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Dr. Gitt: Joint Treatment with Various Methods
Dr. Gitt: Joint Treatment with Various Methods

With age, almost every person begins to worry about joints, there is discomfort in the back, and headaches become more frequent. And even young people are increasingly complaining about curvature of posture, severe fatigue after long standing or walking. Everyone wants to find the optimal treatment and become healthy.

Treatment methods

Today, the immense popularity of joint treatment is the method of the chiropractor, the bone-setter of Dr. Gitt. Almost every person who confidently uses the Internet has heard about the author of his own technology for restoring the musculoskeletal system without surgery.

By adhering to his technology, you can cure various joint diseases:

  • Scoliosis of the last degree;
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Arthrosis;
  • Arthritis;
  • Diseases of the spine.

It is important that the technique allows you to generally improve the general condition of a person and forget about insomnia and migraines.

Dr. Vitaly Demyanovich Gitt presents a treatment technology in which various methods are closely intertwined: he combines manual therapy with "percussion massage", and also uses beds that vibrate in the treatment.

One of the unique ways to treat joints can be considered the use of acupressure hardware massage of the legs. Vitaly Demyanovich Gitt proposes to renew the body using the Japanese method of shiatsu. It is based on the fact that massage has a beneficial effect on the main points in the body.

The opinion of scientists is this: if you know the main, that is, the active points of the human body and act on them correctly, the body recovers twice as well.

In medicine, this is called reflexology.

If you do a foot massage according to the doctor's method, this will give the result:

  • The work of the nervous system will improve;
  • Pain syndrome will go away;
  • Pressure is normalized;
  • Immunity will be strengthened.

Treatment on vibrating couches

Treatment on vibrating couches is a rather pleasant method developed by a doctor. This procedure not only helps to improve well-being, but also accelerates the healing process from scoliosis, joint diseases, and helps to strengthen the skeletal system.

The blood circulation becomes better, the vascular network decreases. The vibrating couch procedure will also help to restore the figure and, in general, will have a positive effect on the body.

Treatment of arthrosis of the joints

Treatment of arthrosis takes a special place in the methodology of a chiropractor. Vitaly Demyanovich Gitt developed a special technology for this. These are exercises that need to be performed regularly, they involve an external factor affecting the affected area.

To cure arthrosis of the wrist joint, the author of the technique recommends doing the following.

Sit on a chair that is near the table. Extend your hand to the table. Relax it and start tapping your fingers on the table. You need to do such manipulations for a long time.

Joint treatment is a long and exhausting process. Percussion massage is very important. In this case, you need to use an assistant. He should place the patient's hand on his lap, press it firmly enough and, using the other hand, strike through his palm. It is necessary to adhere to the prerequisite - to firmly press the joints that are being processed. If this is the first time the massage is being done, the blows should be similar to minor slaps.

Over time, with repeated procedures, blows should be applied with the edge of the palm or even with a fist.

However, one should observe how the patient feels. In case of acute pain, such manipulations cannot be done. Massage should be done once every 3 days. If the forms of the disease are accompanied by various complications - once every 7 days.

Knee exercises

The following exercises are suitable for a variety of knee conditions, including arthrosis. It must be done while lying on a hard surface.

You need to stretch your arms along the body and tap your knees with your fingers. Do 20 minutes a day.

You need to sit down on something high so that your feet do not reach the floor. It could even be a table. After comfortable placement, you need to swing your legs. In this case, there should be no pain. Don't swing hard. You need to be in a relaxed state. Perform 2-3 times a day for 7-10 minutes.

In case of a disease that has lasted for a long time, as well as in severe forms of the disease, do the exercise 1 time a day for 5 minutes. At first, adhere to this time, but gradually it can be increased and done for several hours in a row.

With a knee injury

For knee injuries, the therapist advises applying heat compresses to the affected area. This method will work a week after the impact. It can be a heating pad or a warming ointment. The bathroom is also suitable for thermal procedures. A good effect will be from massaging the affected area with hot water from the shower. A contrast shower will be of great benefit.

If the joint is "jammed", that is, there is some immobility and pain in the knee, V. D. Gitt advises: don't panic. You need to overcome the pain and try to move your knee, no matter what. Next, you need to sit down, lean on your toe and swing your leg. After that, slowly bend and unbend the leg. It is enough to do it several times and the pain will go away.

Knee therapy exercises

Knee treatment should be comprehensive. A prerequisite is a gentle diet.

You need to grab the support and squat. Movements should not be abrupt, until the onset of primary pain. Do it 2 times a day for 10 minutes at short intervals.

With such a disease as arthrosis of the knee joints, a certain load on the lower extremities is needed. In order to bend painlessly, you need to make all kinds of body turns.

Sit on a firm surface and lean forward. Grasp your legs and swing slowly back and forth, while helping with your hands. Do the exercise 3 times a day for 4 minutes.

Sit on a chair for the next exercise. Lean your toes on the floor and lift the heel off the floor, then lower it. After resting for three minutes, repeat.

Do this exercise in the same position, that is, sitting on a chair. Lean on your heel and very gently slap your socks on the floor. Pause between movements - 4 seconds. Can be done many times a day. V. D. Gitt advises doing these exercises for at least one month.

A set of exercises for knee ligaments

You need to sit down on a hard surface and straighten one leg. Place the foot of the other leg on the thigh of the first limb. Gently press on the knee, as if lowering it down. Change legs.

The next exercise is very simple. Bend over to the leg that is extended.

Connect your feet with your soles and pull them as close to you as possible. After that, apply considerable effort to pressing on the knees, pressing them down.

While in the previous position, bend forward. Sit very carefully between the heels, spread the socks in different directions.

Sit on a chair. Spread your legs away from each other. Legs should rest on the floor and not move. Take your knees with your hands and bring them closer to each other.

All these exercises should be done several times a day for one minute. Such techniques of the chiropractor deserve attention and bring a significant therapeutic effect.

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