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Creamy soup with cheese and mushrooms - a culinary miracle in your kitchen
Creamy soup with cheese and mushrooms - a culinary miracle in your kitchen

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There is always some magic in the culinary arts. Familiar products are given a magical taste with the help … it is not always possible to guess how it turns out!


For example - such a familiar cheese and well-known mushrooms. These components are traditionally not included in the diet, they are too high in calories. But if you combine them correctly, then the calorie content of a delicious mushroom soup with cheese will be quite suitable for inclusion in a weight loss diet.

A bowl of this soup - a standard portion of 200 ml - is 79.4 calories in terms of energy value.

There are a lot of recipes for mushroom soup with cheese. Unchanged set: water, cheese, mushrooms. But you can “play” with taste, changing fresh mushrooms to dry ones, and using different types of cheese.

Cheese and mushroom first course recipe


  • mushrooms - champignons are better - about half a kilogram;
  • liquid processed cheese, for example, "Yantar";
  • vegetables: onion and carrots, 1 each;
  • any oil for frying;
  • garlic - a few cloves.

Cooking method:

  1. First, the mushrooms and vegetables are prepared. All washed, chopped onions and mushrooms, grated carrots.
  2. The oil is heated in a frying pan and fried in it, combine and stew all the components of the future dish in the following order: onions, carrots, mushrooms.
  3. Spread the finished stew into a bowl for cooking soup, pour water - 6 glasses - boil for 5 minutes and, stirring, add cheese. Improves the taste with crushed garlic.

Mushroom soup with cheese and fresh mushrooms


  • less mushrooms - half;
  • fillet - 1 piece;
  • grated cheese - not very salty - 100 g;
  • 1 potato is added to vegetables;
  • White bread.

Cooking method:

  1. Fried in oil: mushrooms, fillets and onions, all separately.
  2. Chicken breast is boiled for 15 minutes, and only then the rest of the ingredients are added.
  3. The cheese is introduced after it is fully cooked, constantly stirring the contents of the pan.
  4. This dish has a peculiar presentation.
  5. A piece of white, slightly dried bread is first spread on a plate, and then the soup is poured. It is worth checking with the invitees whether they are satisfied with such a presentation.

Mushroom soup with herbs in broth

You can diversify the taste of the dish with the help of dried mushrooms. Broth - 1 l - prepared in advance. Meat or vegetable - it doesn't matter.


  • Image
  • mushrooms - 200 g;
  • broth - 4 cups;
  • carrots - 1 pc.;
  • potatoes - 2 pcs.;
  • grated cheese - 150 g;
  • a bunch of parsley, green onions and dill.

Spices to taste. The calorie content of this dish is only 20 calories higher than cream cheese soup.

Cooking method:

  1. Mushrooms are prepared in advance - soaked for 8 hours.
  2. Then they and finely chopped vegetables are stewed in a small amount of broth until half cooked, the remaining broth is added, boiled until almost completely cooked.
  3. It feels like after 3 minutes it's time to turn it off, add cheese and stir.
  4. If a creamy soup is preferable, then it is created before adding the cheese - the contents of the pan are chopped with a blender.
  5. After the cheese has melted, the blender is reused.

Mushroom soup with cheese and seafood


  • mushrooms and cheese - in the same amount: 200 and 100 g, but everything else is replaced:
  • a glass of white wine;
  • white loaf;
  • boiled shrimp - 150-200 g.

Cooking method:

  1. The broth is cooked in advance according to all the rules: with onions and carrots.
  2. In the future, the vegetables are removed, the liquid is filtered.
  3. The bread is broken, poured with part of the broth so that it is soaked, and pounded into a gruel.
  4. The bread gruel is mixed with the remaining broth, brought to a boil and, stirring, gently pour the cheese and pour in the wine.
  5. The consistency of the contents in the pan should be uniform.
  6. Boiled shrimps are added when serving - they are not reintroduced into the cooking process.
  7. For dietary creamy mushroom soup with cheese, you need to take low-calorie cheese, no more than 20% fat.
  8. Take 100 g each: grated cheese, shredded cabbage, fresh mushrooms.
  9. 1 carrot and leek. For frying, you need to prepare olive oil, herbs and spices are presented to taste.
  10. The leeks are the white part and the carrots are cut into chunks so that later it is easy to rub in a blender.
  11. As with all cheese soups, vegetables and mushrooms are first simmered with vegetable oil - the frying process begins with mushrooms, and only then water is added and everything is boiled.
  12. After the vegetables and mushrooms are ready, the entire contents of the container - the pan - are interrupted with a blender.
  13. Then bring mashed potatoes to a boil, remove from heat and add cheese. Stir constantly until completely melted.

This dish fits perfectly into the diet - it has even fewer calories than regular cheese soup.

If you really want to feed children with cheese puree soup, then you need to keep in mind - mushrooms for children's stomachs are heavy even in a shabby state. This dish is not recommended for babies under 3 years old.

But there is a way out. Until the contents of the pan have been brought to a puree state, mushrooms should be chosen. In the future, they will "go" to the plate for adults, and children will enjoy vegetables, cheese and mushroom flavor. By the way, the taste of the dish, with a creamy delicate texture and whole fungi, becomes amazing.

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