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Bath for gout on the legs: useful properties of the procedure
Bath for gout on the legs: useful properties of the procedure

Gout is a rare joint disease in which salts are deposited in them. This disease can develop in any part of the musculoskeletal system, but more often affects the lower extremities.

Causes and symptoms

The main cause of joint damage in gout is heredity. Also at risk are people who are overweight, consume a lot of fatty foods, do not limit themselves to alcohol, especially beer, and lead an inactive lifestyle. In some cases, the disease can occur against the background of other ailments. For example, kidney disease.

Usually, gout begins to manifest itself after a person has eaten very well, even overeating, or after he drank alcohol.

Suddenly there is severe pain, the joints seem to be on fire. They take on a bright reddish tint.

Very often, with gout, pain manifests itself during rest, for example, at night. If the attack recurs, it is accompanied by some tingling in the affected area.

It is impossible to endure such pain, so it is imperative to start treatment. As a rule, an appeal to a rheumatologist comes down to the fact that he prescribes the necessary examinations, such as X-rays and blood tests.


It is worth noting that it is impossible to completely get rid of such a disease. But it can be kept under control. What does it mean? To do this, you need to take care of your health closely and change your diet. Limit or even completely forget about foods such as meat, liver, beer and wine. The same applies to the use of mushrooms, fish caviar. You should adhere to the correct lifestyle, do light gymnastics.

You need to be in the fresh air often, you can visit the pool. Drinking plenty of fluids is useful. All this will contribute to weight loss, blood pressure normalization. In some cases, the specialist recommends, after treatment, to carry out rehabilitation in a sanatorium, which contributes to the consolidation of the effect.

It is worth allocating several days a week to completely unload the body, consume more vegetables and fruits. But the use of coffee or too strong tea should be minimized.

Also, you should not make various compresses using vinegar or apply an iodine mesh on your own. In general, for gout, treatment is accompanied by medication. Basically, these are anti-inflammatory drugs. Physiotherapy is often prescribed by a specialist. The patient himself sometimes resorts to the methods of traditional medicine.

Sauna in the treatment of gout

Many people who suffer from this disease are always looking for alternative treatment or additional remedies that can alleviate the condition. This raises many questions. Is it possible or not to visit the bathhouse with gout on the legs? Many experts not only recommend, but also strongly advise. You can visit the steam room. Therefore, patients resort to such a pleasant method as going to the sauna.

As you know, the bath has long been popular in folk medicine. Steaming in a sauna with gout means activating all the vital functions of the body, it has a positive effect on overall well-being.

The bath is a test of endurance. After a course of procedures, it can be noted that immunity is strengthened, the state of blood vessels improves. But you should not overload the body by visiting the steam room. Moderation and the right approach will be beneficial. The bath will not only help in the treatment, but also reduce the level of fatigue, will be able to calm down and renew strength.

The main property of the steam room is thermal processes that spread throughout the body. And the position in which a person is located depends on how the heat will dissipate.

For example, if you stand, the heat will not spread very well to your legs. But the head will take on the lion's share. However, with gout, a different effect is needed.

Therefore, you need to steam in a horizontal position, gradually rising to the higher shelves. After all, heat also rises up. And although the skin cools very quickly, it manages to transfer some of the heat to the internal organs.

As for a disease such as gout, the bath is an indispensable therapy in the fight against this disease. However, it is important to do this regularly.

Many people like to steam in the sauna. It improves blood circulation, helps to accelerate metabolism. It is in those moments when the blood flow to the joints is strong that salts are washed out. And a high degree of heating in a sauna can reduce inflammation.

Sometimes traditional medicine advises when visiting a bath to use various herbs to treat gout. A decoction of chamomile works very favorably, or you can use a series. These medicinal herbs are highly effective and readily available.

Contrast procedures are useful for gout. You can take heat and cold alternately. After visiting the sauna, massage is useful, since the joints are warmed up at this moment.

It must be remembered that there are some limitations. When the condition of the joints is very painful, there is a sharp sharp pain, a visit to the steam room will be superfluous.

Treatment tips

There are a few simple recipes you can master that will be helpful. The most effective remedy will be a decoction of medicinal herbs.

Recipe number 1

  • Medicinal chamomile;
  • Mint;
  • Sequence;
  • Sage.

You need to take herbs in the same proportions, they must be dried. Crush well, put in a large container, pour boiling water over and put on fire. After the water has boiled, you need to reduce the heat and let it simmer for another 6 minutes. Then you need to remove the broth, cool, strain through cheesecloth. While visiting the sauna, this broth should be poured onto hot, hot stones.

Recipe number 2

For the following recipe you will need:

  • St. John's wort;
  • Linden;
  • Sagebrush;
  • Yarrow.

Prepare the broth exactly according to the previous recipe.

It will also be helpful to steam with a broom. You can use special brooms for the steam room made of eucalyptus, oak, birch. However, the best treatment for gout is a nettle broom. You need to be careful in the case of nettles, as they can "bite". Before using the nettle broom, the grass must be doused with boiling water and then placed in cold water.

The procedure for visiting the bathhouse:

  • Taking a shower;
  • Warming up in the sauna for about 5-6 minutes;
  • Exit from the steam room;
  • Sweat flushing, rest;
  • Secondary entry into the steam room (you should lie up), be in a profuse sweat;
  • Using a broom only after high-quality steaming;
  • Treatment of all joints;
  • Applying on sore areas affected by gout, tissue soaked in decoctions of medicinal herbs;
  • Use of ointments (medicinal ointments enhance their effect in the sauna);
  • Leaving the steam room, thorough washing under water using a washcloth;
  • Last visit to the sauna.

What can you do right after the sauna? Never drink alcohol. Mint or lemon balm tea is best suited for drinks.

The bath has a positive effect on the joints. You can and should take a steam bath in it - this is an excellent way to prevent pathologies.

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