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How to squeeze out a pimple at home and should you do it?
How to squeeze out a pimple at home and should you do it?

A problem like pimples is familiar to each of us. When insidious inflammations appear on the skin, and especially on the face, you just want to squeeze them out! But in order for the rash to not reappear after this procedure, you need to know how to squeeze out the pimple correctly.

What causes acne?

Unpleasant skin rashes can occur in both adults and children, but most often in adolescents in puberty - due to a hormonal surge.

In addition, acne and pimples can appear for the following reasons:

  • insufficient hygiene, the use of low-quality cosmetics;
  • hormonal imbalance (in women during premenstrual syndrome or hormonal diseases);
  • deficiency of B vitamins;
  • decreased immunity, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • improper nutrition;
  • stress, lack of sleep, emotional stress;
  • bad habits (alcohol abuse, smoking).

Heredity also plays an important role - a predisposition to this problem, alas, is often passed from generation to generation.


There are several types of acne:

  • comedone is a pimple without an inflammatory process that appears as a result of clogging of the sebaceous gland duct with sebum and dead epithelial cells. Comedones are open and closed. Open looks like a black dot, most often on the nose and chin, and closed - like a small wen;
  • papule (or red pimple) - comedone inflamed from infection. A ripe pimple has a noticeable white dot in the middle, from which pus subsequently comes out;
  • a pustule is a formation with purulent contents with a large white head surrounded by inflamed skin. The main reason for the appearance of such formations is an introduced bacterial infection.

Is it worth it to squeeze out?

Both doctors and cosmetologists unequivocally say: pimples cannot be squeezed out on their own, since this can provoke the appearance of new formations on the skin.

Indeed, with incorrect squeezing, the purulent masses of the eel spread not only on the surface, but also penetrate deep into the epidermis, causing infection. In addition, inept actions can lead to skin injury and, as a result, ugly scars.

However, it is simply impossible to constantly look at the hated pimple, you want to squeeze it out as soon as possible!

How to extrude correctly?

Of course, it is ideal if you seek help from a professional cosmetologist who will relieve you of such a problem competently and painlessly. But visiting a salon whenever a rash appears on your face or body is naturally impossible.

It is possible to cope with the problem on your own only if the pimple is already large and fully ripe, that is, it has a white "cap" at the top. Remember that you can only squeeze out single white pimples and blackheads. If there are a lot of inflamed formations, they appear regularly and, moreover, they hurt, it will not be possible to cope with the problem on your own: most likely, it is caused by some disease that requires separate systemic treatment.

If you feel severe pain with pressure, do not squeeze out the pimple, it is better to seek help from a beautician or dermatologist.

  1. Before squeezing out a pimple, prepare yourself: wash yourself with soap (preferably antibacterial), wash your hands thoroughly. Keep your fingers perfectly clean or you can easily introduce an infection into the bloodstream.
  2. To make the purulent contents easier to extract, make a steam bath: pour a few tablespoons of dry pharmacy chamomile into a bowl, fill it with hot water, simmer in a water bath for 7-10 minutes, cool a little. Cover your face with a towel over the bowl for a few minutes. If the formation is not on the face, moisten clean gauze with broth and apply to the sore spot for 7-8 minutes.
  3. You only need to squeeze out a pimple with the pads of your fingers, and not with your nails. If you have a sharp, long manicure, wrap your fingers in gauze or a clean, dry tissue.
  4. Take a sharp needle, disinfect with alcohol and gently, keeping it parallel to the skin, pierce the white head.
  5. Squeeze the skin on both sides with your fingertips and squeeze until all the pus is gone. After the ichor appears on the surface, remove your fingers.
  6. Remove the pus with a napkin and dab the wound with gauze moistened with Banziron cream or gel (this is a pharmacy drug that has antibacterial and wound healing effects).
  7. After the procedure, allow the skin to "rest", saturate with oxygen - this way the healing process will take place faster. Many women, after squeezing out, immediately apply decorative cosmetics to their face, wanting to make the redness less noticeable. However, this cannot be done, since in this way you can introduce an infection into the wound, and it will heal more slowly.

For this reason, it is better to carry out the procedure in the evening before going to bed - with proper treatment, the wound will be almost invisible the next morning.


In order not to face an unpleasant problem, you must make every effort to prevent its appearance:

  • observe hygiene: cleanse your skin daily with suitable cosmetics, and once a week use a mild scrub;
  • after washing, wipe your face with a decoction of chamomile or string - these herbs have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects;
  • use antibacterial cosmetics aimed at fighting acne. A professional cosmetologist will help you choose it;
  • eat right, exclude from the diet too fatty, spicy, sweet, as well as smoked and pickled foods, fast food;
  • give up bad habits;
  • take a complex of vitamins and minerals recommended by your doctor several times a year;
  • try not to touch your face with unwashed hands;
  • change bed linen and towels more often.

Of course, it is better not to touch neoplasms, especially on the face - any pimple disappears on its own over time. But if you do decide to take this step, be sure to adhere to the proposed recommendations.

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