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How to eliminate dry skin with Bioderma Atoderm?
How to eliminate dry skin with Bioderma Atoderm?

Lack of moisture in the body can cause discomfort and a lot of symptoms: a feeling of tightness, itching, peeling and redness on the face. Therefore, it is very important to stock up on high-quality cream in order to quickly eliminate such consequences.

A well-known brand has released a whole series of "Atoderm" just to combat the excessive sensitivity of the skin. What are its advantages, and what facts are worth taking into account?

What is included in the cream?

Such a universal remedy as Bioderma atoderm can be used to care for the appearance not only as a separate prophylaxis, but also as part of PUVA therapy.

Water retention occurs due to its hydrating properties: it accumulates in the upper layers of the epidermis and evaporates much more slowly, which promises soft and elastic skin. Trying to eliminate allergic reactions, the series was made completely devoid of fragrances and even equipped with the function of neutralizing potential allergens.

At the same time, the drug contains carefully selected ingredients, each of which performs its own tasks, cleanses and protects problem areas from external influences, and reduces the risk of acne.

Bioderma cream includes mineral water, oil, glycerin, kelp extract, cetyl alcohol, vitamins F and A, other additives, therefore it has a thick consistency. In pharmacies and cosmetic departments, this product can be found in packs of 100, 200 and 500 ml, equipped with a special dispenser that helps to squeeze out the required amount of cream.

Distinctive features of the party "Atoderm"

French dermatologists have perfectly studied the features of dry skin, therefore, when creating their own product, they used only advanced technologies.

As a result, Bioderma face cream stocked up with a whole list of positive properties:

  • provides full care and care;
  • takes care of each type of cover on the face;
  • received recognition from world experts;
  • effective in combination with medications;
  • easily tolerated and does not cause irritation;
  • passes multiple levels of quality control;
  • suitable for any age.

To reach the maximum audience, the said cream has its own analogue, designed specifically for children. Therefore, moisturizing components are not limited and are always replaced with equally useful duplicates within the general line.

Tips for using bioderm for facial care

Available without a doctor's prescription, Bioderma Atoderm is used in a typical beauty scenario.

In particular, the following steps must be taken to tidy up the condition of the skin:

  • wash thoroughly;
  • leave your face slightly damp;
  • apply the cream in a thin layer;
  • hold the mass for about 5-10 minutes;
  • rinse everything well after application;
  • apply a moisturizer.

Despite the independence of the drug, it will be useful to stock up on adjacent gels and milk from the Atoderm series. It is worth using such cleansing no more than 2 times a day. The cream itself does an excellent job of its duties, but additional measures against peeling and inflammation will also be in place.

In addition, dermatologists recommend refraining from walking for an hour after home therapy: this will enhance the result of applying Bioderma cream and preserve the healing properties for as long as possible, even after the mask is removed.

Reservations about the use of the cream

Individual intolerance is the main taboo for those who are going to experience the effect of "Bioderma Atoderm" cream.

Due to the preponderance of natural ingredients in the composition, the drug does not have serious restrictions. It is only important not to apply the cream in case of open wounds. When abscesses or fresh sores are present, it is best to postpone home cleansing for a while and wait until the face is ready to apply a full mask.

You also need to gently rub the mass: it should not get into your eyes, and you should also be careful when removing the layer with water - otherwise Bioderma Atoderm may cause a slight burning sensation (like any cosmetic product in contact with the mucous membrane).

Remember that a moisturizing ingredient only works for good when applied appropriately. Using not as directed can lead to the opposite effect and even new skin diseases.

Bring back beauty: what is the bottom line of facial treatment?

Experts emphasize that a cream for problematic (in our case, dry) skin should not be perceived as a "temporary" assistant. Seasonal problems that arise in the cold season, due to weathering and other weather conditions, are unlikely to be eliminated at the expense of Atoderm.

Such an ointment is intended to affect congenital facial imperfections, since it is considered a professional cosmetic product. The high price of almost all products of the line only confirms that it must be used clearly in situations with constant peeling: "Bioderma" will take care of eliminating acne and will allow you to retain moisture in the body for as long as possible, so that it serves as a natural nourishment for problem areas.

Positive customer reviews confirm that Bioderma moisturizer fully lives up to the promises of its creators and allows you to completely forget about annoying facial flaws in the shortest possible time (from 2 to 5 weeks).

The "Atoderm" series works already while holding the first mask, but the fixing effect is observed after the classical period of use. But after the due date, you can forget about dryness, itching, flaking and other defects.

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