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Knee brace for arthrosis
Knee brace for arthrosis

The knees are one of the most powerful joints that can withstand enormous loads. At the same time, a person overloads his knees in every possible way. This can be physical exercise, hard physical work, or being overweight.

The load becomes more than the knee can withstand, hence all the ensuing consequences. The knee can be injured.

For the physiologically correct position of the knee joint, as well as to distribute the load that the joint receives, evenly between its parts and muscles, a bandage is used. This product looks like a knee pad and, in fact, is called that. What types of it are there and how best to choose?

Why an orthosis?

Each disease of the musculoskeletal system requires immobilization and fixation of the damaged area. It is this condition that ensures fast and correct restoration of bone tissue or ligaments.

Unfortunately, the support system is not quick to regenerate. Therefore, immobilization should last a long time. And since arthrosis is a chronic disease, the fixation of the joint structures must be constant.

Not so long ago, an elastic bandage was the best fixative. It is convenient and has been used all over the place.

But it has several drawbacks:

  1. It is not always possible to apply the bandage correctly.
  2. Applying a bandage can be long, since it is imperative to find a certain, correct fixation.
  3. Uneven distribution of "compression" in different areas of the knee or other joint.
  4. With prolonged wear, it can provoke swelling of the lower leg or foot.

These negative characteristics are absent in the brace. They are easy to put on and fit any time you wear.

What are knee pads for arthrosis

There are 6 types of knee pads, which we will consider in more detail:

  • Closed bandage. With arthrosis of the knee joint, pain of uncertain localization may occur. In such cases, doctors recommend this type of knee pads. Closed bandage is made of soft elastic material and has a layer of insulation. The closed knee pad provides all-round support for the knee and makes walking easier.
  • Open bandage. The product has a hole in the kneecap. This type is used to relieve pain when the leg is bent. This is especially true when going up or down stairs. Elastic materials are used for the manufacture of the product, but there is a rigid spiral frame inside. This allows you to fix the leg and maintain its shape.
  • Open knee pad with adjustable tension. The product is used for arthrosis of the knee joint in the initial stages or after surgery in the knee joint.
  • Articulated bandage. For arthrosis of the knee joint of any degree, this product is used. It reduces stress on the knee with rigid quality side hinges. It is especially useful during the rehabilitation period after injury or surgery.
  • Heated knee pad. The bandage has a built-in heat carrier. With the help of it, the knee pad warms up the tissues of the joint. This type of product is used in cases where the stage of arthrosis is one of the most severe and it is necessary to relieve severe pain for the patient.
  • Used to support ligaments and tendons, the product is used for pain under the knee cap.

Also, different materials are used in the products. They can be synthetic or natural. The first group is elastane, polyester. These materials are safe for health, they are durable and can be washed.

Natural materials are cotton jersey, wool (sheep, dog, camel). But there are downsides - they are not as durable as synthetics, and can cause an allergic reaction in the body.

An orthopedic or other type of brace is the same size as the garment. XS-XXL familiar to humans. To find out your size, you need to measure your leg circumference 15 cm above the knee joint and compare the size with the table.

Which one is better to choose?

How to choose a bandage, especially if several are suitable for the purpose and description at once?

If you choose a product made from natural material, you can lose it on the wearer, since these materials are not durable. And they also have to be washed more often, which, in principle, wears them out.

Neoproten is a synthetic fiber that does not wear out for a long time, but it has a certain drawback. This material does not allow moisture and air to pass through, so the leg under the knee pad will inevitably sweat.

Dog hair for arthrosis of the knee joint is an excellent material that doctors recommend to use during recovery from an injury.

You should choose a bandage yourself, and not through another person. Be sure to try on the product before buying.

Open or closed type?

The patient's feelings play a role here. If pains torment when lifting a leg, then it is worth using a closed knee pad with a rigid spiral at the base. But if the patient is after injury and in rehabilitation, then the open type is suitable. For post-traumatic arthrosis, an articulated brace is suitable, as it helps relieve severe pain.


Magnetic, orthopedic knee pads are a method of recovery after injury or relief and stress on the joint with arthrosis and other lesions of the knee joint. You need to wear the product for at least 3 hours a day. Moreover, use this time when you have to strain your knees, that is, during loads.

The product should not squeeze the knee too much, as blood circulation can be impaired. This option will not only be unhelpful, but also aggravate the situation. If there is swelling in the area of the knee joint, remove the orthosis or reduce the tension.

Size is an important part of the choice. The main thing is that the knee pad does not dangle, because in this case it will not provide any healing help.

Many treatments are used for arthrosis. the main thing is not to choose a knee pad or other devices without the knowledge of your doctor. The knee pad must be approved by a doctor who can help you choose it.

Use all the advice from a specialist, follow the recommendations. It is important to understand that an orthosis is not a magical power in relieving pain in arthrosis, but part of a large complex of treatment that will last long enough. But patience and work will grind everything, as they say.

If, for one reason or another, the knee pad no longer suits you (the size is wrong, you are allergic to wool), unfortunately, it needs to be replaced and the loss of money is inevitable here.

Therefore, the choice of this product must be approached extremely responsibly, because the price of an orthosis is quite high and not everyone can throw such amounts.

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