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Arthritis injections: what drugs are used?
Arthritis injections: what drugs are used?

Arthritis is a very common ailment, regardless of the age of the patient. It is also the most common cause of joint pain. Age is not decisive for the onset of the disease, since the disease does not appear due to deterioration of the connective tissue, but as a reaction to the inflammatory process. It can also be caused by an infection.

What is arthritis and why does it appear?

Most often, arthritis is accompanied by autoimmune processes. It may be a consequence, a sign of systemic ailments.

The consequences affect many organs and systems, therefore it is better to identify arthritis in the early stages and immediately begin treatment.

Arthritis injections are also part of the treatment, along with the use of ointments, drug therapy, physiotherapy, etc.

Surgery is not desirable, many doctors tend to avoid this method, such radical procedures can be quite dangerous. But sometimes it is simply impossible to do without them.

That is why, in order to prevent the use of such funds, it is necessary to identify the ailment as early as possible. Diagnostics is important precisely in the early stages in order to correctly draw up a treatment plan.

Treatment methods

It is imperative to undergo a full examination before drawing up a treatment regimen. It is necessary to establish the specific cause of the disease, the degree of its severity. If the damage to the joints is serious enough, then the treatment plan should include the complex use of different methods, not only injections.

In any case, there are no universal remedies, treatment is prescribed individually, after a complete examination. The root cause must be eliminated in order to achieve the desired effect. Treatment can include all methods, but only a doctor or a specialist sets the means and doses. The choice of a particular drug also depends on the complete clinical picture.

For arthritis, injections help along with other methods:

  • drug therapy, it includes antibiotics, they are necessary to eliminate the focus of inflammation; immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed for obvious reasons. Also, the doctor often prescribes funds that strengthen the body, restore its protective functions, and help restore joint tissues;
  • local remedies, ointments and gels. They stop the inflammatory process, help to eliminate unpleasant, painful sensations;
  • physiotherapy procedures;
  • operation.

In addition, it is important to follow a diet, eat right, not just for a certain period of time, but constantly.

What are injections and what drugs are used?

Arthritis injections are somewhat different from conventional injections. The drugs are injected directly into the affected tissue, not under the skin or muscle tissue. The drugs used are as follows: corticosteroids, hyaluronic acid, and other ingredients.

This method is also used in extreme cases when other methods do not allow achieving the desired therapeutic effect. Joint injections are quite unpleasant, but it is an effective way to cope with the lack of synovial fluid, which is necessary for the joint to function properly.

In the treatment of arthritis, injections are therefore not necessary, but only in extreme cases. These funds are used, they are administered intra-articularly.

The following hormones are used: kenalog, hydrocortisone, celeston, etc.

Such funds help to quickly relieve pain, they contribute to the elimination of the inflammatory process. Corticosteroids help with joint swelling. But they do not in any way affect the articular tissues, do not contribute to their restoration.

Therefore, such drugs are used only in combination with other agents.

When treating, using intra-articular injections with the use of corticosteroids, you must follow some rules:

  • it is necessary to develop a plan for the use of injections with the participation of a doctor; one joint cannot be injected more often than once every half a month;
  • pain usually diminishes to a great extent immediately after the first injection. If this does not happen, then you should immediately change the drug, other sessions will not bring relief. Or you need to indicate the correct injection site so that the effect is more accurate;
  • if these tips did not lead to a significant improvement in the patient's condition, then the use of hormones should be abandoned.

Hyaluronic acid and the rules for its use

Hyaluronic acid is present in the body, it participates in metabolic processes, improves the condition of joints and tissues. So, in the joints, it acts as a lubricant. It contributes to the rapid restoration of motor abilities if it enters the body in sufficient quantities and has a timely and beneficial effect on the joint and nearby tissues.

A joint injection for arthritis can be done using this acid. The effectiveness of the methods is high, it is not just hormones that only eliminate pain and inflammation. They act on a deeper level, affect the condition and restoration of tissues.

And no surgery is required. One significant drawback is the cost of this method. However, there are many more benefits. A harmful effect is excluded. The method is effective and efficient.

In addition, the effect is visible quickly, after only 3-5 sessions. But the injection must be delivered directly to the affected joint. The course of treatment depends on the stage of development of the disease, the degree of joint damage.

There should be a sufficient break between sessions, at least a week. The specific duration of the break is indicated by the doctor. A half-month break between procedures may be required.

The course is held no more than once a year. But you need to repeat the courses constantly, to strengthen the result you need at least two courses. If the patient has a third degree ailment, it may take 4 years.


These drugs are also used for injection. They promote joint healing. They are used for tissue nutritional disorders, for injuries. But you need to use such injections for arthritis only if the focus of inflammation is eliminated.

If the drug enters the joint directly, the result is more noticeable than with the internal use of drugs. But the special advantage of the funds is that they act very quickly.

The effect is practically noticeable immediately after the first session. But it is better to prescribe a course of several injections, it may take up to 5 injections. However, if the doctor decides that just one shot is sufficient, further shots may be canceled.

Next, the doctor prescribes the intake of medications inside. All means for injections are quite expensive, but they allow you to avoid surgery. However, there is one drawback. With frequent use, infection can penetrate into the joint. At least, such a risk is always present.

Therefore, injections cannot be used constantly. This is an emergency measure, then you need to switch to a comprehensive treatment of the disease, eliminate the root cause. Doctor's supervision is mandatory, you cannot interrupt therapy, refuse procedures without the doctor's permission.

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