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Folk remedies for joint pain
Folk remedies for joint pain

If you ask a traditional healer: "Why did joint pain appear?", Then almost always you get the answer - salt deposition is to blame. Almost all folk remedies for joint pain are designed to dissolve these salts and remove them from the body.

Official medicine considers the following as the main causes of joint disease:

  1. The formation of osteophytes, which appear during degenerative-destructive pathological changes in the musculoskeletal system - in general, and in the joints - in particular. If the axis of the joint deviates from the axis for some reason, then bone formations - osteophytic thorns - grow at the edges of the bones.
  2. If the metabolic process is disturbed or with kidney pathology, uric acid accumulates in the joints, and gout develops. This disease significantly impairs the quality of life - the attacks are extremely painful.

Folk remedies for joint pain help to normalize metabolic processes, cleanse the body of excess salts and eliminate discomfort.

Folk recipes for joint pain

For acute joint pain, folk remedies are ineffective - in this case, strong pain relievers are needed - but as an auxiliary therapy, they will help restore the quality of life.

Prescriptions for home remedies for chronic joint inflammation.

  1. "Summer" recipe. Fresh nettles are collected, chopped with a hoe, wrapped in a thin layer of gauze, and applied to the sore spot. Do not use this remedy for an attack of pain - otherwise it will worsen even more. But when the disease is in remission, this method helps restore blood supply to the affected joint.
  2. Another recipe for treating the joints of the lower extremities, which can only be tried in the summer, is for courageous people. Prepare half a glass of liquid honey and vegetable oil in advance, mixed in equal amounts. In the evening, about 30 minutes before bedtime, you need to jump into the nettle thickets with your bare legs and stomp there for 5-10 minutes - until you can endure. Then they smear it with honey oil (or butter honey), wrap their legs in something warm, and lie down under a blanket. It is necessary to calculate such a layer of the bandage so that it is possible to scratch it. The bandages are removed after 2 hours. Do not overcool your legs.

To get rid of severe itching and fall asleep calmly, you can supplement alternative treatment with an antihistamine.

  1. Ointment recipe. Bitter pepper is mixed with kerosene - the proportions are measured by volume 1/1. Insist for 7 days, add vegetable oil - better than sesame oil, but if it is not available, sunflower oil is also suitable. Stir everything well. Apply to the affected joint, like a compress, insulating it with polyethylene and a layer of some kind of warm matter folded in several layers. Keep as much as you can tolerate.
  2. This recipe is used for acute joint pain. It is advisable to prepare the product in advance and store in the refrigerator. Ripe aloe - several branches - is passed through a meat grinder or chopped in a blender, then mixed with garlic gruel and honey. Then the resulting mixture is diluted with alcohol or very strong moonshine so that the consistency is like store sour cream. Insist at room temperature in a dark place for 4-5 days, then wring out. Rubbing problem areas during exacerbation.
  3. Another recipe for a medicinal composition for a compress for acute pain. Horseradish root is crushed into gruel, squeezed out the juice. The juice is impregnated with gauze folded in several layers, and a compress is made. Just before laying with plastic wrap, the leaves of fresh horseradish are laid out in several layers, and only then the remaining layers are cellophane, a fixing layer, a warm scarf. They hold it on the joint for 20 minutes - if it burns badly, you can remove it earlier.
  4. Compress treatment can also be supplemented with:

In case of acute pain, cakes of raw rye dough are applied to the sore joint, flour is kneaded with liquid honey. Another "baking" method, only in this case, the cake should be baked. The dough must be kneaded with yeast so that it rises, the rest of the ingredients - eggs and milk - can be discarded. The finished hot cake is cut lengthwise - like cake cakes - and tied to a sore spot until it cools down. Warming up helps relieve pain.

Traditional medicine in the treatment of joints offers recipes for oral administration that help to normalize metabolic processes and remove excess salts from the body.

  1. They prepare a strong infusion from currant leaves, and drink 1 cup daily for 2 months.
  2. Unpolished rice is poured with melt water - how many tablespoons of rice, the same glasses of melt water, let it brew overnight at room temperature. In the morning, they take out the rice, decant the water, but do not pour it out. On the day you need to eat about 2 tablespoons of the swollen cereal, dividing into portions by a teaspoon - each portion is washed down with rice water. Drink up to 2 glasses of rice water throughout the day. The menu these days is mashed grated carrots - 2 pieces of medium size, and 3 green apples.
  3. Tincture of white lilac. 3 brushes are poured with half a glass of boiling water, insisted until it cools down, and put into the refrigerator - just on a shelf - for 48 hours. They are filtering. The liquid is drunk for 45 days, 1 tablespoon 20 minutes before meals 3 times. Improvement usually occurs by the end of the month.
  4. The medicine is prepared according to the following algorithm: a large lemon is cut into large pieces, laid out in layers in a glass jar with garlic cloves cut in half - a medium-sized head is enough. Pour a glass of melt water, add a tablespoon of honey. There is no need to interfere - the honey must itself be absorbed into the rest of the ingredients - there is enough time; the medicine is insisted for 2 weeks. It is better to put it in a cool place - in a cellar, or outside a window during the cold season - but not in frost. Then it is filtered, put into the refrigerator. They drink in the morning in a pile.

Maple leaf treatment is not widely used, but it can be effective in treating salt deposits in the knees.

You need to collect 270 pieces of yellow - not red or colored, but yellow - maple leaves. Then the leaves are washed with running water and dried, as for a herbarium. Every day, brew 3 sheets with 2 glasses of water, drink 4 times a day in equal portions before meals for 20-30 minutes.

The course of treatment is 30 days, for complete recovery, 3 courses are carried out with a break of 2 weeks.

Treatment of joints with folk remedies - contraindications

Despite the fact that folk remedies are 100% natural and cause fewer side effects than medications, they also have their own contraindications.

Medicines for external use cannot be used for dermatological diseases - most of them have active irritating components; when applied to irritated skin, they worsen its condition.

You should not be treated with oral mixtures if you have problems with the intestines, kidneys, kidney stones or stones in the bile ducts.

Almost all folk remedies designed to dissolve and remove salts from the body have a choleretic effect.

When using folk recipes for the treatment of any disease, you must notify your doctor. Do not take risks with home remedies - if the medicine does not work, the consequences will have to be treated along with the underlying disease.

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