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What to do if your knees hurt?
What to do if your knees hurt?

There are so many different causes of joint pain that it is impossible to simply determine why knees hurt. But pain is the first sign that you need to see your doctor for recommendations.

After all, pain can signal that some kind of violation is taking place, and if the load on the joint is incorrect, a complication or something similar may appear. It is not recommended to run to the pharmacy and buy something that is well advertised.

After all, ointments that warm and relieve pain act on the symptoms, and do not treat the problem. Therefore, you need to know the diagnosis so that the remedies are correct.

Why do knees hurt?

Knee pain can signal a variety of diseases or injuries. Each cause carries some characteristics that can be used to distinguish it from other diseases.

Osteoarthritis. The reasons for the development of this disease are most often excessive stress on the joint. They can be both in athletes who, sparing no effort and their body, give themselves up in training, and in overweight people.

Also, the cause of osteoarthritis can be poor blood supply to the joints, metabolic disorders of the whole organism.

Aging is a significant cause, because this natural process makes cells worse at absorbing and retaining moisture. In this regard, chronic dehydration develops, the synovial fluid, which lubricates the bones inside the joint and prevents friction between them, becomes insufficient.

Pain occurs due to the fact that the joint and adjacent tissues are not sufficiently nourished and moisturized, as a result of which, the joint dries out, the bones rub against each other. Knee pain is accompanied by limited joint mobility and increases during exertion.

Arthritis. The name represents a group of diseases with similar joint lesions, but with different causes of manifestation. The inflammatory type can cause an infection in the body, the rheumatoid type can cause systemic damage. Arthritis can cause systematic hypothermia, salt deposition, like in gout. The pain occurs no longer during physical exertion, but at rest. But when walking, the pain recedes.

Violation of blood circulation. Vascular problems not only lead to various diseases, but her still diseased vessels cause a characteristic pain syndrome. This happens when the weather changes, for example. This pain is called "twisting" or "knees twisting."

Of course, this is not a complete list of reasons why knee pain occurs. This can be trauma, sprains, shoes with poor shock absorption, and more.

Traditional methods of treatment

You can get rid of knee pain not only with the help of rather expensive ointments from the pharmacy, but also with the help of improvised means using folk recipes.

Minute compress of horseradish leaves. So, the fresh leaf of this plant needs to be lightly poured over with boiling water. And immediately after that, put it on the sore knee. From above, the compress should be wrapped with a warm scarf or something similar. Keep it for no more than 5 minutes. Care should be taken to carry out the procedure if the patient has sensitive skin, because it is easy to get burned. During the week, performing the procedure every day, you can relieve inflammation in the joint and acute pain.

If the pain is caught by surprise when dandelions are blooming around, this can be used. Take two large handfuls of flowers, place them in a jar and pour vodka (preferably of good quality in order to avoid the negative effects of product impurities). Leave the mixture for 3 days. Then use the "tea leaves" as a means for a compress. For a compress, you need to moisten the gauze in this infusion, and lay the knee in layers: gauze, waxed paper, cotton wool, a scarf. Keep this way for about 50 minutes. But, if convenient, you can leave it overnight. Repeat for a week.

Some folk remedies contain seemingly incompatible ingredients. This will be the next recipe. You need to purchase ammonia, medical bile, and an alcohol solution of iodine at the pharmacy. Also in the kitchen to find honey, olive oil. Mix all this in equal shares in a jar and close the lid as tightly as possible. Shake up the whole thing well. After that, take a thin cloth or gauze of 6 layers and moisten it in the resulting mixture. Tie to your knees with cling film, wrap in warm. The course of treatment is 10 days every other day.

The course of treatment can be carried out with Jerusalem artichoke. It relieves inflammation and joint pain. The tubers of the plant must be crushed without peeling the peel. Then pour boiling water over and leave to cool the infusion. Then warm up, pour into a vessel convenient for the patient and soar the legs in this. Accordingly, do not bring the infusion to boiling water.

When steaming your legs, you need to put gauze soaked in the same infusion on your knees. After steaming, you need to dry your feet thoroughly and lubricate with a warming ointment. Wear warm socks and do not take off all night. Treatments of this type relieve pain and internal inflammation.

Burdock treatment is quite popular among experts in folk remedies. The brewing or infusion methods of this plant are different. But for joints, there are many recipes with burdock.

Collect 6 pieces of large burdock leaves. Rinse them thoroughly, then fold them one by one with the smooth side up. Put a bowl of hot water on the folded leaves for 10 minutes. After casting, apply to the sore joint. Wrap with cling film and wrap in warm. Leave it overnight.

Folk remedies can also be used as massage ointments. In this case, aspirin honey can be prepared for the joints. Mix 100 g of honey (liquid) with 5 aspirin tablets. Leave the mixture in a warm place for a third of a month. Stir once a day. After complete preparation, the mixture is rubbed into the sore spot with massage movements.


Joint pain does not immediately indicate a terrible knee disease. But still, if the pain syndrome is not an isolated case, a doctor's consultation is indispensable. After all, a small-scale violation can provoke diseases, due to which you can get to the hospital for a very long time.

Monitor nutrition, loads on the musculoskeletal system, and the amount of fluid you drink per day. All of this is important, especially in old age. Walking in the fresh air accelerates metabolism, improves blood circulation and oxygen saturation.

The main thing is not to squeeze the last out of yourself, giving yourself up to daily jogging, which does not bring either benefit or satisfaction. After all, sports, first of all, should cause the release of the hormone of happiness, and not negative emotions.

Folk remedies are one of the cheapest ways to relieve pain and inflammation. But it is necessary and important to understand that some folk methods and recipes cannot heal joints.

This is just a part of the rehabilitation complex for lesions of the musculoskeletal system.

Medication and folk recipes must be approved by the attending physician. Self-medication can not only not help, but also aggravate the situation. Behave appropriately: when your knees hurt, see a doctor.

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