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How to treat split ends?
How to treat split ends?

Hair care will be extremely difficult if the hair is split. It is impossible to boast of loose strands - they look wretched and unkempt. Any haircut loses its shape within a week, you cannot grow your hair even to medium length!

What to do? Constantly cut "like a boy"?

Split-end hair oils can solve this problem.

Why does hair split

Split hair can be caused by the following:

  1. Poor diet. What beauty of curls can we talk about if their mistress constantly sits on

    an irrational diet, and in the daily menu there are no products with a mandatory set of nutrients: omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins A, C, E and group B, microelements: zinc, silicon, phosphorus, selenium and others? All of these substances are found in nuts, vegetable oils, fish, vegetables and fruits. They should be included without fail in diets, albeit in small quantities;

  2. The diet is not followed, but there is an excess of junk food in the daily menu. Spicy, fatty, salty, sweet - all this affects the health of the hair;
  3. A small amount of fluid entering the body. You need to drink water, juices, fruit drinks. Alcohol, strong tea and coffee cannot solve the problem - they first bind water, and then the body is freed from it in a natural way. There is a violation of the water-electrolyte balance;
  4. The nutrition is rational, but chronic diseases of the digestive organs interfere with the absorption of useful substances;
  5. Bad habits, among which smoking is the main one;
  6. The use of many drugs, especially antibiotics and corticosteroids. They cause intestinal dysbiosis, which further leads to a violation of the assimilation and synthesis of nutrients;
  7. Stressful situations;
  8. Unfavorable environmental conditions, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, cold weather, high humidity or constant dryness of the climate or room;
  9. Hereditary factors - the quality of the hair is inherent from birth. If parents have rare strands and early alopecia, waiting for elastic curls in children is ridiculous;
  10. Improper care, poor quality products, neglect of personal hygiene rules, or vice versa, excessive attention to hair. Constant changes in appearance due to coloring in different colors and styling with thermal effects lead to dehydration of the strands.

Thinking about which oil is best for treating split ends, you should at the same time eliminate the cause that caused the violation of the structure of the keratin rods. Only in this case it will be possible to get rid of the untidy look.

Which oil is best for hair ends

Choosing a remedy for treating the ends should be made from light-textured vegetable oils. It should nourish, but not weigh down the strands, not cause excessive greasiness.

Before use, the "medicine" is heated slightly above room temperature. If applied to the full length, then insulation is necessary: plastic wrap and a towel or hat. In this case, it is not recommended to keep the compress for a long time. Hair roots are hidden under the film - the heat effect can weaken them.

The following oils are worth considering.

  • Olive. It is best to start with him. Easy to rinse off, inexpensive, and almost always at hand. If you need to process all the strands entirely, it will be difficult to get rid of the oily film;
  • Coconut. It is applied to all strands or only to the ends, it is easily washed off, it smells good. The disadvantage is the price. When purchasing, you should pay attention to the volume of the bubble - essential oil is sold in small ones, as it is not used as a base oil;
  • Almond is the best way to restore dry strands during hairdressing procedures. It simultaneously seals the keratin core, activates hair growth, and can protect against aggressive external influences. The structure is so light that the oily substance does not always require rinsing. Can be applied to a hairbrush and comb through strands. They will delight you with a healthy shine and exude a light aroma. It is especially useful to apply almond oil in the summer - before going to the beach or a long walk in the bright sun;
  • Jojoba. If you ask Spanish women which hair care product should be put in the first place, they would name this oil. It can be applied as a compress in large quantities, saturating strands, or used as an almond - a few drops on a comb before going outside. If you regularly massage the scalp with it, the hair will become much thicker;
  • Peach. Moisturizes, thickens the scales on each strand, and in winter it also helps to get rid of static electricity. Used as a compress and applied to a comb;
  • Avocado. This remedy is recommended for prophylaxis. If you apply it after every haircut, no split ends will appear. It is quite expensive, but you can take advantage of the beneficial properties of the fruit itself. It should be grated on a fine grater and the fragrant pulp should be applied to the head. The oily component and fruit acids help to restore the structure and quality of the hair;
  • Linseed oil is very effective for the treatment of split ends - in addition to the typical composition, it also contains vitamin F. The use of this remedy solves the problem of split ends in a short time, but it should be used very carefully. Flaxseed oil oxidizes in the light, and, if this happens, not only loses its beneficial qualities, but also has a negative effect. Therefore, application on strands should be carried out in semi-darkness, and in no case in daylight. Then the curls need to be wrapped with a film and a towel, creating reliable protection from natural light. If flax oil is sold in a transparent container, then you should not purchase such a product. You also need to pay attention to the shelf life - it is stored no longer than 8 months.

Oil formulations are washed off with ordinary shampoo, rinsed with infusions of nettle, linden, mint - herbs with emollient properties. Chamomile, oak bark and calendula cannot be used to make the infusion.


If you have to go out, and the ends of the strands are cut, they look sloppy, and there is no time to deal with treatment, as an "ambulance" you can comb the curls with a comb, on which a few drops of essential or vegetable oils are applied. This will create a visual effect of hair density and improve the appearance.

Jojoba and almond oil are suitable plant foods, and the list of essential oils is much wider:

  • rosemary;
  • Melissa;
  • Carnation;
  • cinnamon;
  • patchouli;
  • ylang-ylang;
  • any essential citrus or pine oil.

If essential oils are added to base oils, the therapeutic effect of the use of healing agents will increase. It is very important to adhere to the dosage: a tablespoon of the base - 5 drops of the essential product.

It is better to treat split ends with a course, allocating 2 months for each remedy so that the body does not develop a habit.

The procedures are done 2 times a week, healing combing can be done every other day. The hair does not need to rest from them.

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