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Is monastery tea effective for osteochondrosis?
Is monastery tea effective for osteochondrosis?

Monastic tea for osteochondrosis as a panacea is offered today by many companies and online stores. However, many have doubts. Is the feedback on this product true? Can medicated herbal treatments be substituted?

What are the advantages of this method over traditional medicine? What is the composition of the drug, and how do the components affect certain symptoms? Since osteochondrosis is a very common disease, and many of the recommended "magic remedies" are just divorce, these questions are relevant for many people.

Danger of disease

Back pain is a familiar state for many: well, pulled, well, puffed up. However, this symptom can signal a serious medical condition such as osteochondrosis.

It not only deprives you of many pleasures in life, but also reduces its quality in general: it is forbidden to lift heavy things and objects, including your beloved babies, you have to constantly take some medications, be examined by doctors and perform exercises from the category of exercise therapy, ignoring which can lead to the following troubles:

  • Increased pain over time;
  • Formation of an intervertebral hernia (70% probability);
  • Curvature of the spine and its deformation;
  • Violation of the blood supply to internal organs and, as a result, frequent headaches, problems with vision, kidneys, digestive organs, decreased potency;
  • Development of lumbosacral radiculitis (in 95% of patients);
  • Partial or complete paralysis of one or more muscles.

If earlier, a hundred years ago, mainly elderly people suffered from osteochondrosis, simply due to the fact that the bones and joints became weaker, today statistics give the figure 90 - this is the percentage of all people suffering from back problems.

These people include the following risk groups:

  • Persons leading a sedentary lifestyle (office work);
  • Those whose constant activity is associated with lifting weights (builders, movers, weightlifters);
  • Overweight people;
  • Persons with curvature of the spine, flat feet, stoop, scoliosis and similar diseases;
  • People with metabolic disorders, hormonal balance;
  • Lovers of high heels and uncomfortable shoes.

At the initial stages, osteochondrosis is practically not manifested. Then symptoms appear depending on the area of spread of the disease: chest area - back pain during inhalation and exhalation, in the area of the heart when bending; neck - blurred vision, hoarseness and snoring, dizziness, hearing loss, sensitivity; lower back - pain in this area of an acute or dull nature, impaired sweating in one direction or the other, a constant feeling of chilliness in the legs, irregularities in the cycle in women and erections in men.

Disadvantages of the traditional method

To date, the treatment regimen for osteochondrosis includes the following components:

  • regular injections;
  • taking tablets with a chemical composition;
  • the use of ointments.

Often, in this case, patients are faced with the problem of the ineffectiveness of the composition of some funds. In addition, pills and injections can provoke the development of other negative reactions of the body, and therefore new diseases.

Monastic tea: principle of action

The effect of the composition of the monastery tea for osteochondrosis is aimed at normalizing blood circulation in the spine and restoring the elasticity of the intervertebral discs. Regular use of this remedy allows you to completely get rid of the problem and return to a normal lifestyle.

In general, monastery tea for osteochondrosis, which is a collection of effective medicinal herbs, allows you to achieve the following results:

  • Stimulate the correct formation of the bone skeleton, which consists of joints and cartilage;
  • Restore the elasticity of the intervertebral discs;
  • Anesthetize damaged areas;
  • Improve the metabolism inside the spine;
  • Eliminate destructive processes that damage cartilage tissue.

All of the above confirms the unique properties of monastery tea and is the reason to start taking the remedy as soon as possible to get rid of the problem.

The sooner treatment begins, the more complications can be avoided.

The effect of monastery tea against osteochondrosis can be demonstrated with a specific example. A middle-aged man began to feel the following unpleasant symptoms: dizziness, constant aching back pain, numbness in the limbs, pain from sudden movements, muscle spasms. Together, they definitely signal the development of osteochondrosis.

After starting to take medicinal tea, amazing results were revealed, which confirmed that tea advertising is not a scam:

  • After a week, the numbness subsided;
  • After 1, 5 weeks, the pains that prevented bending almost completely disappeared;
  • After 2, 5 weeks, the pain completely disappeared, and the movements stopped giving a feeling of discomfort;
  • After 4 weeks, the man completely returned to normal.

Tea composition

Undoubtedly, the secret of the effectiveness of monastery tea against osteochondrosis lies in its unique composition. Since the popularity of the product has led to the appearance on the market of many fakes, it is important to know it accurately and check the contents of the package before buying.

The list of ingredients should contain the following herbs:

  • Yarrow;
  • Ledum;
  • St. John's wort;
  • Burdock;
  • Sage;
  • Highlander;
  • Elder;
  • Elecampane;
  • Pine buds;
  • Chamomile;
  • Cowberry;
  • Birch leaves.

Real monastery tea is produced in Belarus, and the monks themselves add water with a silver cross, consecrated in a special ritual, to this collection.

Benefits of the drink

Today, many people prefer to resort to traditional medicine methods for the treatment of certain diseases.

The popularity of monastery tea for osteochondrosis in comparison with traditional medications is explained by the following advantages of the first:

  • Absolutely natural composition and the absence of chemical components that can negatively affect certain processes and systems of the body;
  • The synergistic effect of the drink, that is, the effect of some substances is only enhanced by the presence of others;
  • The manufacturer is the brotherly country of Belarus;
  • Recommended by neurologists and orthopedists in Russia and the CIS countries;
  • Short terms for which you can get rid of the disease;
  • Complex benefits for the whole body;
  • Quality certificate and clinical studies confirming the effectiveness of the collection.

Instructions for use

In order for the effect of taking monastery tea to manifest itself in the shortest possible time, it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations for using the collection.

To prepare a drink, you need to pour one or two teaspoons of the herb with 150 ml of boiling water and insist for ten minutes.

Then strain the liquid. Take two to three times a day instead of coffee or black tea.

Before using monastery tea for osteochondrosis, it is still recommended to consult with a specialist.

Given that modern doctors are not against the use of folk remedies for the treatment of diseases, this consultation will only benefit you. In addition, only a doctor will be able to tell you whether what your acquaintances advise you is effective.

It should also be noted that the collection method is recommended not only for those who already have a disease, but also for those who want to prevent the development of the disease and for people over thirty years old - the age that is the start for the first signs of aging.

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