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How to use folk remedies for diathesis in children
How to use folk remedies for diathesis in children

What is this diathesis? Let's just say that this is a special condition of a nursing baby, a genetic disorder that is inherited. What is it fraught with? The baby becomes susceptible to various types of allergic reactions, disruptions in the acid-base balance and to respiratory infectious diseases, and so on.

From birth, each child has its own development and health. Diathesis is an allergic reaction to environmental factors. This is such a special condition of the baby, which depends on heredity.

Sometimes the body's reaction can be quite strange and not every mommy knows what to do with it. Treatment of diathesis in children with folk remedies is the best way out, this can be done painlessly and quite effectively.

Nowadays, there are a lot of different medicines and herbal substances for external and internal use in infants, and parents should know about them almost all the necessary information and methods of application.

Diathesis in infants: treatment with alternative methods

You must understand that the pathology itself is not a disease and, accordingly, cannot be treated. We can heal only those problems that have appeared as a result of diathesis, these are skin and allergic dermatitis, simple allergies, rashes, itching and other manifestations of the disease.

Most often, it is necessary to use folk remedies for diathesis in infants due to the development of an allergic type of disease.

There are folk remedies that are good to use in such situations, they will help get rid of the problem without any consequences for the body. Nutrition and diet are also essential for a quick recovery.

Folk remedies for diathesis: external use

As soon as you suspect the manifestations of diathesis in the crumb and have received a consultation from the pediatrician, immediately begin the treatment chosen by the specialist. In such cases, of course, it is better to use natural and harmless remedies for babies.

Taking baths is one of the main procedures during treatment. The water temperature should fluctuate around 36-40 degrees, the procedures are recommended to be carried out several times a day. The time should be about 15-20 minutes.

To perform a diathesis bath, we take the following recipes:

  • Pour the dried leaves of a series, about three full tablespoons, with a liter of boiling water. You need to insist for about 12 hours, then strain and pour into a bath of water and bathe the baby;
  • It relieves inflammation of the oak bark well. To do this, take a hundred grams of crushed bark and pour boiling water over it, it should boil for at least half an hour, you can strain, sue and bathe the crumbs;
  • A weak (pale pink) solution of potassium permanganate is also used, only after bathing the baby should be rinsed with clean water;
  • Take 5 peeled potato tubers and grate them on a fine grater, pour five liters of boiling water prepared in advance. Mix well and leave to infuse for 20 minutes. Then strain, mix with warm water and bathe the child once a day for a week.

After such a water procedure, wipe the baby well with a dry soft towel. Such methods of water washing will help relieve redness, itching, burning and inflammation.

Folk remedies for diathesis in children: ointments

If allergic dermatitis "blooms" on a child's face, ointments are the best for relieving inflammation of wet wounds.

Here are examples of some recipes that you can safely prepare yourself at home:

  • We take all the ingredients 60 grams each: lard, tar and spruce resin. Next, about 30 grams of propolis and a homemade chicken egg. Lard must be melted separately, and all other components, except for the egg, together. Then mix all the melted ingredients and leave to cool. Little by little we introduce the egg (pre-beaten), mix well. The resulting ointment relieves irritation and inflammation well, and heals wounds quickly. Apply it in a thin layer four times a day;
  • You need to mix four teaspoons of baby cream without preservatives or fragrances with fir oil. The ointment cream is ready, you can freely lubricate the affected areas;
  • Buy a 50 ml bottle of sea buckthorn oil at the pharmacy and add 40 drops of brilliant green solution to it, that is, brilliant green. Shake, the finished substance should be applied to the affected areas.

How to treat with traditional medicine recipes for internal use

Treatment of diathesis in children with folk remedies will help, without consequences, quickly cope with the problem for the still unprotected body of your baby. Procedures can be directed not only to external signs, but also internal application is important. But before proceeding with them, you must make sure that you are not allergic to the products that you will be using.


  • We take the eggshell and remove the inner film from it, grind the shell well into powder. Add lemon juice to the resulting medicine. For small children from 5 months to a year, take the powder on the tip of a knife, and up to 4 drops of juice. For older children (approximately 1 year old), the proportions need to be doubled. You need to take such a medicine once a day for about three months;
  • Take equal amounts of parsley, kale, and dill. Pour the components with a small amount of water and boil for ten minutes. To water the child with such a decoction for about three days, the more often the better;
  • Brew two teaspoons of dry lemon balm with a glass of boiling water, insist for at least an hour and let the baby drink half a glass three times a day.

Children's nutrition and diet

To quickly pass the diathesis, we use folk remedies for our crumbs, but in addition to such manipulations, nutrition remains an important aspect. Of course, parents must rid the baby of the allergen, and only then it will become much easier for him.

If you do not know which foods made your baby feel bad, you need to remove from the diet all highly allergenic foods, such as citrus and other fruits, dairy products, foods that contain chemical additives and preservatives.

You need to select food strictly according to the age of the child, because digestion depends on this. You can eat cereals, lean meat, herbs, vegetables. It is also important to drink a lot of liquid, it can be not only water, but also compotes, teas, still purified water.

Do not worry if your baby has diathesis, unfortunately, this is a hereditary disease, but its symptoms are quickly treated if you take it seriously and carefully. Also, it will not hurt to consult a specialist in order to accurately establish a diagnosis and choose the right means.


Adhere to these basic rules that will help protect your baby from possible troubles:

  • you must completely eliminate foods that can cause allergies in the child;
  • while breastfeeding a baby, you need to restrain yourself from various harmful delicacies;
  • cleanse and wash the baby's skin daily, preferably in the morning and evening;
  • observe the necessary complete and proper nutrition;
  • at the first suspicion, immediately contact a specialist;
  • monitor the immune system if the child is often sick - this is the first sign of diathesis.

Diathesis in infants is like a cry of the body for help. Monitor your baby's health, because he himself is not yet able to do it!

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