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Hymenoplasty - restoration of virginity
Hymenoplasty - restoration of virginity

Today, the field of medicine provides a fairly large number of services, one of which is the restoration of virginity. This procedure has recently become more and more popular. Many do it for religious reasons.

How is the restoration of virginity going on and called?

After the first intercourse (defloration), the hymen is not overgrown. To restore it, a hymenoplasty procedure is used. The operation consists in the formation of the hymen from the folds of the vaginal mucosa and the remaining tissue. If a woman decides to take such a step, then she must undergo the so-called preoperative preparation.

To begin with, a gynecological examination is needed so that the doctor assesses the condition of the remaining tissues, their elasticity, as well as the intensity, duration and characteristics of sexual activity. An important role is played by the transferred inflammatory diseases of the external genital organs and the vagina. Sometimes the remains of the hymen are very smoothed, then the work of doctors becomes much more complicated.

It should be noted that the effectiveness of hymenoplasty and its possibility directly depend on the state of the remains of the hymen. There are no age restrictions for the procedure. In addition, it can be performed after an abortion or childbirth. The operation can be performed on any day, but not during your period. Although the menstruation itself does not affect the technique in any way, microtraumas of the vaginal mucosa during this period increase the risk of endometriosis.

The preparation also includes the delivery of tests. First of all, this is a study of a vaginal smear for microflora. It is also advisable to check for latent infections: mycoplasmas and their varieties, chlamydia, Trichomonas and ureaplasma.

Contraindications to hymenoplasty

These are the following diseases:

  • Vulvitis;
  • Colpitis;
  • Cervicitis;
  • Endometritis;
  • Adnexitis, salpingitis, oophoritis, salpingo-oophoritis.

Inflammation of the vagina can lead to vulvitis, an inflammation accompanied by swelling, itching and burning in the genital area. The inflammatory process is a direct contraindication, since eruption and divergence of the seams are possible, and the aggravation of the disease. Many doctors recommend a vaginal sanitization before surgery.

However, the procedure is allowed for those who suffer from cervical erosion, genital herpes without exacerbation, chronic salpingitis, adnexitis, oophoritis and salpingo-oophoritis without exacerbation, polycystic ovaries, rhinitis and angina, as well as during the rehabilitation period after abdominal and laparoscopic operations and during the treatment of erosion.

It should be noted that the procedure does not in any way affect reproductive function, conception and fetal development.

Hymenoplasty: short-term and long-term restoration of virginity

There are two types of operations, as mentioned above, these are short-term and long-term. Both the first and the second are carried out on an outpatient basis, that is, without compulsory hospitalization. Local anesthesia is used, which consists of injecting a pain reliever into the vulva and treating it with an anesthetic.

Anesthesia lasts 45-60 minutes. This time is quite enough to carry out the necessary manipulations. After the operation, the specialist will tell you about the subsequent hygienic care. A repeat visit to the doctor is not required.

Short-term hymenoplasty

This is the name of the method of restoring virginity, which involves sexual intercourse within 2-7 days. The remains of the hymen are sutured with a special thread for cosmetic surgery and tightened like a pouch, which further narrows the vaginal opening.

To avoid cutting through the threads, the stitching is done in two layers. It should be noted that each section is sewn and pulled independently. The mesh obtained in this way is not allowed when a separate stitch is broken or the threads are cut through, even if they are located nearby, therefore the integrity of the new hymen is not violated and the subjective sensations of the man do not suffer. The cosmetic effect is achieved thanks to the transparent thread and the suturing technique.

For short-term hymenoplasty, self-absorbable threads are used, which, 7-8 days after the procedure, are almost invisible and untenable, that is, they do not hold. After a week, threads about 2-3 mm long can come out on their own. To control this process, it is recommended to contact a gynecologist after defloration.

Long-term restoration of virginity

This method is performed for an unlimited period. The main difference from the previous technique is the excision of a part of the vaginal mucosa and the formation of artificial folds from it, which completely imitate the hymen. In this case, even a specialist will not always be able to determine its authenticity. After manipulations, full recovery occurs after a month.

Postoperative period

The hymen does not heal after short-term hymenoplasty. It can only be compared and pulled. It is sometimes difficult even for an experienced specialist to determine that it is artificial, formed for a short time. Such characteristics of artificial hymen as elasticity, shape, menstrual openings are fully consistent with the natural one. Such results are achieved due to the fact that the obstruction is made from its own tissues.

A short-term hymen will last an average of 5-6 days, a long-term one indefinitely. The effectiveness of both options does not depend on the time of defloration, the duration and activity of sexual activity.

The operation to restore virginity has no side effects and consequences.

There are a number of measures that must be followed in the early postoperative period so that the stitches do not erupt:

  • Do not sit on the twine;
  • You can not perform deep squats at home or in the gym;
  • It is contraindicated to lift and carry weight over 5 kg;
  • The use of hygienic tampons is not recommended.

After the operation, you can sit down gently. In this case, there are no violations in urination, since the urethra is not affected. It is undesirable to visit the pool, swim in natural reservoirs until the hymen is completely healed after long-term hymenoplasty.

Running, visiting a solarium, swimming, exercising the back and abdominal muscles do not affect the condition of the stitches after they have healed. At the same time, sexual intercourse is allowed even on the day of performing the manipulations, there are no contraindications to this.

The restoration of virginity does not affect the menstrual cycle. In addition, menstruation, even the most abundant, also does not affect the integrity of the threads.

As for the presence of blood after defloration, this nuance is purely individual and depends on a number of factors:

  • Smoothness of the rest of the obstacle;
  • The presence of blood vessels in them;
  • The duration of sexual intercourse.

However, the lack of blood during defloration is considered normal. According to statistics, in 20% of virgins, the first sexual intercourse is not accompanied by the appearance of blood.

A man is not injured during intimacy, since the cosmetic threads are very thin, similar to hair. Even the most sensitive partner will not be able to feel them.

Hymenoplasty does not affect reproductive function in any way. Conception can occur even after the first intercourse. Artificial hymen will not adversely affect the fetus.

It is necessary to note one more nuance: the sensations of a man are formed not only with difficult introduction of the penis, but also in the process of subsequent sexual intercourse. And the latter is strongly influenced by the tone of the muscles of the vagina.

This characteristic is often reduced in both young girls and older women who are sexually active. At the same time, the narrowness of the vagina does not depend on the period of abstinence, the duration of sexual relations or the number of acts. To independently check muscle tone, you need to sit on your heels or take a recumbent position, bend your knees and spread them apart.

Then the index and middle fingers are brought to the vagina (the average diameter of the penis corresponds to two fingers). In this case, the entrance to the vagina in a normal state should be closed, the walls should be closed and tightly squeeze the fingers.

To train weakened muscles, special sets of exercises are performed. Intensive classes will allow you to restore tone and strength in the shortest possible time, literally in a week.

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