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Sprained finger: symptoms, causes, traditional medicine treatment
Sprained finger: symptoms, causes, traditional medicine treatment

Hands are a very simple, and at the same time complex mechanism, thanks to which people can do anything with their limbs. Hand movements are very important to humans. Sometimes, due to some situations, the unexpected happens and a person can damage the ligaments of the hand, get a sprain of the finger.


If the fingers are overstretched under some circumstances, it can cause a sprain. They perform one of the main roles of the hand - they help to strengthen the joints.

Among the people who are most susceptible to such injuries are athletes. Children who do not sit still and active mobile people are also at risk.

Some of the reasons:

  • Lifting various kinds of weights;
  • Physical gymnastics on uneven bars;
  • A blow to the hand.

Sprains of the finger ligaments can be divided into the following types:

  • Age-related changes. The sprain was due to changes in the tissues, which became less elastic. People over the age of 45 are more likely to experience this kind of trauma than young people;
  • Injury damage. The sprain of the finger ligaments was due to excessive stress on the hands.


To understand what happened to the limb, you need to observe the state of health.

When stretching the ligaments of a finger, the following symptoms may occur:

  • Sharp, piercing pain that increases with movement of the hand;
  • Puffiness in the place of the diseased area;
  • Inability to move the injured finger;
  • Some irritation in the form of redness at the site of the damaged area.

It is worth noting that if a sprain occurs, the pain appears instantly. When the pain syndrome is late and some time has passed after the injury, it is a muscle strain.

If during the fall it was possible to recognize a sound similar to a crack, this is a fracture. However, only a specialist can make an accurate diagnosis.

As for the sprain of the ligaments of the finger, as a rule, the annular type suffers. The main reason is the excess of the permissible load norm. There is a complete rupture of the annular ligaments and a minor one.

Among the pronounced symptoms is swelling of the joint or finger. He himself is significantly bent, and the pain manifests itself so much that it is impossible to straighten it.

Flexion contracture lends itself to stretching. Most often, the injury involves the ring finger.

The next type of injury is a thumb sprain. He, for example, can suffer from sports games or training. The main symptom is pain as the thumb moves. His swelling is also very noticeable.

Damage treatment

The most important thing in the treatment of sprains is to give the diseased limb a rest. It is necessary to limit the hand from movement. With timely rest, the joint will stabilize, and no further damage is threatened.

Also, to keep movement to a minimum, staples are used for a certain period. It is the rest from the painful activity that is the starting point on the path to recovery.

Immediately after a ligament injury, it is worth starting treatment. This will reduce swelling, bleeding, and relieve inflammation.

The first thing to do is to keep the hand at rest, the second is to apply compresses from the cold, and the third is to lift the affected limb up, while applying a compressive bandage.

It is possible to use anti-inflammatory drugs: ointments, creams. They help reduce pain and swelling.

Physiotherapy can help treat finger sprains. The exercise therapy complex will be very useful. This will ensure that the finger functions correctly. Also used in treatment and massage.

To consolidate the effect of the treatment, you need 15 minutes every day. massage the damaged joint of the thumb. In this case, you need to use various warming ointments. The best are those that contain snake venom, for example, "Cobratoxan". You can use pepper tincture. If you follow all the tips and the right treatment, the sprain will soon disappear.

Folk remedies for the treatment of finger sprains

To cure such an injury at home, you can use traditional medicine recipes.

Apply compresses from hot milk, as well as baths with various infusions: eucalyptus, sage. Rubbing with lavender oil, for example, is helpful.

You can do this: warm up olive oil and rub the affected area with gentle movements. After - use a compress. Steam clean bran in wine and apply to the affected area. It is necessary to repeat such manipulations for two weeks.

Another very good remedy for ligament restoration is fish oil. Vodka compresses are also suitable. They have a good warming effect.

If damaged, you can use these recipes.

Recipe number 1

Take raw potatoes, wash, peel. Cut into small slices. Add clay, stir. Apply a compress overnight.

Recipe number 2

Take an onion, peel. Chop finely, you can mince. Add 1 spoon of sugar, stir. Apply the resulting mass to the affected area before bedtime.

Recipe number 3

Put a few tablespoons of fat in a container, add chopped garlic and eucalyptus leaves (before that, you need to chop them well). Boil for a few minutes. Rub into the skin in the morning and evening.

Recipe number 4

Take cheesecloth, fold in three. Soak it with garlic infusion (it must be cold) and lemon juice. Apply gauze to the sore spot and hold until the compress warms up to room temperature. Repeat the procedure several times, while always using a fresh, cool infusion of garlic.

Recipe number 5

Take aloe leaves, chop, add 20 grams of honey, mix. Apply in the form of a compress to the affected area and keep for 5 hours.

Recipe number 6

Take elderberry leaves, chop well. Apply as a compress to a sore spot three times a day.

It is worth remembering that traditional medicine offers many different treatments. Before use, you need to consult a doctor.

Full recovery from damage to the ligaments of the arm should occur after 14 days. When the bandage is removed, you need to control the movement of the hand. They should not be hasty, harsh, quick. If possible, it is worth limiting physical activity. You can apply cold, and then warming compresses. It is the contrast that will bring a good effect.

The most important preventive measures are the correct distribution of the load on the joints of the hand. You should not lift weights and get too involved in sports.

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