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3 delicious and satisfying beef recipes: how to cook it right?
3 delicious and satisfying beef recipes: how to cook it right?

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Beef is meat that is healthy in any form. Our kitchen has many recipes for delicious dishes that include this product. This product has a slight drawback - it is harsh. However, there are many ways to get rid of this problem.

Beneficial features

This type of meat contains a large amount of protein. And it is necessary for our body for the normal functioning of all organs and recovery. The product contains many trace elements: iron (which is necessary for anemia), zinc (for healthy skin and strong immunity), potassium (for good heart function) and many others. It also contains vitamins of group B, PP, amino acids and very little fat (which is very useful for losing weight).

Uses of this product:

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  • strengthens blood vessels;
  • removes bad cholesterol;
  • normalizes blood circulation;
  • maintains a normal level of acidity in the stomach;
  • strengthens muscle tissue and bones;
  • replenishes strength;
  • improves memory.

However, if consumed in too large quantities, the beneficial properties will have the opposite effect.

The level of bad cholesterol will rise, immunity will decrease, and the risk of cancer and heart disease will increase. Therefore, it should be consumed in moderation.

Cooking features

It takes a long time to prepare dishes from this meat. After all, this product is harsh. But there are many ways to make it soft and delicious.

Here are the cooking secrets:

  • choose good meat - young and fresh, otherwise, no matter how you cook, it will be tough;
  • cut across the fibers and be sure to beat with a hammer;
  • it is better to marinate the beef before cooking. As a marinade, you can use beer, mineral water, kefir;
  • for softness, you can add a little soda when the juice has already gone;
  • spices and salt are best added when golden brown appears;
  • while frying, you can add lime or lemon, the acid softens, and the dish will turn out to be softer and juicier;
  • for juiciness, it should be lightly fried over high heat without oil. Then the juice will not have time to flow out;
  • if you are cooking in the oven, use boiling water. Cold water tends to make the meat tough;
  • this meat loves sour cream, alcohol (red wines, vodka), vinegar and tomato sauce.

Sauces for meat


What sauces can you make? Since this product is low-fat, you should prepare creamy, dairy, mustard, tomato gravies. Delicious ones are obtained on the basis of fruit or berry puree (from cherries, lingonberries, cranberries).

For softness, it is good to use hot or sour gravies. Therefore, garlic, peppers, onions, as well as sour cream, tomatoes are just what you need.

The most common is the beef recipe cooked in sour cream sauce. It can be diversified by adding garlic, horseradish, cranberries.

This way you will get a new gravy and a new taste every time.

Delicious dish options

Classic recipe

The recipe is very simple. Cut the fillet into pieces and fry a little. Sauté the chopped onion separately. Put the chopped pieces and onion in a saucepan, pour over the sauce and, adding a little water, simmer until tender. To make a gravy, combine sour cream with various herbs and spices, pour in water.

Beef in sour cream sauce is prepared according to different recipes. For example, you can make a dish with mushrooms. You will get very tasty beef stewed in sour cream sauce with mushrooms. The latter must first be fried, and then simmer.

With tomato paste

Chop the meat and fry, then add a little sugar and tomato paste. Put out a little and pour in half a glass of boiling water. When the beef is half cooked, add the onion grill. To cook it, you need to fry the onions, add a little flour and fry too, and then pour in half a glass of cold water - warm everything up for about five minutes. Along with frying, bring the dish to a boil and pour in sour cream, add salt and pepper and simmer for 10 minutes.

You can cook beef in sour cream sauce in a slow cooker. You don't need to fry anything, the meat will be juicy and soft anyway. But most often, beef is cooked in a sour cream sauce in a pan. Here's another recipe.

Beef stew with jelly

Mix pieces of meat with chopped carrots, onions, celery stalk. Pour in red wine and add rosemary. If there are juniper berries, be sure to add them. Leave it all overnight in the refrigerator under the plastic wrap. In the morning, fry the slices with the vegetables and sprinkle with flour, pour over the remaining marinade, a little wine vinegar and tomato paste. Simmer a little and add blackcurrant jelly. Simmer for another 2, 5 hours and add sour cream. The dish will be ready in a couple of minutes.

Calorie content of the dish


As for calories, 100 g of this dish contains 230 kcal (this is the case if you are preparing a classic beef goulash with sour cream sauce).

If you use mushrooms, tomato paste or any other ingredients, naturally, the calorie content will change.

For example, cook beef in sour cream sauce in the oven and do not fry food, which means that the calorie content will be 180 kcal. And when you add butter to the goulash, there will be more calories - 280.

Therefore, be careful if you are going to lose weight. Prepare this dish correctly: use low-fat sour cream, do not use oil, and try not to fry foods.

In any case, you cook this meat recipe in a slow cooker or in a pan, it will be delicious, satisfying and juicy. This dish can be served both for a festive dinner and for a simple family dinner.

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