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Soup recipes for mushroom puree with cream
Soup recipes for mushroom puree with cream

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A good housewife not only has many delicious recipes in her notebook, but also loves to experiment with cooking, combining products, playing with flavors. A great idea is to make a puree soup, which can become a delicacy appreciated by both households and guests.

What is puree soup?


It can be an alternative to regular soup. This dish is made from pureed ingredients: vegetables, meat, cereals, fish, etc. The dish not only looks appetizing, but is also easily absorbed by the body.

And do not think that pureed soups are eaten only by young children and the elderly. Everyone can appreciate the unique taste of familiar products and find a new favorite dish.

Another indisputable advantage is the ease of making this type of soups. It is enough to boil the products and grind them through a sieve or in a blender, and then mix in broth or broth. Special gourmets will also like the possibility of adding an egg-milk mixture, brown flour, sour cream, milk, cream, etc. to the dish.

Thus, even someone who is too picky in food and prefers to sort out foods simply will not replace the unwanted ingredient in the soup. You can play with the consistency, color shade, composition of the dish. It all depends on visual and taste preferences. It is not forbidden to add tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, meat or fish fillets, butter, croutons, herbs, etc. to the dish. Soup can be served both cold and hot.


Mushrooms are a favorite delicacy of many. They are salted, pickled, stewed, fried, added to pies, pizza, salads and used as a separate dish. They are a real find for those who do not eat meat, as they contain protein in their composition. Those who do not have the opportunity to take a basket and go into the forest to pick up chanterelles, boletus, boletus will be greatly helped by a shopping trip and buying a couple of kilograms of champignons.

Do not count the options for preparing mushroom soups, however, cream soups can undoubtedly be highlighted in a separate section, since their taste will satisfy even the most fastidious gourmet.

The availability of the purchase of champignons at any time of the year makes it possible to feast on your favorite dish whenever you like. On the Internet, you can find the most unusual recipes for mashed champignon soups with cream, which means only one thing - this dish will never get bored.

Making the puree soup


If you don't really want to rub all the food through a sieve, it is recommended to use a blender or mixer. The blender quickly chops and whips the ingredients. The mixer is mainly intended for whipping the already chopped mass. Before grinding, be sure to boil the food well. After all the products have turned into a paste, you should mix them in chicken broth (vegetable broth is suitable for vegetarians) and boil for 2-3 minutes.

In addition to champignons, it is allowed to add other ingredients. Carrots, turnips, cauliflower, potatoes, pumpkin, courgettes, tomatoes and other vegetables are also ideal for this dish. You can add some rolled oats or rice cereal. Experimenting with seasonings such as basil, suneli hops, coriander, thyme, curry, etc. is recommended to give the dish a more unique flavor.

Soup Secrets

  • Soup mushrooms should be small.
  • Before adding to the broth, it is best to chop them finely and simmer in oil, adding a tablespoon of flour.
  • After that, the mushrooms are added to the broth and boiled in it for several minutes.
  • The next step is to grind the mushrooms in a blender and pour cream over them.
  • If you cook mushrooms with milk, then the dish will come out less high-calorie and ideal for those who follow a diet.
  • A more satisfying soup will turn out when you add potatoes to it.
  • You can supplement the flavor palette with notes of cheese, chicken, vegetables.
  • And gourmets will love the soup with seafood: sea fish or shrimp.

Creamy cream soup recipe


  • champignon mushrooms - 1 kg;
  • potatoes - 4-5 pcs;
  • carrots - 1-2 pcs;
  • medium-sized onions - 1-2 pcs;
  • cream - 3-5 tbsp. spoons;
  • butter - 1-2 tbsp. spoons;
  • salt, ground pepper, bay leaf - to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. Image
  2. Boil potatoes with mushrooms.
  3. When cooking, add salt, ground pepper and bay leaf to taste.
  4. Melt the butter and fry the finely chopped onions and carrots in it.
  5. Grind the fried vegetables in a blender, adding cream and the rest of ghee to them.
  6. Grind potatoes and mushrooms in the same way.
  7. Mix everything and add 1 glass of vegetable broth.
  8. Serve soup with mushrooms, champignons and cream on the table with sour cream, croutons or hot toast.

Such soups are easily absorbed by the body and retain the beneficial properties of the vegetables they are prepared from. The dish can quickly saturate a person, which allows you to eat without overeating and at the same time not gain weight.

These and many other positive aspects of the soup will undoubtedly please all family members, regardless of age and taste preferences, and will be a wonderful addition to a warm family dinner.

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