the skin, softens the upper layer of the keratinized epithelium and helps to remove it, and releases clogged pores. Alantoin has a regenerating, anti-inflammatory, healing effect.
  2. Propylene glycol - retains moisture in tissues, actively prevents cell aging and tissue dehydration.
  3. Iso-octyl stearate is a substance that makes the dermis smooth and soft. When using Ugrisept 911, the skin feels the effect of quick absorption of the product, ease of application and distribution.
  4. Decylene glycol is an ingredient that is responsible for suppressing the growth of microorganisms, has antiseptic, anti-seborrheic effects.
  5. Zinc pyrrolidone carboxylate is an antiseptic that disinfects the epidermis.

Cream "Ugrisept 911" is applied to clean, previously prepared skin. If you have skin diseases, then be sure to consult with a specialist to prescribe a special product for cleansing and preparing the dermis for treatment.

Cleansing the dermis is carried out with a foam or face gel, then the effect of "Ugrisept 911" will be more significant. In some cases, exfoliating preparations are used to maximize the preparation of the dermis for the use of the cream.

Ugrisept 911 is applied twice a day with light fingertips movements in a thin layer over the entire affected area. It can even be used as a makeup base as it has a light texture and is well absorbed. Also, experts recommend applying the cream before bedtime, since the dermis rests during sleep and the drug works more effectively.

Ointment "Ugrisept 911" should be applied in a thin layer in a circular motion to the outer areas of the damaged dermis. Remove excess with a cotton disc or swab.

When applying the product, some patients feel the effect of a slight tingling and tingling sensation.

Contraindications to "Ugrisept 911"

Experts have not clinically identified any adverse reactions when using the cream "911 Ugrisept". Synthetic ingredients and natural ingredients that are part of this drug may be allergens for the patient. Therefore, allergy sufferers are advised to conduct a test test for the presence of an allergen.

For the test, you will need to apply 911 Ugrisept ointment on the inside of your wrist and wait about 30 minutes. If during this time there is no discomfort, then you do not have an allergic reaction to this remedy and you can use it for treatment.

There have been no scientific studies of the use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation. Before using the cream in this situation, you should contact a specialist who will objectively assess the clinical picture of the mother and make the right decision, which will take into account the risk of using the product for the fetus and the benefits of treatment for the mother. Only in this case is the use of the tool allowed.

Results of using "Ugrisept 911"

After testing the 911 Ugrisept cream, positive and negative characteristics were identified.


  • reduction of redness, inflammation with seborrhea;
  • does not form a film when applied;
  • well absorbed;
  • high content of active substances;
  • economical;
  • low price.


  • the presence of preservatives and foaming agents in the ointment, which can cause individual intolerance;
  • specific smell;
  • slight tingling.

Remember! When changes in the dermis of the face appear, a specialist consultation is necessary, who will determine the cause and prescribe the correct treatment. Be healthy!

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