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The use of compresses for arthrosis of the knee joint
The use of compresses for arthrosis of the knee joint

Knee arthrosis is a pathology that most often occurs in women. The disease appears due to the fact that the cartilage does not receive nutrition, as a result, a violation of its structure occurs.

Symptoms of knee arthrosis include:

  • Acute pain in the flexion of the knee joint, which has a different intensity depending on the individual;
  • The appearance of deformation and edema in the area of the affected joint;
  • Characteristic crunch during knee movement;
  • The presence of inflammation that occurs in the articular synovium, leading to edema of the cartilage and an increase in its volume;
  • Reduced joint mobility and the appearance of a feeling of stiffness.

The development of this deviation is facilitated by such factors as constant loads that exceed the potential of the joint, injuries and excess weight, trophic disorders, heredity, various hormonal changes in the body and other joint pathologies.

Treating the problem

Various methods of treatment are used to combat this disease. These include taking medications to relieve inflammation, chondroprotectors, as well as the use of various physiotherapeutic procedures. In addition, many people use prescriptions for alternative treatments. An alternative to these methods for arthrosis is the use of homeopathic remedies.

Despite the fact that official medicine does not recognize this method, adherents are convinced of the high effectiveness of these funds. Quite often, homeopathy is used in combination with other treatments. This is what helps to significantly increase the chance of improving the patient's well-being in the presence of pathology.

Compresses are one of the simplest ways to treat knee arthrosis. Compared to various creams and ointments, their effectiveness is much higher. One of the effective drugs for this procedure is Dimexide.

Compresses for arthrosis of the knee joint with Dimexidum: indications for use

Dimexide is sold as a liquid with a peculiar odor. The drug can not be used in its pure form, thus getting the skin burn. A special feature is the deep penetration of the drug into the tissues of the diseased joint, thanks to which the inflammation quickly passes.

The main advantages of Dimexidum:

  • has analgesic properties and allows you to relieve tension in the affected area;
  • enters the shell of a harmful cell, killing it;
  • affects the improvement of metabolic processes in the affected area;
  • affects the blood circulation at the site of the lesion;
  • prevents the formation of blood clots in the first stage.

Compresses with Dimexidum are widespread for the following problems:

  • the medicine helps to relieve pain after a common knee or elbow injury;
  • compress is used for the following diseases - nodular arrhythmia, skin fungus, furunculosis;
  • Dimexide is used for damage to ligaments, radiculitis and minor burns;
  • heals infectious diseases of the skin, as well as fungal infections;
  • helps with hair by strengthening roots and reducing hair loss.

Compress on the knee for arthrosis: how to carry out

Dimexide is a fairly strong substance that has some restrictions for use. It is important to exclude the presence of individual allergies before using. For this, a simple sensitivity test is performed. Apply a small amount of the previously diluted product to the wrist area.

Leave for 15 minutes. All this time, the reaction of the body is being observed. When at the end of the time no negative reactions are observed Dimexide is used as directed. Otherwise, it is recommended to refuse such treatment.

To obtain a good result, the following rules should be followed:

  • It is imperative to use rubber gloves so as not to get burns or irritate the skin;
  • It is forbidden to rub the medicine into the knee joint even with minimal massage movements, as this leads to severe burns;
  • Gauze cannot be replaced with any colored cloth, as an allergy may appear after the dye is absorbed by Dimexide;
  • The solution should be prepared only immediately before the procedure, storage will lead to the loss of medicinal properties;
  • The time of the treatment session, as well as the duration of the course, cannot be extended independently, this leads to the appearance of negative consequences.

To prepare a compress for arthrosis of the knee joint, you need to have: water, Dimexide, a napkin, bandage, cotton wool, cotton cloth and plastic wrap. First, Dimexide is diluted, it is combined with water in equal proportions. Then the bandage, folded in several layers, is immersed in liquid and well moistened. After it is laid out on the knee joint. The top is wrapped in polyethylene and insulated. Compresses hold for 35 minutes, do this procedure 1 time per day. The duration of the course of treatment is on average 10 procedures.

Combination with Novocaine shows good results. A mixture of these drugs helps to effectively fight inflammation and acute joint pain by acting on nerve endings and blocking pain impulses. Novocaine is a local anesthetic that is often used for compresses.

To prepare the solution, two substances are taken in equal proportions, while Dimexide is used 30%. These are generally accepted proportions, however, in each individual case, the doctor changes the amount based on the picture of the disease. The prepared liquid is impregnated with gauze and applied to the sore spot. Polyethylene is placed on top and insulated. Compresses hold up to 30 minutes. The course of treatment lasts 15 days.

Hydrocortisone is often added to the prepared solution. To prepare the compress, take 50 ml of 50% Dimexide, an ampoule of hydrocortisone, 30 ml of novocaine, and 30 ml of distilled water. All components are mixed and the gauze is impregnated with the finished solution. Apply it to the affected area, wrap it up. The procedure takes the same time as with other combinations. The course of treatment is 20 days. The complex composition provides a long-term effect and shows a positive dynamics in recovery.

Solution with the addition of Dexamethasone. For preparation, take 20 ml of 50% Dimexide, an ampoule of the second substance and 50 ml of water. The process of preparing and applying the compress is the same. The combination of drugs has a strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Allows you to quickly remove pain. The course of treatment lasts 12 days.

Contraindications for the use of compresses

Like other medicines, Dimexide has some restrictions on its use.

Consider what applies to contraindications:

  • pathology in the work of the kidneys and liver;
  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • glaucoma and cataracts;
  • angina pectoris and other heart problems;
  • old age, as well as children up to 12 years old.

As can be seen from the above, a compress for arthrosis of the knee joint with Dimexidum shows good results.

It is important to dilute it correctly and use it according to the instructions. Only if all the rules are followed, they get the desired result, as well as alleviate and remove all negative symptoms associated with arthrosis for a sufficiently long time.

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