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Arthrosis of the wrist joint: traditional and alternative treatment
Arthrosis of the wrist joint: traditional and alternative treatment

Arthrosis of the wrist joint is very rare. As a rule, in the process of this disease, the destruction of the articular cartilage occurs.


The most prominent symptom is pain during movement. Sometimes this causes great discomfort in everyday life. However, the initial pain can be tolerable, so the patient does not immediately visit a specialist, but hopes that everything will go away soon.

Pain sensations intensify, mobility is limited, and only then the patient turns to a doctor who can diagnose arthrosis of the wrist joint. But first, the doctor will definitely prescribe an x-ray.


Arthrosis of the wrist joint is a condition in which cartilage is worn out. The main reason is post-traumatic stress disorder. Most often, the disease occurs after an injury, namely a bone fracture, which for some reason did not heal.

Also, arthrosis of the wrist joint can appear in people who have professional loads on their hands. These can be athletes or people of a working profession.

Arthritis is another cause. If the disease is aggressive enough, destruction occurs very quickly.

If you start treatment as early as possible, it is possible to suspend its course. The result is joint degradation. The bones give in to deformation, the articular cartilage becomes rough. In addition, there may be a decrease in fluid that lubricates the components of the joint.


If the treatment of the disease begins in a timely manner, there will certainly be positive results. However, you should be aware of the need to eliminate mechanical factors. It is worth minimizing the load on the limbs of the hands. If the patient continues to load the arm at work, at home, in sports, does not use various orthopedic braces for the arm, the result may not be expected.

Modern medicine offers two methods of treating the disease: a sparing conservative method and a method using surgical intervention. If the brush already has many problems, there is no way to do without surgery.

The most suitable conservative methods are:

  • Pharmacy treatment;
  • Traditional medicine treatment;
  • Healing exercises;
  • Nutrition rich in essential micronutrients;
  • Physiotherapy methods.

With regard to traditional treatment, today there is a very large selection of medicines. The most common medications are anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics, which can relieve severe pain.

However, many opt for ointments.

Of course, it will not be possible to eliminate arthrosis of the wrist joint by external means, but their use is very effective.

As a result of using the ointment:

  • The level of inflammation will decrease;
  • Pain syndrome will decrease;
  • Muscle spasm relieves.

In addition, ointments have a positive effect on blood circulation in the tissues around the joint. Some topical products have the ability to warm and resist germs.

When treating with the use of an ointment, pay attention to the composition and principle of action.

Since there are vasodilators, warming, anti-inflammatory drugs, which, first of all, are analgesic in nature.

If you need an ointment for long-term treatment of the wrist joint, use a warming ointment.

These include the following pharmacy products:

  • Voltaren;
  • Espol;
  • "Menovazin";
  • Apisatron.

Typically, warming ointments include bee and snake venom, red pepper extract, and eucalyptus essential oils.

Espol contains capsicum. The drug is used externally. The ointment is applied with gentle movements to the affected area 2-3 times a day. Treatment of the wrist joint is carried out for ten days. If the skin is slightly damaged, the use of the product should be delayed. It is not recommended to use the product during pregnancy and lactation.

Treatment with folk remedies

Recipe number 1

To remove the pain syndrome that causes arthrosis of the wrist joint, cabbage juice will help. To do this, finely chop the cabbage leaves and place them in a juicer. After you get the cabbage juice, you need to take a soft cloth, preferably wool, and moisten it with the juice. Next, apply a compress to the affected area.

Recipe number 2

For the next recipe for arthrosis of the wrist joint, you will need chalk and fermented milk products. It is better to purchase chalk without additives, the one used at school. The chalk needs to be crushed and filled with kefir or sour cream. The mixture must be applied to the affected area. Put the film on top and secure everything with a bandage. This product should be applied at night.

Recipe number 3

The use of oatmeal has a positive effect in the treatment of arthrosis of the wrist joint. Take four tablespoons of oatmeal and pour boiling water over it. Cook over low heat for six minutes. Water must be used so much that the porridge becomes thick. After cooling, use the porridge as a compress. It is advisable to apply at night.

Recipe number 4

Treatment of the wrist joint is effective with rubbing. You will need flower honey, iodine, alcohol, glycerin.

Everything should be in equal proportions. Combine all the ingredients and mix well. After the drug has been infused for 3 hours, you can rub your hands. This will improve blood circulation, relieve pain.


The most important thing is to avoid various injuries. If you play sports, do not overuse dumbbell exercises.

Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle prevent the development of various diseases. For the prevention of arthrosis of the wrist joint, it is useful to massage the hands. You need to start from the place where the hand connects to the forearm.

Chondroprotectors can be used. These are protective agents that improve the condition of the cartilage cells.

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