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A hump on the nose - is it worth fixing and, if so, how?
A hump on the nose - is it worth fixing and, if so, how?

Many of us, looking in the mirror, consider the nose to be the biggest flaw on our face. Most often, the hump on the bridge of the nose becomes the cause of dissatisfaction. How many of us are there? Such a calculation, unfortunately, has not been published in percentage terms, however, doctors did it for the extras.

According to plastic surgeons, one of the most frequent operations in their clinics is precisely nose correction. Rhinoplast surgeons, however, confirm that the hump is most often not satisfied with people. Standing out, it can spoil the profile of the face, visually enlarge the features or distort the proportions. Let's take a closer look at whether it is possible to fix the nose, whether it is safe and what effective methods exist.

The causes of the hump

Before going into the question of whether it is possible to remove the hump on the nose and the details of correcting the deficiency of interest, let's figure out why, in fact, it appears. The unevenness in the back of the bridge of the nose appears due to the specific structure and formation of cartilaginous tissues in this area. According to its properties, it can be either acquired or congenital.

So, there are such prerequisites for the appearance of unevenness:

  • The most common is genetic inheritance. This applies to the Near Asian appearance, however, it does not bypass representatives of other nationalities, those whose parents also had an irregularity on the back of the bridge of the nose;
  • Glasses in a rough and weighty frame - if you wear them for a long time, the mass presses on the back of the bridge of the nose and deforms the bone and cartilaginous tissues;
  • Injury to the nose, after which the cartilage tissue did not grow together correctly.

As a rule, women are more concerned about this problem than men. At the same time, the latter of the reasons is more often characteristic of the strong half of humanity.

Is it possible to remove the hump on the nose without surgery?

Since this defect is formed at the level of bone tissue, you will not be able to remove the hump on your nose at home. External intervention for full straightening is mandatory.

So think well, is this little hump really spoiling the picture?

In many cases, the profile crinkle, on the other hand, lends piquancy and effect to facial features. Just remember the sculptural profiles of great people - N. Gogol or Aristotle! And besides, while it is present on the face, the hump may seem superfluous and deforming to you. However, it is quite possible that, having got rid of it, the appearance will lose its individuality.

  1. Moreover, in order to get rid of the hump, you will have to resort to plastic surgery, and this is a huge expense. And the rehabilitation period will be accompanied by not the most pleasant sensations - pain and swelling. Before the light sees your new profile, he will also see the swollen and plastered face for a long time. In addition, external intervention in the structure of bone tissue is not always as successful as we would like it to be. However, if the desire is unshakable and you do not want to do without the alignment operation, consider the existing options.
  2. The method is cardinal, face plastic, and in this case - rhinoplasty. This method of eliminating shortcomings is the most popular today, however, therefore, it is no less risky. Since this is still a surgical procedure, there is a risk of damage to the breathing septum, which will interfere with the passage of oxygen. Therefore, before deciding on this method, consult with your ENT doctor. There are people with a congenital defect of the airways and such an operation may be contraindicated for them.
  3. The innovative method is contour plastics. This type of plastic surgery has a slightly different approach to correction - by injection, some parts of the face are filled with filler.

In a similar way, the tip of the nose is often corrected, less often the unevenness on the back of the bridge of the nose.

A significant drawback of this method is its fragility - after two years, the filler dissolves, and the face contour returns to its previous shape.

However, on the other hand, if the straight lines were not good for the profile, then a return to the previous outlines would be just the way.

In any case, before you go for correction, study the information about the clinic and the doctors at whom you plan to perform the operation. You can read reviews on thematic blogs or forums.

However, read only what is actually written as a dialogue - a simple comment "this and this clinic is good and they have discounts" is likely to be a common marketing ploy.

Exercises to correct the defect

For those who are dissatisfied with the profile of the face, but still do not dare to use cardinal surgical methods, we will give ways of how to reduce unevenness in the hollow of the bridge of the nose at home. Since the bulge in this part of the face causes a noticeable resonance in many, and especially among the fair sex, a whole technique has been developed to eliminate this defect.

There are a number of exercises to remove the hump in the nose, which are based on developing the muscles. The fact is that to eliminate this defect, it is required to train the nasal muscles. This helps to strengthen and maintain muscle tone. Small specific physical activities correct the shape of the nose, make it less wide or slightly reduce the size.

The most effective and common set of exercises today was developed by facial gymnast Carol Maggio.

It is noteworthy that she tested the effectiveness of these exercises on herself, as she used surgical intervention for correction, which was not very successful.

# 1. The exercise does not require much effort - you can do it before bed or while standing, or even just walking down the street. Place your index finger on the tip of your nose. Press it down so that it rises slightly upward. At this time, pull the upper lip along the lower one, and lower the nostrils down. In this case, the end of the spout will move downward under the resistance of the index finger. Try to stay in this position for a few seconds. It is important that breathing during the exercise does not go astray and remains even

After doing gymnastics, the lips should be relaxed. Repeat this exercise 35 times a day. You can divide this number into two runs: morning and evening gymnastics. In this case, the results will be more tangible.

No. 2. In addition to the first exercise, the following gymnastics, designed to slightly shorten the nose, can serve. Its essence is that by narrowing and shortening the nasal muscles, the unevenness on the bridge of the nose can be made less visible

It is worth doing the following:

  1. draw in the stomach, straining the abdominal muscles;
  2. tighten the front muscles on the thighs and buttocks;
  3. grab the bridge of the nose with two fingers and press;
  4. with the other hand (second finger), lightly press on the tip of the nose and do the same as in the first exercise;
  5. it takes no more than a second to stay in this position, and then relax the muscles;
  6. the gymnastic complex should be done 4 dozen times a day.

There is another method of correcting the bulge on the bridge of the nose - massage. However, the problem is that it will not work to remove the hump on the nose with massage as in the previous methods at home. To do this, you should contact a corrective clinic and undergo a specialized massage complex.

There is an opinion that in order to correct errors, a conventional tonic facial massage is enough. But if this really were enough, then rhinoplasty would not appear. Although, such procedures improve skin condition and general tone, slow down aging and activate blood circulation.

Make-up is the least expensive way to smooth out. Ask how to remove a hump on the nose with a brush and powder? Through the play of light and shadow. Correct overlaying of tones will visually hide the defect that annoys you.

Although if we compare the efforts on long-term corrective makeup and corrective gymnastics, the latter will turn out to be both less time-consuming and more effective.

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