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Swollen hands: what to do in such a situation?
Swollen hands: what to do in such a situation?

If there is a swelling of the hands, then this is a very alarming sign. It signals serious health problems. Good reasons are needed for this sign to appear on the wrist.

The causes of hand tumors can be varied, most often this indicates that there are problems with such important organs as the liver, heart or kidneys.

What to do if a symptom occurs?

If the patient noticed such signs, an increase in the size of the hands, he should be seriously concerned about this phenomenon.

It is better to make a visit to the clinic or to the attending physician to identify the cause and take appropriate action. It is always much easier to cope with an illness if the symptoms are noticed on time. Therefore, it is best not to postpone the research.

Most often, wrist swelling occurs in the morning. At night, the metabolism slows down, the liquid does not have time to be excreted in a timely manner.

As a result, it accumulates in the tissues. Swelling is usually easiest to notice at this time of day. They can lead to serious problems and affect normal life.

Symptoms and signs of edema

If the hands are swollen and the joints and wrists are sore, this is noticeable with the naked eye. An increase in the size and volume of the fingers can usually be seen purely visually. The swelling is especially noticeable when compared with the other hand.

It is necessary to conduct the research in the morning, so that the evaluation of the comparison is not hampered by various subjective reasons. In the morning, the difference will be especially noticeable. You can compare the hand with the hand of another person, such a study will be more revealing.

Another additional test can be done on the wrist. After pressing on the place where the bone should be located, a dimple is formed. This test is practically necessary for obese people. A dimple with a tumor forms quickly, but disappears rather slowly.

However, swelling of the hand and wrist can be a completely natural phenomenon, especially in the morning if a person has drunk too much liquid. But this swelling goes away quickly during the day, no more than a couple of hours after sleep.

But even in this case, you should consult a doctor in order to exclude possible ailments. Better to find the problem in time. If the joints and hands are swollen and hurt, then this is already a serious sign. Pain cannot be ignored. Even if such an unpleasant symptom quickly passes, it can recur and become more intense, and in this case it will be more difficult to cure the ailment.

So if the joint of the hand is swollen and sore, an examination is urgently needed. If by the evening the hand has not returned to its normal state, then this already indicates the refusal of some organ to function normally. It is necessary to examine the joint and establish the cause of this phenomenon.

And if a joint swelling appears in the evening, at night, then this indicates problems with any organs. It is very easy to establish swelling of the hand if the person wears jewelry such as rings. It can be very difficult to remove them if the hands or fingers increase in volume.

Possible causes and ailments

Not only a large amount of liquid drunk leads to the usual edema, but also a large amount of alcohol consumed, an excess of spicy or fatty foods. This is already abnormal, usually the organs cope with possible problems. But still, such edema does not indicate specific ailments. But if swelling becomes a permanent sign, then this already indicates some kind of malfunction in the body.

Parents-to-be have swelling of the hands, especially often just before childbirth. This comes from a large accumulation of fluid in the body, and can also be caused by the penetration of an infection, which cannot be ignored.

Here are just some of the causes and factors that lead to swollen limbs:

  • bruise, other injuries, lead to the formation of edema. The increase in tissue volume is caused by a completely explainable inflammatory process. If possible, it should be stopped by applying ice. But a visit to a doctor is mandatory if the ability to move the joint is limited. To exclude a fracture, an X-ray must be taken;
  • an allergic reaction can also be the cause of the tumor. Allergies can occur after the use of perfumes and creams, powders and cleaners, created with the use of aggressive chemical components. It is necessary to identify the specific component that causes the allergy, use gloves or refuse certain cosmetics;
  • if the wrists are swollen, then it is worth checking if there is an allergy to exotic foods. If used, such a reaction must be excluded;
  • brushes may increase in volume due to vascular blockage. If blood circulation is limited, it is necessary to eliminate the cause, such a phenomenon causing;
  • swelling of the hands, wrists often appear in expectant parents. The accumulation of fluid leads to such a consequence, as already mentioned. If the tests do not show the presence of certain ailments, you need to resort, according to the doctor's prescription, to the effects of diuretics;
  • swelling of the joints can be a sign of thyroid problems. Such ailments cannot be ignored, you need to conduct a timely examination, contact an endocrinologist, and a therapist can also refer to him;
  • you also need a study of such organs as the liver, kidneys. Heart failure can also lead to an increase in the volume of the wrists. In the presence of such ailments, other symptoms are usually also observed, pain, dizziness, etc.;
  • not only ailments and diseases become the causes of edema. If the joints on the hand are swollen, then this may be associated with heavy loads, overwork. Physical work can be very energy consuming and hard. If a person has been cutting wood, digging the ground for a long period of time, this can affect the volume of the wrist. Rest is necessary, such loads are extremely risky;
  • poor sleep, lack of proper nutrition, hypothermia and other adverse factors also affect the condition of the limbs. You need to follow a diet, revise your work schedule, etc.

What to do in this case

What is important to do if there is a swelling of the joints of the hand:

  • swelling of the wrist may be due to a violation of the water volume. It is necessary to eliminate the factors that cause it, for example, do not stay in the sun for a long period of time, go outside from a stuffy room, etc.;
  • obstructions that impede blood circulation should be eliminated. That is, take off uncomfortable bracelets, wardrobe items, if the cause of the tumor is in them;
  • it is worth excluding spicy foods from the diet, limiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Also, salty foods lead to fluid retention in the body;
  • it is also necessary to consider the option of limiting the use of liquids, foods that contain a lot of moisture;
  • you need to thoroughly ventilate the premises, make constant exercise in order to improve water metabolism in the body. You need to eat right, constantly exercise;
  • a contrast shower and sauna will also help.

All of these remedies help with common edema, which is not a sign of the disease. If you have ailments, then you need to carry out the correct treatment under the supervision of a doctor. You need to contact him as soon as possible.

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